Salt and Sugar

Comprehension and understanding of affairs and activities of the unseen realm are usually considered to be something mysterious and inexplicable. There exist many fallacies about the witnessing of the affairs of the unseen realm. Whenever there is any discussion on this subject mostly the reaction of the people is that it is not possible for a man to observe and witness the affairs and activities of the unseen realm. Usually, the attitude of the people is to ignore or just to express surprise when someone tries to share one’s experiences and findings in this context.

According to parapsychology, everyone has been gifted with the faculty of observing and witnessing metaphysical phenomena. This is altogether a different thing whether one uses it or not. Every man and woman enjoy the ability to observe, perceive and understand the affairs of the preternatural unseen world. The only condition is to make use of this gifted ability. It is our own fault if we are ignorant of the methods to exercise this faculty.

The students of metaphysical sciences know well that there are two minds functioning simultaneously in man. One is the mind which is responsible for the perception of the conscious senses, the senses of the material world. It perceives those senses which remain incarcerated in time and space limitations. This mind is termed the conscious mind.

The other is the unconscious mind responsible for the perception of those senses which are independent of time and space restrictions and capable of perceiving the metaphysical realities. We are familiar with the first mind i.e. the conscious mind. But, our acquaintance with the unconscious mind is far behind than it is actually required. We have yet to explore ways to familiarize ourselves with the working pattern of the unconscious mind.

It has been discovered by spiritual scientists that sugar and sweetness produce gravity and help in constructing the conscious senses. And the quantities present in salt activate the unconscious senses. Sweetness and sugar develop the consciousness which is required for living and comprehending the phenomenal world of matter. The salt activates that mind which has been termed as unconscious and works to comprehend the metaphysical realm. It has been experienced that the unconscious mind of those is more active whose intake of salt is more than the sugar as compared to those whose sugar intake is more than the salt.

When I came to know about this law that salt activates the unconscious I decided to experiment with it on myself so I stopped taking sugar. I experienced weakness and depression in the first 2-3 weeks.

After few weeks I started settling down and became used to this state of mind. The weakness reduced but the fits of irritation and a state of unpleasantness kept on prevailing. After two months I started feeling that my body has become light and delicate. Besides giving up sugar and sweet foods I kept on practicing the exercises for mental concentration.

When the salt level of my blood increased due to abstention from taking sugar, I started experiencing preternatural things. The brick walls began to appear thin as if they were made of paper. More depth in concentration resulted in librationfrom Spatio-temporal restrictions. Once, when I was sitting alone absent-mindedly, to my surprise, I noticed that the distance between floor and the ceiling does not exist altogether. When I tried to touch the ceiling I touched it easily, or to say, the distance between the ceiling and the floor had been removed for me.

An endless chain of dreams started in the third month of my sugar program. The dreams used to become true sometimes the very next day. Once I saw that my sister is sick and is in great pain. After awakening I wondered because only the previous night I was with her and she was all right. After a little while news came that my sister had suddenly fallen sick and she has been hospitalized. On another occasion I saw that I am in receipt of a letter from one of my friends. Then I saw that I am on a platform of a railway station and I was looking for someone. After awakening, at about 11 a.m. I received a telegram announcing the arrival of one of my friends with whom I had lost contact some twenty years ago. And the next day I was receiving him on a platform of the railway station just as seen in the dream.

Then the form of my dreams changed and I started seeing that I am flying in the air just like birds even moving my hands like the birds. Sometimes I used to fly at such an altitude which was scaring. Then I also experienced that in my dreams, I had been seeing the far off places, meeting with different people and eating delicious and sweet fruits and the taste of the eaten things in dreams used to persist even after awakening. When six months of sugar abstention were completed I started witnessing the far off things even during the state of wakefulness. I could see the things present at long distances.

Once, for instance, I started thinking about one of my friends who was residing in Switzerland. Then all of a sudden I found that I am present in the house of my friend, in Switzerland. I was witnessing the house, the rooms, the decorations and the other articles just as if I could have witnessed them physically. Now, this was quite a unique experience for me. I wrote a letter to my friend and sent him a rough sketch of the house witnessed in my imagination. The sketch contained the number of rooms in his house, their measurements. The position of various articles was also indicated in that sketch. The reply of my friend was even more astonishing. He had stated that all the details given by me were perfectly right. He had written, after expressing his astonishment that I had described in such detail which was not possible even for himself, if he had been asked to give.

On completion of ninth month of abstention from sugar I started experiencing that the thoughts of the person whosoever comes in contact with me are transpired on the screen of my mind and I could easily read the mind of the other person. I could describe what one had on his mind. One day my father after coming back from the mosque scolded me for not going to the mosque for prayer. I apologized and promised to be careful in future but his reproach continued. Then all of a sudden, it flashed to me that when my father was saying his prayer, at that time he was in fact, calculating about the money spent on the repairs of the house. I simply couldn’t resist and told him, “Of what use is that prayers in which one is calculating the expenses of repairs.” I felt very strange when he admitted that he was calculating the expenses of the repairs.

These few examples clearly show that abstention from taking sugar helps in liberating one from time and space restraints.

This also is the reason that the exercise suggested for teaching telepathy are supplemented with this direction that the intake of the sugar should be reduced considerably.

Experiments have confirmed that excess of the salt contents in blood helps in emancipation from the grip of the conscious senses. This also is in our experience that when salt is not taken in our diet, we suffer from various ailments. Normally, the use of salt and sugar results diseases and anxiety.

Abstention from taking sweetness or sugar activates the sub-conscious but since man is not accustomed to living with the activities of the subconscious, therefore, it results in so many complications. Thus, it is necessary that intake of sugar should not be reduced on your own.

If during the course of learning the metaphysical sciences, abstention or reduction of the salt or sugar is desired, it should not be done, unless it is advised, or at least, permitted by the teacher.

Only a teacher knows, when some exercises should be practiced and when not.

Those who practiced the reduction of sugar intake under the supervision of a teacher have reported that this exercise helped them in liberating from the Spatio-temporal restrictions, enabling them to witness the far off things, see the incidents of the remote past or that of the future and observe the activities, taking place at the preternatural level. Here, it seems necessary that it should be pointed out that activation of the unconscious is not spiritualism. It only helps to comprehend the realities, existing at that level. Activation of the unconscious do help in exploring the potentialities of the soul but this is not the end of the road.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is that program given by our religion which is aimed at the control of salt and sugar intakes which finally enables us to get our unconscious activated.

Telepathy is basically aimed at transference of thoughts without any obligation of any medium, Extinction of medium means that the spatio-temporal distances existing between two individuals vanish.

As it has been said earlier, thoughts are light. A light which is independent of time and space. Since we are not accustomed to communication without using mediums therefore for achieving this thing we are required to practice concentration.

There are many exercises suggested for the purpose, for instance, gazing the candle, or mirror, staring at a circle, gazing in the dark, staring at a photo negative, sun sighting, moon sighting or looking at water etc.

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