The Law Of Exchange Of Thoughts

Man is composed of three rings, or to say, it has three levels. The first ring is that of the conscious of an individual. The second is the unconscious of the individual and forms the conscious of mankind. The third is the unconscious of mankind which is the conscious of the universe. This has been denominated as the cosmic conscious. Or to say, the mind of an individual has three stages. The primary stage is the conscious of the individual which on the second level becomes the unconscious, is constituted from all the consciouses of all the individuals of a particular species and in the case of man, mankind. On the third stage comes the unconscious of mankind or the species which in fact is the conscious of the universe or the cosmic conscious.

When the mind rises from the level of the conscious, it enters the unconscious where records of all the consciouses of all the individuals of that particular species are preserved and stocked. And, when the mind enters the third level, it becomes the unconscious of mankind which comprises all the consciouses of all the species, this stage of the mind or the unconscious of a species is known as the cosmic conscious (Single Conscious).

This thing clearly indicates that information pertaining to every existing creature of the universe is found within an individual and the exchange of this information keeps on taking place. Also, angels and jinni come under discussion when the information regarding these creatures is exchanged in the mind of an individual. Or in other words, the waves of the thoughts of all the creatures of the universe keep on transferring to us. A creature is recognized because of the transference of thoughts. We recognize anything when the thought waves of that creature come to our minds. Similarly, the realization of the feelings of hunger and thirst also arises when information pertaining to them is received by the mind in the form of a thought. Someone impresses us because of the infusion of waves from his personality into the waves operative in us. Acceptance and rejection of any thought bring us closer to something or takes us away from it. Any breakage in this link of exchange of thoughts we will not be able to recognize one another.

Thoughts reach us through the medium of light. In our own terms, we call these thoughts whims, ideas, imagination, concept, and the thinking patterns of all the creatures have a common point and the very common point feeds us the information about the existence of other creatures.

Since man’s unconscious remains continuously in touch with the far-off boundaries of the universe, therefore, after focusing our thoughts on one single point concentratively, we can relay our message even to the most remote comers of the cosmos. This is the principle behind the science of telepathy.

Man is the talking animal, who communicates his thoughts through the sound waves whereas other animals convey their feelings and thoughts without using the medium of words. This is evident from the fact that thoughts can be exchanged without any obligation of words and sounds. Man expresses his feelings and emotions through words and sounds and the animals express their feelings without using any words and sounds. And, the one for whom the feelings are expressed, acknowledges their proper understanding by responding adequately. In the story of King Solomon and the ant stated in the Holy Quran. A discussion between King Solomon and the ant has been reported. It is important to note that ant did talk to King Solomon and King Solomon did express the understanding of the statement of the ant. Obviously, ants never converse in spoken words as we do. It must have communicated through the waves of thoughts and King Solomon expressed their reception and understanding. The moral of the story is that thoughts, feelings, sentiments, and emotions can also be conveyed without spoken words.

Telepathy is the art of exchanging thoughts without using any known media.

If we, like Ghous Ali Shah, could concentrate our thoughts about someone then the targeted person after becoming the focus of our thoughts would start receiving our relayed thoughts. And, if after having acquaintance with the common point of the cosmos, we transfer our thoughts to that common point, the cosmos will eventually accommodate our thoughts. This is the stage about which it has been stated in the Holy Quran, “And we have made subservient to you all that is in the heavens and the earth.” The only thing is that we should be aware of the fact that all the creatures of the universe remain in constant touch with one another through the waves of thoughts and every individual keep on exchanging thoughts with other individual even if he does not ‘cognize’ it. Since we are not aware of this law of exchange of thoughts, we fail in comprehending the thoughts coming to our minds from the other creatures. Our ignorance of this law also results in the deterioration of our own thoughts.

The deterioration of thoughts results in weak willpower. One who has strong willpower lives more successfully than others only because of the fact that deterioration of his thoughts is reduced to the minimum and his attention remains focused on a certain point enabling him to attend any assignment concentratively.

