Method Of Influencing Telepathically

According to the saying of Allah, every creation is dihedral and bi-folded. One side remains manifested and dominating and the other remains hidden and suppressed.

Example: Man is compounded with dihedrals. Male and female, man and woman, father and mother. Man (Male), according to the law, is also dihedral and the woman (female), too, is dihedral. There is a man hidden in every woman and a woman is hiding in every man. Had Eve not been present in Adam, her birth could not have possibly taken place.

The second example is the birth of Christ from Mary. Thus every individual is two folded duplex. One fold is manifested and predominant and the other remains hidden and suppressed. Man or woman both are dihedrals in this respect each with one side manifested and the other immanent one. The manifested side of a woman is exhibited before us in the form of a woman but her inner side remains invisible. Similarly, the man’s manifested side remains hidden. It is, therefore, manifested side of the man which appears as a man, and the woman appearing as a woman is the manifested side of the woman. The opposite inner feminine side is enfolded in the manifested side of the man and the opposite inner masculine side of a woman is enwrapped in her manifested feminine side.

The law of the Sex Appeal and reproduction is based upon these very two sides. Since the inner man of the woman is dominated therefore he longs to adopt the predominant side of a man before him and wishes desperately to absorb in it for completion and perfection of himself. Similarly, the hidden woman in a man is incomplete and dominated therefore ‘she’ also longs to embrace the manifested woman for her completion. This means that the sex appeal is not present in the man or woman before us but exists because of the longing for completion of the hidden woman or man in them.

This is what generally is called sex appeal. Cases of change in sex are commonly observed by us. This happens because the stimulus of the immanent side becomes so intense and predominant that the stimuli of the manifested side became paralyzed and suspended. It happens when the inner manifested masculine side and the manifested side of the man become dominated and suppressed and consequently, the man is transformed into a woman. And when the stimuli of the manifested side of the woman are overpowered by the inner man of hers, she changes into a man.

This formula of creation is equally valid in other fields of life. For instance, let us study two men.

One of them is sick and the other is healthy. It means sickness is dominating in the sick person and the healthy side remains suppressed. Similarly in a healthy person, the health is predominating and the sickness is lying hidden and suppressed. And whenever the sick side of a man overpowers the healthy side man falls ill or when the healthy side over-powers the manifested sick side of the person he becomes healthy.

There is a person who is happy and prosperous opposite to him the other person is in distress and worried. According to the laws of creation, the circumstances are also of two types, or to say bi-folded. One fold is termed as peace and calmness the other is called worries and distress. If that side of circumstances known as distress over-powers the peaceful side of the circumstances turn to be miserable but if a man through his right approach of thinking and spiritual power could dominate and over power the bad circumstances then peace and tranquility start prevailing in one’s life.

FORMULA: All that is existing in the universe is either confined in a circle or triangle. There does not exist any tiling, on this planet earth, or the sky, which could be declared an exception to this law. For some creatures the triangle is dominant and for some, the circle. This world of ours, in Sufistic terms known as the phenomenal Realm, is dominated by triangles.

It has been made very clear in the previous chapters that everything existing on earth is kinetic, moving, breathing and alive. This is altogether a different thing whether we consider it alive or not, for instance, the mountains and hills.

According to the laws of nature and creative formulae, the mountains are also created with consciousness. They breathe, are born, and grow.

But because of the formula of the creation and growth of mountains appears to be static; Man’s breathing rate is 18-20 breaths per minute, whereas one breath of a mountain takes a duration of fifteen minutes. The breathing rate of every species is differently fixed.

The other important and noteworthy law is that everything worthy of its existence has a definite form and shape. Man sometimes experiences happiness and sometimes sadness.

At times he is sick and at times he is healthy. When we observe these two statuses through our innate eye we find both of them have special features and distinctive forms. Similar is the case of disease. Each disease has its specific form and shape. Typhoid had its own peculiar features. Chickenpox has its own shape and even cancer has its own certain specific features.

The law relating to that has been elaborately explained in the book “Light and color therapy” Just as one man can communicate with another person after having telepathic contact with him, similarly the diseases can also to contacted telepathically and can be requested to release the patient. All the diseases respond positively and the patients are cured. For instance, if someone has a headache. You concentratively focus your attention on headaches. One of the two things that will possibly happen is either the shape of headache or its silhouette will appear before your vision. If now you will suggest to it to disappear. It will disappear after accepting your suggestion. In this way, you can treat any disease and cure the patients provided the disease is not one of the authoritative diseases.

Yes, diseases are also authoritative, and one of such is cancer.

Curing Cancer Telepathically

Cancer damages the bloodstream; the mechanism of its action is that the electric current starts flowing in such a manner that the affected part does not remain in its passage any longer. This renders it lifeless. This situation becomes responsible for the production of very thin roundworms in that part of the body which is affected by cancer. This worm, in fact, is a hole that consumes the electric current. The electric current responsible for the life of the organs is consumed by these tiny holes depriving the organ of the lifestream flowing in the body like an electric current.

Cancer, as stated above, is one of the authoritative diseases. It has senses. It hears. When the patient is sleeping and you are alone, contact cancer telepathically and give imploringly suggestions such as “you are very kind, this patient is in great distress, please forgive him, etc”. Then taking your friendly sentiments into consideration it would leave the patient.

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