Question: It has been stated by you that all the lessons given so far, aim at development of concentrative abilities and purging of thoughts. Could you not have curtailed the time period by suggesting the direct exercises for telepathy? The exercises of telepathy would have automatically induced concentration then, are you not prolonging it without any apparent reason?

Answer: Man has been ordained with an [insatiable quest for exploring facts and realities. He longs to resolve the mysteries of nature to have a developed understanding of the same. His determination has eventually resulted in his progress in the material sciences but still, there are facts which despite their existence remain beyond the limited conscious cognition of man. These are the facts that cannot be cognized with the help of ordinary physical senses. If one is desirous of discovering the ultimate realities existing behind the supernatural phenomena one is required to exercise that consciousness which is paranormal, or to say, which can be acquired through the extra-refined senses of the unconscious. And this would only be possible when one could rise above the physical senses and the material organs. Our intellect finds it difficult to resolve the queer and enigmatic conundrums of nature because secrets of the unseen realms are related to the unconscious and not with the conscious mind. Intellect depends upon the pragmatic experiences of the physical and material senses. But for proper cognition of the ultimate realities, we have to seek the help of that agency that is operative at the ultra conscious level.

Man, according to modem science, is physically composed of some 126 elements, and for his locomotion, he makes use of every type of energy; heat energy, light energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy. All those elements which are required for the creation of the material things are all found in one place; in man’s physical composition. Man is at par with animals, birds, and insects if he is not aware of the use of the powers granted to him by Nature. The only quality which enables him to be the cardinal member of Nature is the Will-Power in him. The only distinction which helps him to rise above the animal level is this Will-Power. If one enjoys this divine faculty he is superior to other creatures. It is man’s will­power that enables him to harness the forces of nature and to equip himself with the crown of vicegerency of Allah, the Most Exalted, after having the proper cognition of the laws of nature and then finally that of the ultimate realities behind the phenomena of nature.

For this very reason of purging the minds of the students of telepathy instead of starting with the direct lessons of telepathy, we considered it more befitting to suggest the exercises to develop the concentrative abilities.

Besides purging of mind, understanding the computer of the soul, the mind, is also mandatory. It is quite obvious that unless we are not ready to explore the mind, after rising above the present material systems, we will not be able to discover the hitherto unexplored hidden potentialities and the working style of mind. For acquainting ourselves with these hidden and unlimited abilities of our mind it is essential to have this knowledge as to how we can liberate ourselves from the clutches of the hypothetical senses.

As far as long waiting is concerned, when the creative formulae of the cosmos are considered with deliberate contemplation it becomes crystal clear that every passing movement causes us to wait for the coming moments. Waiting in itself is lire. The period from infancy to childhood, from childhood to youthfulness and from youthfulness to old age, the whole life passes in waiting, if the old age of coming sixty years are not hidden and infused in a baby born today he will never be able to come out of his cradle. His growth will not only be stopped but will not take place at all. The kinetic system of the universe will come to a halt. The sun and the moon will lose their light.

When a seed is sown in the earth it, in fact, is a beginning of a waiting, till it blooms into a flower.

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