Society and Our Belief

The society in which a person is educated and reared up becomes his belief and his mind fails to analyze this belief and this belief becomes his faith, although it is not more than a deceptive illusion. The main cause for this, as already stated, is that he poses himself contrary to what he actually is.

This type of life causes him to face many difficulties, the difficulties which he cannot resolve. It causes, on every step, fear in him that his action would prove to be futile and would yield no result. Sometimes this doubt becomes so intense that he begins to believe that his life is facing destruction and if not destroying it is in great danger. All this happens because of the rapid deterioration of brain cells, the eventual outcome of dubiety.

When the life is lived contrary to that which actually it is or is posed differently than what one is in fact, then the actions and deeds based upon this sort of life do not yield positive results. When he wants to achieve the desired results from such deeds, accelerated alterations and deterioration of brain cells changes the tracks of his practical life, and either it does not yield any result or proves to be harmful or produces such a doubt which hinders and obstructs him from taking any step at all.

The mental structure or the construction of the mind, in fact, is in man’s own control. Here ‘structure’ means that the rate of deterioration of the brain cells is high, moderate, or low. It is sheer luck if someone is saved from doubt, which is because of the minimum and the least deterioration of the brain cells.

The faith and dearth of uncertainty in the mind are directly proportional to the successes of life whereas the intensity of the doubts and uncertainty has its direct proportionality with the failures of life.

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