Goddess of Sleep

Niaz Ahmed from Peshawar reports:

“I can inhale through one nostril only for 3 to 4 seconds. Inhaling through the right nostril is comparatively easier than the left nostril. Although I can easily exhale up to 5 seconds and can manage to retain my breath up to 20 seconds, I do it only for 5 seconds as instructed by you.”

“I perform meditation of light sitting on a Cot. For the first 2/3 days various thoughts kept on disturbing me but now I am settling down.”

14th JUNE:

“Started the exercise. The onrush of thoughts was overwhelming, but I did not bother. Neither I tried to stop thought, nor attempted to reject, so the result was that whichever thought occurred it would pass away. Then for a short while, I witnessed a beam of light that was thick at one of its ends and on the other end it was leading towards a mountain.”

18th JUNE:

“I found myself in a green valley and noticed a drain of light beneath my feet. It was flowing through fields and orchards finally vanishing in the foothills.”

“When I perform the breathing exercise I become very sleepy but when after doing the meditation for half an hour I try to sleep the sleep is no longer there.”

Universe Submerging in Light

Mrs. Nazia Sultana from Karachi reports: 20th JULY:

“From today I started practicing the meditation. After the Isha prayer at 11 p.m. I imagined that the whole universe is submerging in the ocean of light and I was also there in it. Before starting meditation I recited Darood-e-Khizri 50 times and ya Haiyoo ya Qayyum for 100 times. I kept on trying to imagine for 15 minutes but could not succeed in conceiving the desired imagination. And then went to sleep.”

24th JULY:

‘Today I practiced the meditation for almost 20 minutes I was feeling as if light rays are coming from somewhere but these were not in a definite form. They were just moving at random as if a continuous reflection is taking place.”

27th JULY:

“During the exercise, I felt as if there are some white spots which kept on appearing one after the other. They stayed only for a short while then disappeared.”

Third Eye

Fareed Mustafa from Bahawalpur writes:

3rd AUG:

“After starting my exercise imagination of a river started taking shape to some extent. I was sitting with face towards the North and the river in my imagination Was flowing from east to west. The River was that of milky white light with a yellow tinge in it. The river banks were at a far-off distance. There was a depression in the land before me. The river from a distance is coming from the right and is going towards the left.”

7th AUG:

“When I started the exercise I felt as if white mercury light is falling on my face. In the beginning, I felt a bit frightened but then I settled down.”

llth AUG:

“I saw a long corridor. On the other side of the corridor, lush green trees could be sighted. At that time the bright light was white as that of tube light aid at Times it resembled the sunlight.”

14th AUG:

“Soon after the meditation exercise a bright white wave flashed before my eyes and I felt a sensation going through my body.”

15th AUG:

“I witnessed a candle. The flame of the candle was of green color which had a black spot in its center. Then there appeared many candles.”

17th AUG:

“Immediately after starting the exercise, I felt as if I have been engulfed by a fathomless ocean of light and I dozed off. Now I can’t recall what 1 saw during this drowsiness. After a while, a fit of sleep-causing spasm woke me up. Again I tried to concentrate but again dozed off. This happened for a considerable length of time. Spasmodic fits of sleep kept on hindering the exercise.”

22nd AUG:

“Now a days whenever I try to imagine something with closed eyes I feel as if that thing physically exists before me.”

17th SEPT:

“As usual I started my exercise facing the North. During the exercise, it occurred that I should sit westwardly. The thought was so powerful that I found it difficult to resist and felt that I am turning towards the west and then 1 actually turned.

After that my mind became peaceful but my body kept on having the pricking sensation. It was then followed by a feeling as if my sternum and abdomen are cut open and the upper portion of my body will get off like a shirt.”

23rd SEPT:

“Soon after starting meditation exercise I felt as if there is an eye right in the center of my forehead.

Through that eye, I am witnessing that light that is engulfing me and the earth. Today the sensation of pinpricking was also there.”

M. Jahangir Talat Dera Ismail Khan writes 13th SEPT:

“During Muraqbah I saw that I am swimming in an ocean of light with my head protruding out. I heard someone congratulating me. During the exercise, I felt heaviness in my head.”

14th SEPT:

“A wave of some sort caused turbulence in my head and I felt as if a beam of white light is converging through my eyes.”

16th SEPT:

“I witnessed, in Muraqbah, light all around me and there is a tower before me. I swim through the ocean of light to the tower. Then the chain of thoughts broke off. I felt a slight headache and a sensation of emission of light Waves from my brain followed.”

