Telepathy lesson No. 1

Only one thing can be concluded from the events narrated by sages like Ghous Ali Shah and others that for the transference of thoughts it is necessary that the attention remains persistently focused on a single point

If the concentration is not there attention cannot be focused on a single point/for learning telepathy it is necessary that our mind is purged from various thoughts that keep on coming to our mind and should be transfixed concentratively on only one thought. For having concentration the following exercise is suggested for those who are interested in learning telepathy. This simple exercise will help you in maintaining your composure in your daily routines and will help you in having a perfect concentration of mind, the prerequisite for learning telepathy.

This exercise is to be conducted once early in the morning and once before going to bed.

Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand.

Inhale through the left nostril for five seconds.

Close the left nostril with the small finger of the same hand.

Hold your breath for five seconds.

Remove the thumb and exhale through the right nostril for five seconds.

Inhale again through the right nostril for five seconds.

And close the right nostril with the thumb and hold the breath for five seconds.

Exhale for five seconds after withdrawing the little finger from the left nostril.

This makes it one cycle. Do this exercise for five cycles. This exercise is to be carried out sitting in a relaxed posture, keeping the neck aligned with the spine facing the north. This exercise is to be done on an empty stomach in a well-ventilated place. During winter keep the door and windows of the room open while doing this exercise. Intake of sweet and sour foods is to be reduced as much as possible. Those who are desirous of learning telepathy are advised to maintain their diary to note the daily events in a diary and to remain in a state of ablution or wazu.

If the telepathy student keeps his ablution (wuzu) intact and spends most of his time in darkness, he would get quicker results. Meal portions should be reduced to half the portion and an early dinner (after sunset) is recommended. These exercises should be done two and a half-hour after the meal and before going to bed.

Muraqaba of Noor

Besides this breathing exercise which soothes your nerves and gives you tranquility, you have to imagine with eyes closed and remaining in the sitting posture that there is a river of light (Noor) flowing and the whole world including yourself is immersed in that river of light (Noor). This meditation is to be done approximately for half an hour.

This meditation is to be done three hours after taking dinner after the breathing exercise above. Do not be bothered about the straying thoughts coming to your mind during this exercise. Do not resist them they will automatically go away. Let the thoughts come, just don’t pay any attention to them, they will disappear. After this exercise of meditation, don’t attend to any worldly affairs and go to sleep with the same thought in mind.

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