Such a person has an impressive personality and can very easily convince others to agree with him. Those who do not have strong willpower are constrained to spend their lives aimlessly and without any purposeful objective.

To make proper use of willpower and for strengthening it, it is necessary that we should be aware of this reality that the whole of our life revolves around the thoughts, and the hidden relationship existing between the universe and its member creatures is also based upon the thoughts.

After settling upon the fact that the whole of our life is revolving around thoughts and our relationship with other creatures of the universe is also based upon the thoughts, we have to consider how we can reduce the deterioration of thoughts. There is only one method for it and that is to refrain from dubiety and uncertainty and not to allow doubts and suspicions to enter into our minds. It is also important to note that the reason behind the weak willpower is the existence of doubts in one’s mind. And for getting rid of doubts and uncertainty, we have to have this knowledge as to how doubt is created in the mind. Only then, we would be able to live with certitude having faith. To have certitude and belief is the only remedy for remaining protected from dubiety and uncertainty.

Weakness of determination and willpower is produced because of doubts and suspicions. As long as there is uncertainty in thoughts, a state of certitude is not possible. When certitude is not there, willpower is not there, one cannot get his thoughts implemented. Failure in the implementation of thoughts results in frustrations, depression, and distress. All the exercises suggested for strengthening willpower or to develop concentration are, in fact, aimed at purging the mind of dubiety and filling it with certitude.

Continuous practice and persisting concentration enable the focusing of thoughts on one single point. This state of focusing concentration helps in replacing the state of dubiety and uncertainty with that of certitude and the thoughts start becoming the manifestations because of the backing up of developed willpower and determination. This is the secret of telepathy.

Those who are interested in learning this art, have to calm to focus their thoughts on only one single point. The only condition to do it successfully is, to practice persistently and whole-heartedly.

Man passes through the various stages of life in small intervals of time and utilizes the fractions of time to live his life by combining and connecting these fractions together in his mind. We either advance from one fraction of time towards the next consecutive fraction or revert back to the previous one.

In order to understand this, man thinks of taking food but due to an upset stomach the intention is relinquished, how long will he abstain from it? He has no idea in this regard. Likewise, thoughts are the ingredients of his life which either make him successful or unsuccessful. An intention is formed, then is relinquished or is postponed whether within minutes of its formation or in hours, in months, or in years, anyhow it is ultimately abandoned. This abandonment or relinquishment is the chief constituent of man’s life.

There are many things like hardships, difficulties, worries, diseases, anxiety, depression, etc. and to equalize all these there is one thing called ‘peace’ in which man sees all types of eases and comforts. Most of them are not real but hypothetical and for man, they appear to be the easy ones. This creates the trend of inclination towards the easygoing. Actually, the formation of the human brain is such that it makes him go for facilities and avoid difficulties. These are evidently two directions and man spends his life between these two directions through his thoughts. Every activity is motivated towards one of these two directions.

We decide a plan, when we were organizing it, it was perfect and complete in all its aspects and its direction was also correct but it happens that after taking only a few steps, a change takes place in our mind, with this change the direction of our thoughts also undergoes a change, resulting in a net change in my direction of our activity. And the target towards which we were heading goes into oblivion. What is left with us? Groping in the dark and taking steps gropingly. This is why only one out of millions of people takes a step that is in the right direction and is not withdrawn. It may please be kept in mind that all this is about the in-between stages of doubts and beliefs. As far as the majority is concerned, the main force that controls their minds is whim and doubt, which is ceaselessly affecting the cells of their minds. The more the intensity of doubts, the more will be the deterioration of the brain cells. It will not be out of place to mention that all the nerves of the bodywork under the direct control of brain cells and the activities of the nerves are life.

Believing something is equally difficult for man as coming out of illusions, dubiety, and disbelief. For example, man presents himself contrary to what he actually is. He always hides his weaknesses and boasts about those hypothetical virtues which actually are not possessed by him.

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