Telepathy And The Breathing Experience

Shamim Ahmed from Lahore has written:

I have studied almost every important work of eastern or western writers on occult and metaphysical sciences, all the writers have written about the exercises of candle gazing, mirror-gazing, and staring at the circle giving details of the ensuing results of these exercises duly supporting them with experiences of people in this regard. Scholars have dealt with the subject in the light of psychological and physical laws as well. But the theory of yours about telepathy is unique and different from theirs. I think no other author has ever mentioned anything like breathing exercises and imagining the ocean of light in the context of telepathy. As far as peace of mind is concerned, which is a prerequisite for learning this knowledge, can be achieved by candle or mirror gazing. Would you please tell your readers what is the importance of the breathing exercises and Muraqbah of light?

Answer: This cosmos is kinetic and in continuous motion whether it is the microcosm or the macrocosm. When the study of motion associated with life is attempted it is observed that the life of living animals and plants is based upon respiration and man is no exception to this law. The flow of life is directly related to breathing. As long as inspiration and expiration are there, life is there when one stops inhaling the oxygen we declare him as expired. With the stoppage of breathing this phenomenal life of this world also comes to an end. Breathing or respiration like every other phenomenon of the universe is dual and bi-folded. Inhaling or inspiration is its one side and the other is the exhaling or the expiration.

Inhaling, according to the spiritual point of view, takes the man closer to his inner self or the soul and exhaling take him away from his inner self. When we inhale we become closer to our inner self. Spiritualist calls it ascending movement. And when we exhale we are drawn away from our inner self. This movement has been termed as the descending movement.

Life keeps on oscillating between these two movements. Emotion and sentiments, thoughts and imaginations, our every activity and interest in various activities are there as long as the system of respiration is there. Initially, it was considered that only living animals respire then man discovered that plants too respire.

And every species of plants and animals have its own specific rate of breathing and this rate of breathing is directly related to the rate of heartbeats. If, for instance, the rate of man’s heart-beat is 72 per minute then misrate is not found in the goat or any other living animal.

The impulses acting as heart-beat in plants and inanimate objects are also related to their specific rate of respiration. If somehow we could invent an instrument to measure the respiration rate of plants and other inanimate objects it would be found that the rate of respiration of plants is different than the rate of respiration of mountains and other inanimate and apparently non-living things.

Man respires I8 to 20 times a minute and a mountain respires once in 15 minutes. Every one of us knows it well that we inhale and then exhale. Then this too is in our knowledge that the rate of breathing in anxiety is different than the state of calmness and tranquility. Similarly, the rate of heart-beat and respiration when one is afraid is different than the one when one is not.

As stated above respiration is a bi-folded action. One is to inhale, that is, oxygen is absorbed and the other is to exhale, that is, carbon dioxide is expelled. When we inhale the oxygen present in the atmosphere is taken in where it bums like fuel and then the waste material produced during this burning is expelled through exhaling. And, this chain of breathing in and out keeps on taking place as long as we remain alive. According to the spiritual sciences and the statement of the Lord of the worlds, everything comes from Him and returns to Him.

When we inhale we are linked with our inner self, or to say, we are in a state of receiving something which is coming from our Lord. And, when we exhale all our interests become attached with our material body and the material world around us, or to say, our attachment with the worldly senses is established.

Senses, too, are of two types. One type of the senses is that in which we remain incarcerated in Spatio-temporal restrictions and associate us with this material phenomenal world. The other type of senses releases us from the Spatio-temporal restrictions and worldly attachments.

These types of senses prevail upon us during the state of sleep or in a state similar to sleep. When we are in a sleep-like state the conscious senses are negated and are released from the time and space limitations. The senses that we experience during dreaming are termed as nocturnal senses and the same is called as (the senses of) the night by Allah the most exalted.

The other senses which are associated with wakefulness are termed as the diurnal senses and Allah has termed them as (the senses of) the day. During the nocturnal senses, every creature is liberated from time and space and when the diurnal senses prevail every creature Is incarcerated in Spatio-temporal restrictions.

When we inhale we come closer to the noctural senses, the senses which are required for cognition of the soul. And, when we exhale we are drawn away from the nocturnal senses and come closer to the diurnal senses, the senses which are made to comprehend this material world around us incarcerated in time and space.

When our attention is focused concentratively on any point, whether our eyes are closed or not, the duration of time for inhaling is increased, that is, our conscious attention is drawn towards our soul or the inner self.

This is the reason behind the suggested breathing exercises in metaphysical and allied sciences like telepathy. Through breathing exercise, one is drawn closer to his inner self. Acquaintance with the inner self results in awareness of the latent potentialities of the soul. And one starts experiencing the developed will-power and the resulting benefits including the better understanding of the affairs of the material world around us.

For learning the metaphysical sciences powerful mind and strong nerves are required. For having the elastic nerves, active mind and to enhance the working potential breathing exercises have proved to be extremely useful and beneficial. When one gets control over the breathing the functional abilities of the brain tissues and cells are charged when the breath is retained in the lungs and provides a better chance for activating the latent abilities.