20th SEPT:

“At 10.00 p.m., after I had started the exercise of meditation the vision of a garden emerged in my mind. In that garden, many old people were sitting around a table set with a variety of food items. One of those old people’s presents there was serving the others from a dish that contained a green substance. Then there appeared such a bright thing which dazzled my eyes,”

21st SEPT:

“Tonight during the Muraqbah I saw that I am in a garden. I heard a voice” ‘0’ my man” The voice said again, “I reward greatly even for a small deed of virtue. Perform Muraqbah and read the Holy Book of Allah with understanding.”

“I prayed, 0, Allah grants me success in learning telepathy and I felt the prayer has been accepted.”

Diving and Emerging

Aqeel Ahmed from Rawalpindi writes:

“I started the exercises of telepathy according to your instructions. The detail of my experiences is as follows.”

18th JUNE:

“I started imagining, with closed eyes that an ocean of light is there in which the whole universe and I are submerged. The difficulty was that I could not have silence around me. The sound of fans or the songs played on the radio kept on disturbing me. But anyhow, after some time the imagination of light started taking shape in my mind.”

“During the exercise, everything about which thought came to my mind appeared to be sometimes completely merged in light and sometimes partially. The imagination of only light, anyhow, could not take shape in my mind.”

22nd JUNE:

“When the imagination of light took shape I felt myself in an open space after getting out of myself. I started diving in the river of light. I experienced the feeling of my whole being transforming into the light.”

“One thing which 1 have noticed very clearly is that nowadays 1 feel like working wholeheartedly whereas before I used to keep on postponing the tasks at hand. Now, this approach has developed that when a thing has to be done then why should it not be done now.”

27th JUNE:

“When I lie down to sleep in my bed I feel as if I am lying there all molded in light.

On awakening, I could feel dim light in my eyes. When I open my eyes the light vanishes. Nowa­days I sleep soundly.”

1st SEPT:

“The imagination of light was remarkably clear and conspicuous. I saw myself flying over the river occasionally diving in the river. Then I saw myself splitting into innumerable bodies.”

The Garden of Paradise

Mohammad Safdar Tabassum reports from Shaikhupura: 29th OCT:

“After saying the Morning Prayer I started with the first exercise of telepathy. Various thoughts kept on coming to my mind. Then I saw a river with gushing water in it. Then an ocean appeared before me. The high tides and waves were striking against the shore, clashing amongst themselves. It occurred to me that I was looking at the river of light whereas it was water, with this thought a garden appeared before my vision. A brook was flowing in it. The water flowing in the brook was shining crystal bright. When I put my hand into it, it was not water but something like sand or powder was shining. Then series of beautiful scenes like a motion picture kept on appearing before my vision.”

30th OCT:

“After the Morning Prayer, I started Muraqbah as yesterday brooks and rivers came before my vision. The scene was sort of hazy. The water of the ocean was also white like fog and mist and was floating like clouds. It was quite a scene. Attempted to dive in the ocean but could not succeed. Then it came to my mind that I have to imagine that I am submerged beside the whole world in the Noor. My mindset on in quest of noor. The rivers and oceans kept on appearing before me in the form of mist.”

“In the Muraqbah of the night, I saw that I am standing on a cliff. When looked down I saw a white light coming from somewhere when I got close I found that white and blue light was pervading all around.

I wanted to dive into it. On getting closer, it turned to be a spring of gushing water then I found myself in a valley of houses constructed with black and golden stones. The houses were quite high and the moonlight was giving an impression of fairyland. I opened a door and saw a stream flowing. The stream was filled with lights instead of water. I opened three or four doors and found a stream behind every door. The water in these streams was bright white and blue. I imagined that the whole world and I are submerged in an ocean of light. I saw the whole world and myself immersing in the moonlight. Then I witnessed the waves like that of light from a bulb, which was flowing from North to South.


“During the Muraqbah, I saw the noor which appeared before me as if the moonlight has a tinge of blue colour. I started flying in the air and landed on a hill.

I found myself in a cave from where I could see the Kabba (The House of Allah). Luminescences showering on it. I sat on a stone after coming out of the cave. The stone started rising and took me along. After passing through the sky I reached a place where the white walls were border lined with black strips with some neon sign-like writings on them.

I was in that state when my uncle called for me and I finished the Muraqbah. When I looked at my watch half an hour had elapsed.”

“During the Muraqbah at night, a screen like a T.V. appeared before me. Various thoughts kept on coming to my mind. Then after viewing valleys and hills, I found myself in front of a door.

When I opened the door and entered it I was in a paradise-like garden where a mercury light was pervading everywhere. After staying there for a short while I came out of that place through the door closing it behind me.”

