Seventh Lesson Breathing Exercise

Close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand after sitting in a relaxed posture.

Inhale through your left nostril for 10 seconds. Hold your breath for 30 seconds after closing the left nostril with a small finger of the right hand.

After 30 seconds remove the thumb from the right nostril and exhale through it for 10 seconds. Now inhale through the same nostril for 10 seconds and hold your breath for 30 seconds by closing it with the thumb. Exhale through the left nostril for 10 seconds after removing the small finger. This makes it one cycle. This exercise is to be done 5 cycles early in the morning and 10 cycles in the evening before going to bed. This exercise would yield the best results if it is done on empty stomach in an open airy place.

All those students who are practicing these exercises are advised to have their dinner early in the evening. There must be a gap of at least three hours between the dinner and the exercise i.e. the exercises should be done three hours after taking the meal.

After this exercise of breathing sit in a relaxing posture for Muraqbah. Blindfold your eyes with black downy cloth in such a manner that eyeballs should remain under constant but mild pressure.

The cloth is not to hurt the eyes. Just a slight pressure barring the movement of the eyeballs is required, now imagine that the brain of the left-hand side is rotating anti-clockwise.

During this exercise, it usually happens that one starts moving his body along. See to it that the head should not be moving during this exercise. This exercise is to be practiced once in the morning after breathing exercise in the morning and once at night each time for at least fifteen minutes.

Besides doing this exercise select a person with a purged mind having close intimacy with you. Get fifty cubes of softwood like that of dice prepared. After painting these cubes with blue color get Number l to 50 written on the sides of these cubes. Each dice is to bear only one digit on all six sides, i.e. one dice is to have digit 1 on all its six sides and the other is to have digit 2 and so on the fiftieth dice is to have 50 written on all its sides.

Divide these dice amongst yourself i.e. each one is to have 25 dice each.

Sit across a table with a partition of hardboard or wood between you so that you should not be seen by the other partner. Both have a notebook and pen each at hand.

Now one of you is to think about a number in his mind and to suggest it mentally to the other to throw dice bearing the same.

The number thought is to be noted in the notebook. The other partner would attempt to perceive the suggested number and would throw the dice bearing the number perceived and would note this number in his notebook. Now the other partner would suggest a number telepathically and the other would attempt to perceive the suggestion and throw the dice of the perceived number.

Thus turn by turn both would throw the 25 dices each and then they would compare the notes to ascertain that how much they were guided by their minds, i.e. how many dices were thrown according to the suggestions given and perceived.

This exercise is to be done two times in 24 hours for a duration of fifteen minutes. And it is to be continued till the rate of accuracy in throwing the suggested dices reaches 75% i.e. 19 dices out of 25 are thrown according to the telepathically suggested numbers.

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