Experiences During The Course Of Lesson Six

K.N. Karachi:

I started performing Muraqbah as usual. I successfully envisioned that there is a bright point shining like a star at my navel. Suddenly this point moved and started rotating anti­clockwise. It could be exemplified with a burning illuminating stick rotated by children. The only difference was that from the burning candescent stick sparks fall whereas from this point rays were emitting and these scattering rays were encircling the world. Then it transpired that every creature existing on earth has a similar bright point and the rays of one point are inter-changing with the similar points of every other creature, with further absorption in Muraqbah my mind was able to see that rays from the bright points of other creatures are absorbing into the point of my navel.”

“Then this bright point started growing bigger and bigger finally it converted into a T.V. like a screen. The reflection of the existents started appearing on it. Initially, it was very dim but gradually it became so clear that I saw all the scenes of nature just as if I was watching a movie film.”

“I was so lost in this delightful observation that I became oblivious of my own existence. I found the bright point of a tree is inviting my attention and then that tree started talking to me. It told me about its genus and ancestors who had grown billions of years ago.

Then the sparkling point of a mountain began to converse with me, It informed me that it was also born and grew like other creatures. The only difference is that time and space do not have the same values as these have for other creatures. Their growth rate is very slow. If a tree matures in five years for them maturity conies in thousands of years, when 1 inquired about the reason. It stated that their breathing rate is different. Their one breath takes fifteen minutes and for this reason, their growth takes so long.”

Name withheld on request, Lahore:

Practiced the exercise of the sixth lesson after midnight. I witnessed mat I am an encasing shell made of glass. In this encasing six bright bulbs are fixed. One of the bulbs which were the most bright is fixed at my navel. It had countless thin wires each one tied with one creature of the universe.

Akhtar from Sargodha writes:

“I have been doing the exercise of the sixth lesson for the last forty days. During the first ten days) the bulb was the hand of the puppeteer. When these strings move, various creatures appear before our eyes. I felt frightened to see an animal resembling a mongoose. This was so huge that it appeared to be a mountain at first sight. There were many large elephants wandering on earth.

This frightening animal swallowed one elephant before my eyes just as a fish is caught and swallowed by a crocodile, It was such an awesome scene that I couldn’t continue with my Muraqbah.” nothing could be sighted. I felt my head very heavy. The pressure was on the left side of the head. With splitting headache. When the pain grew intolerable I according to your instructions started taking fruit juice after sweetening them with sugar three times a day.”

“One day in that painful condition I unintentionally went to a park where I sat near a pool and was staring into space when a light flashed in my mind. It was so bright that my eyes were dazzled and I saw with open eyes that a whole beam of light rays, like those of sunrays, is flowing from my navel point. It created quite a scene for me when I directed fishes of the pond with the intention that all the fish should appear on the surface of the pond. The fish did accordingly and came to the surface. Then I desired that half of them should remain on the surface and half should go down. This was also obeyed and acted upon by the fish. Then I directed those rays towards a rose flower wishing it to turn white. The petals of the flower did grow white. But to my grief, the flower wilted and withered away.”

Warning: All the students of metaphysical sciences should refrain from doing anything destructive.

Directing the fishes to come on the surface and changing the color of the rose is indicative of destructiveness.

The metaphysical sciences are taught so that one could serve mankind and the creatures of Allah after equipping oneself with the latent potentialities of his inner self. We have faith and believe that Allah, the Almighty has created everything in a constructive way.

And to form the same pattern of constructive thinking approach we have suggested these lessons which are in strict concordance with the spirituality testified by the Book of Allah and by so many messengers of God.

Nobody having a destructive mind is allowed to make use of this book because the destructive deeds would be harmful to him only.

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