5th NOV:

“When I started Muraqbah, I saw myself flying in the air. During my flight, I landed on a hill. After taking off from there I found myself in space. From there I observed the earth and the moon. The earth was round and the surface of the moon had craters and mounds. Then I landed on a planet. It occurred to me that it was Mars from thereafter sitting on a chair I started rising up and reached very close to the sun. The sun was above my head and I was facing the whole galaxial system. It came to my mind that when I am so close to the sun then why I am not feeling the heat. The answer occurred to me that I am in such a ring of light where the heat of the sun cannot harm me.”

Voiced Thoughts

Irshad Ali Malik writes from Azad Kashmir 12th OCT;

“I saw in my Muraqbah that a man is walking in the vast open space. His thoughts were striking against my mind, that is, I was listening to what he was thinking. He was thinking how beautiful this planet earth is and he should take a nap for half an hour over here. Then he instantly went to sleep but this half-hour proved to be only a few seconds for me. I noticed that I have command over his thoughts. He was doing only that which I had in my mind for him to do. I concentrated on his mind, and screamed. He also started yelling.”

14th OCT:

“I witnessed two men were having a row over a girl. One wanted to take the girl along and the other was also wishing the same. Both were abusing each other. Soon after that, there appeared five stars before my eyes. When the stars disappeared a snake-like thing appeared there. It was pure white. Then I saw a torchlight coming from the distance. When it came close I saw the torch is in my brother’s hand. He threw the torch towards me which I caught. Then it appeared to me that my brother is traveling on a bus. He threw two or three torches one after the other which I caught still lying on my bed in my room.”

15th OCT:

“The imagination established instantly. A bright light kept on appearing before my vision intermittently.

After a while, a woman came before me. At first, I could not see her face when I saw her face I found it to be a horrible one. Her hair was flying in the air around her. After that waves of bright light kept on accumulating in my mind. I was feeling difficulty in keeping my balance because then I was floating in the air.”

‘Then once again I found myself on my bed. The face of a woman appeared before me, on getting closer it was found that she was traveling on a ship. I was wondering who she could be. The certain voices in my mind informed me that she belongs to Indonesia and she was traveling for the last thirty-six years. Then with my closed eyes, I saw a wall in the dark. The wall was made of light. The window in it was also that of bright light. In that darkness I could even see my own shadow.”

17th OCT:

“I saw a very graceful man. It occurred to me that this man knows telepathy. I

(“Although it seems to be impossible it is a fact that because of the exercises of telepathy the thoughts of people have started reaching me. Once a snake appeared near our house.”)

 requested that man to take me to a certain place. He looked into my eyes. My strength drained out and I started floating in the air like a balloon, my speed grew. I tried to stop using my willpower. With a bit of success, I reached my destination.”

18th OCT:

“I saw that I am swimming in an ocean, and there is a bright silhouette over me only at a distance of one foot. Then I saw that I am sitting on a radiant land. A boy came there and sat in front of me. I told him that he was spoiling that radiant land. On hearing this he started laughing.

The lights of that place where he was sitting went out all of a sudden and he fell down. When he was falling he held a wooden staff and it started moving like a fan. I drew him out and he ran away.”

“I noticed that lights appear before me according to my will. If I think of a solid light it is like ice and if I attempt to see it in a liquid form it appears to be something like water.”

People started throwing stones at it to kill it. I also joined them. My parents have forbidden me from participating in such activities so when my brother saw me in that act of throwing stones I grew worried. When I came home I was concentratively thinking as to what my brother would say. Then in my mind, the angry tone of my brother reached. “Where were you?” “I was having tea,” I replied in my mind. “What were you doing before that? My brother’s voice again came to me. “I was taking my food.” was my reply. Then I heard him asking angrily. And where were you before that?” I kept silent and didn’t reply. My brother started scolding me.

At this point, the mental negotiation with my brother comes to an end. After few moments my brother physically entered my room and the whole conversation which I had already perceived mentally actually started taking place.”

“At another event, a man came to me, and before he could have said something it occurred to me that he would ask for a knife. And the next moment he was actually asking for a knife.

Another important thing is that my thoughts have grown so powerful that when I wish for something it actually happens so.

One day my two younger brothers had a fight and the elder of the two slapped the younger. For some time they both remained angry with each other. Then they resolved and once again resumed their play. It came to my mind that the younger should avenge the slap and should hit the elder brother. To my surprise, the younger one actually slapped his elder brother.”

“These are a few of those incidents that I am experiencing nowadays.”

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