Mental Turmoil

Shah Waliullah the great scholar and spiritualist of his age, whose hands were incapacitated by breaking the bones of his hands by the order of the then ruler to punish him instead of rewarding him for his meritorious translation of the Quran, has stated that over this material body of flesh and bones there exists another body composed of light waves. He has denominated this body of light which is enveloping the physical body as ‘nasma’ (aura).

He has elaborately reasoned with substantiations that the real man is not this psychical body but the aura. The physical body of man is controlled by the aura. All the ailments, diseases, anxieties, and disorders taking place in the psychical body of man initially take place in the aura. Diseases or anxieties are merely expressed by the physical body, that is, the physical body is a screen on which the film of the aura is being displayed. When the film is clear and free of distortions the picture displayed on the screen is also clear and sharp. In other words, if the aura is purged and cured the body automatically becomes healthy.

It has also been explained by Shah Waliullah that man is a conglomeration of thoughts and information perceived. When healthy thoughts are perceived peace and harmony become the eminent characteristics of life.

Whereas contrary to this is the situation in which various diseases, anxieties, tensions, mental disorders,s, and depression result because of complexity, confusion, and the tendency for destructiveness in thoughts.

Since the science of exchange of thoughts; telepathy deals with the knowledge of thoughts and the information perceived therefore anyone who is desirous of learning this or any allied science can not only easily protect himself from anxieties and worries but can also be instrumental in serving the fellow beings by assisting them in solving their problems. It has been proved even by the modem sciences that everything which exists in this cosmos is based upon a very comprehensive system of waves. The variety in magnitudes of waves is responsible for the various creations that we see around us. Specific quantities of the waves at one time form the water and another set of certain quantities of the same waves create solid and concrete things like iron or steel. Life in its totality depends upon the network of waves. Every phenomenon of the universe is only a network of waves of various frequencies and wavelengths.

When we happen to see the water it is spontaneously understood by us that it is water though it never soaks our body or mind. Similarly, when we see a stone we immediately identify it as stone though its weight or hardness is yet to be felt through physical touch.

According to spiritual science, when the waves operative in an object are received in our mind we identify the object because of the waves received and analyzed in our mind. This is the principle that invariably comes under discussion when we talk about any science dealing with the mind and thoughts.

In order to benefit from something properly, it is necessary that we have the proper cognition of the structural formation and the reality of that particular thing. We have to have the perceptual knowledge of the waves and that should also be in our knowledge that waves are not something static and inert but they are kinetic and remain in perpetual motion. Every movement of the waves is a stimulation for the urges of life. The urges are the basic components and ingredients of life. Every wave has a typical force known as frequency and we can make use of that force only when we are familiar with that force. If we are not familiar with a force we cannot tame it. This very cognition and familiarity have been termed wisdom in the Quran. The

Quran says: “And We bestowed wisdom on Luqman so that he should be using it in gratitude to God. And those who make use of the gifted bestowal do so to the profit of their own souls and those who are ungrateful and do not make use of the bestowed wisdom, verily God is free from all wants, worthy of all praises.”

The Quran is the source of guidance for the whole of mankind. Those who concentrate on the laws of the wisdom; the cognition and familiarity of the created things ultimately the laws of the use of the forces operative behind the phenomena of the universe are revealed upon them. This leads to a chain of ever-new inventions like the radio, TV, the telephone, etc.

It is a proclamation of the Quran “And We sent down iron in which are many benefits for mankind.” Here the words sent down are indicative of the fact that God created the iron.

Iron; the most useful metal known to man is used in preparation of steel, implements Of war, instruments of peace and hardware of the modern technology. Iron and steel industries have proved to be the foundation of the prosperity and power of the modem manufacturing nations.

It is a tragedy of the highest order that we consider the Quran only a sanctified book worthy of our respect and reverence and do not bother to Concentrate On the formulae expounded in the Quran regarding the conquest of the universe. We simply do not try to deliberate on the formulae give in the Quran and then complain that we are left far behind in the race of progress.

Those who researched and spent their days and nights in pursuit of their aim of exploring the secrets of the nature they were rewarded, irrespective of their religious association, caste, color, or creed, by the Almighty Allah and they succeeded in accomplishing their missions in the last.

For the learning of physical and the metaphysical sciences one thing is common: the ability to concentrate. If one cannot concentrate on any one point he cannot reach the depths of the point. So coming back to our discussion about the waves we cannot understand the use of the force of the waves unless we have not concentrated on this point. It can be experienced that when we happen to see a flower from a distance, the impact of the beauty, fragrance, and pleasantness associated with the flower is felt spontaneously though we have not smelled or touched the flower.

Similarly when we come across a person who is having a destructive nature or has some animosity towards us we immediately feel the reaction and when we see a person who has friendly sentiments for us we feel the friendliness towards him though he may not have talked to us.

All these examples clearly indicate that certain waves travel towards our mind and cast their effects. Our mind after analyzing these waves ascribes meanings to them and we act according to the ascribed meanings of the information.

When we start developing comprehension and understanding of the fact that everything is based upon the wave which cannot be denominated other than the word light we start developing cognition of the structural formation of the things existing in the universe. This cognition leads us towards the learning of the control of the waves operative in the things; material and incorporeal. This control finally enables us to induce changes in our desire and choice in our environs.

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