Spiritualists have formulated various rules and methods for breathing exercises which if practiced regularly benefit a lot spiritually and physically. Waves of health and energy enter the body through respiration. If it is imagined when one is sitting in the open that waves of energy and health are entering in his body with every inhale and are absorbed in the body then in fact it starts happening so. Certain breathing exercises purify the blood and accelerate blood circulation, give a boost to mental faculties and cool down the emotional excitement. One can cure almost any disease of one’s self through breathing exercises. Gastric problems, stomach, and intestinal ulcers, constipation, kidney stones, headache, epilepsy, and other mental disorders, Ophthalmic ailments, etc., etc. can be cured with breathing exercises.

Flu and colds, ailments of chest, throat and nose are automatically cured when the breathing exercises are performed punctually according to the curative methods. It has also been observed that people who had adopted any particular breathing exercise as a routine of their life stay fresh and cheerful like the youths even in their sixties and seventies. They are seldom found depressed or worried and their skin too remains wrinkleless even in the last stages of their life.

Those who happen to conduct their breathing exercises punctually under the supervision of a teacher become able to exchange their thoughts with other people. Such power is produced in them that they can communicate with people at far-off distances telepathically. They start transmitting their commands telepathically and become able to receive the thoughts of other people even if they are not expressed in words. But it should also be remembered that for learning telepathy only breathing exercises are not enough.

The antenna installed in our inner self is able to transmit or to receive only when the mind is enriched with the ability to focus its attention concentratively. This divine ability can only be made functional and activated when we would learn to sink deep in the ascending movement of our soul with our devoted attention and concentration. We cannot make our access to the innermost recesses of the universe if we are not aware and acquainted with the secrets of the universe.

For making our entrance into the heavens and the heart of the cosmos we have to have control over that phase of breathing which is associated with the ascending movement. Inhaling deeply or taking the oxygen into the lungs takes us closer to the unconscious and the emerging of the breath or exhaling introduces us to the conscious. When the conscious life is active the unconscious goes into the background. And, when the unconscious life is active the movements of the conscious life become suppressed. The mysterious forces of mind can be put to work only when the ascending movement of respiration is controlled by the brain.

We have already stated that man is a convoluted compound of lights. The basis of these lights is the Light (Noor) of Allah, the Most High. Just as breathing is related to life, thoughts can also be called life. In other words, breathing is directly responsible for the life of thoughts.

Now if life is analyzed it would be observed that thoughts are also of two types, just as low-thinking or the degenerated approach whereas the other one is that direction which after uplifting us from the low takes us towards high and sublime thinking. In ordinary terms, it is known as purity or brightness of thoughts or complexity and darkness of thoughts. The purity of thoughts is associated with the thinking approach if the thinking approach is pious; man is bound to live a peaceful and profitable life. Peace and inner calm develop the concentrative abilities. Contrary to it is the evil and dark approach which causes disappointment, dejection, sorrow, and miseries, which in turn after disturbing (he concentration causes mental depression.

This thing can also be put in another way. All (the holy books and scriptures tell that man’s actual creation took place in the realms of Eternity. Man was sent to this world when he had committed the act of disobedience.

The world where that phase of eternity exists has been made unseen for him but he enjoys a hidden relationship with that Unseen Realm. Man’s existence in eternity is related to man’s soul. Man’s material body is composed of such senses which are confining and are responsible for man’s distance from his soul. When we inhale we get closer to eternity and when we exhale we are drawn away from eternity or to wit, the exhaling is a veil drawn between eternity and our present life. When the breath is held in our lungs our relation with the eternity re-establishes.

The breathing exercises are included in the lessons of telepathy so that man could get closer to his inner being, the Soul. True success in metaphysical sciences is not possible if one is not close to one’s soul.

Generally, those who desire to learn telepathy have ambitions of material gains from this divine knowledge, so that they could take certain advantages after influencing their medium. But there are people who learn it so that they could serve the creatures of Allah. For instance, they could cure the patients by transferring their healthy thoughts to them. The minds of the people learning this science work according to their thinking approach.

For the purpose of mental concentration the Muraqbah of light is suggested so that besides acquiring peace of mind and inner calm, the thinking approach is also expurgated. The pious thinking approach takes us closer to our soul and such sagacity is produced in man which in terms of Sufism is called the thinking approach of Righteousness.

We have presented the states experienced by the students of telepathy during the course of their practice of the first exercise; you must have noticed that the thinking of all these people has automatically taken a bend towards the lights. And when someone is acquainted with the lights not only his own life is adorned but he becomes a means of relief for the sufferings of the creatures of Allah.

We are certain that our readers would be bestowed with the thinking approach of righteousness with more developed concentrative ability. And after equipping themselves with this pious approach and learning telepathy they will be relieved of tension, anxiety, depression and will become instrumental in serving the creatures of God.

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