The modem world of science is well acquainted with galaxies and solar systems. Science has reached that phase of its advancement where it is required to strive to understand the relationship of light of galaxies and solar systems with our planet earth and how does the light from these systems affects the earthlings, man, species of animals, plants, and inanimate objects? How the state and situations of animals, plants, and other objects are changed? This also is believed by modem science that the basis of everything existing on earth is a wave. Nothing but wave. The wave which cannot be denominated by any name other than light.

In telepathy that knowledge is delved which is operative at the background of our senses remaining obscure from our conscious. This knowledge informs us that the grip of our senses is hypothetical and a fictitious thing.


When we happen to see a solid thing we instantly know of its hardness, though our mind does not come in tactual contact with that thing.

According to most modem sciences and occult knowledge, every existing thing is a collection of waves or rays. When we pay attention to any object of wood or iron the waves of wood or iron inform our mind. For informing the mind the tactual feeling of wood or iron is not necessary.

It needs profound consideration that a wave is neither solid nor has any weight then how we come to know about the softness or hardness of an object. Similarly when we see water though it has not soaked our mind. How do we pronounce water as water when it has not soaked our minds?

More than sixty types of colors have been discovered so far. When we see a color not only we instantly recognize it but we are directly influenced by its intensity. Greenery and green shades have a soothing effect on our nerves whereas the red color causes unpleasant irritation and can even imbalance our attitude.

In fact, everything is existing because of distinct and definite quantities. The fixed quantities and magnitudes of waves and rays separate one thing from another. The rays of a thing supply information about its existence. To wit, every existing thing is another name of the waves, and waves of everything are different from one another.

If somehow or the other we could have this knowledge as to what type of waves are operative in man, animals, plants, and inanimate objects and how can we exercise control over them, then we can influence these things. The ray or the wave in fact is a continuous movement and everything has a definite formula of the movement of waves.

We always remain surrounded by various sounds. The sounds are also a form of waves with varying wavelengths. Scientists have estimated that man cannot hear the sound waves having less than 20 cycles/sec, nor can waves of over 20,000 cycles/sec, be heard. The waves having less than 20 cycles/sec, can be heard with the help of an electric current. Similarly, the sound waves of more than 20,000 cycles/sec, can only be heard with the help of an electric current.

The stimulation that takes place on the retina of an eye is also because of the rays or waves. The more sensitive the eye, the more distinctively the waves are perceived. The principle of telepathy is that through practice, the sense of sight is sharpened and enhanced to such an extent where one can distinguish between the flow of stimulating waves and the waves of the senses. The eyes are the organs of the sense of sight and they are influenced by external stimuli. The external stimuli affect the brain through the eyes causing the activation of the sense of sight.

It has been stated that the sound waves of more than 20,000 cycles/sec, can be heard with the help of an electric current. This is only because all the senses and thoughts are also a sort of electric current.

It is necessary to know that whatsoever we see is not seen in the outer world. Every manifested form of the universe is located within ourselves. We think that what we are observing is present on the outside. The existence of anything in the out is only a hypothetical phenomenon. Everything is residing within ourselves and we observe it over there. Every observation is our own knowledge. If we do not have knowledge about something we cannot see it.

In telepathy, in the beginning, one is made to practice that the objects and things are existing within us. As a result of practice, one starts observing a particular thing within one’s self. Continuous attention and persisting attempts to focus finally enable one to see something present within one’s self. For developing concentrative abilities, breathing exercises and Muraqbah (transcendental meditation) are performed.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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