Incidents And Experiences Of Lesson Two

Mohammad Jehangir from D.I. Khan reports: 20th NOV:

During the second exercise, I felt as if the rays of light are emitting from my eyes. Circles of light kept on emerging and vanishing before my eyes. Then a vast expanse all pervaded with light appeared before me. I could feel my eye balls become static and transfixed during the exercise.

21st NOV:

There was a thick concentration of the waves of light. When I looked intently I could see dimensions in these waves. During the exercise, my mind suffered a shock and the intensity of the light increased. I felt as if too much light has filled my mind.

23rd NOV:

Today I saw myself flying in the air. During the flight, I saw my mind filled with lights and there is an eye on my forehead which is also made of light. After the Exercise when I cove a J myself with the blanket a flash of light illuminated the blanket as if somebody has switched on a tube light.”

Khalid Pervaiz from Quetta, Baluchistan writes:

“After the breathing exercise, I started Muraqbah. The idea of falling rain of light was conceived clearly. Rain  (noor) was there and I was sitting in it. The rain reminded me of the brightness of milk falling everywhere.

“In the morning after breathing exercise when I attempted to do the Muraqbah this imagination was once again established and I felt the falling rain of light upon me though the other ideas and thoughts also kept on coming to my mind”

“Whenever I try to imagine the rain of light I see it clearly wherever the raindrops of bright light fall on my body that part becomes brighter and transparent and gradually the whole body seems to be made of lights.

Mohammad Farooq Mustafa from Bahawalpur reports 9th to 12th JAN;

The cloudy mist was hanging over my mind. I could not do any thinking. I felt as if I have an empty mind.

12th JAN:

Today during the exercise the whole atmosphere appeared to be drenched in the torrential rain of light. The rain was falling on me too, sometimes it was light and sometimes it was heavy but the surrounding was under the showers of incessant rain. It seemed as if I am soaked and the hair has become wet with this incessant rain of light.”

Mohammad Shariq from D.I. Khan Reports; 3rd FEB:

I had the vision of rain of light with open eyes but sleep overtook and drowsiness fell upon me. After a short while, I had a shock and I was wide awake I saw that my room was filled with various lights.

5th FEB:

I saw in Muraqbah that a huge rose descended from the sky in the light full water of the rain. One side of the rose opened like a door and a sage-like person with a halo around him along with his companions appeared there, the door like opening closed. That sage along with his companions started walking on that water of light and stopped at a spot. A big dark globe descended there. He blew on that globe after reciting something and the globe become radiant and a variety of scenes started appearing on that globe. That sage and his fellows sat in a circle around that globe. A voice called, “Your world has sunk in the quagmire of sins up to its neck and therefore it has fallen victim to uneasiness, If you will worship sincerely and stand together unitedly then no power on earth can defeat you”.

After that the globe went dark, the sage lifted it and threw it towards the sky. There it vanished behind the clouds. Two women emerged from the flower and stood on both sides of the door and opened the door respectfully, when the sage reached it. After that they all entered and the door closed. The flower floated on the surface of the water then took off towards the sky. Once again I was there with the rain of light falling on me.

6th FEB.-

“When I sat down for my exercise I noticed that despite the darkness in the room I can see everything very clearly. I saw the sky is blue and a blue cloud came overhead. The cloud thinned at one place and from there light started showering on me in the form of raindrops then it took the shape of rain in torrents.”

Rain of Noor

Rubina Shahid Karachi; 7th JAN:

“As soon as I tried to imagine the rain of light. I saw my head dividing into two parts and the rain pouring into my head. The lights were overflowing from my head. The Light (noor) was flashing like a bulb.”

16th JAN:

During the exercise, I saw that few old men are sitting in a large mosque. They are reciting the holy verses. They invited me too, to recite. I joined them I inquired “Why it is recited?” “For your success;” they replied.

8th to 20th FEB:

“I tried to imagine the rain of light with open eyes. Succeeded to some extent. Sometimes a bright flash of light would appear before my eyes and sometimes the imagination of rain of light would overpower me. Yesterday, i.e. 20th Feb, “I observed the pleasant effect of rain upon the whole surroundings.

Munira Fatima from Lahore writes 6th JULY:

“I had the imagination of rain of light very easily but as soon as the sensation of raindrops falling on my face was felt I went to sleep. I experienced it many times that whenever I feel the falling of raindrops on my face I go to sleep.

12th JULY:

“I see a peculiar light which illuminates the whole house. When I try to imagine the rain of light within two seconds I feel myself drenched.

Slight shivering runs through my body. No matter how warm the room is I start feeling cold which is very enjoyable. I feel like staying in this rain of mercy.

Sometimes when the drops of this rainfall on my face or my body a flash of light appears before my eyes.”

“For the whole week my body seemed to be in fever but when checked with a thermometer it was found normal.”

Candle and Lamp

Tabassum Hussain from Karachi writes: 29th OCT:

“In Muraqbah I imagined the rain of light for some time but then the body jerked. It appeared as if it is a bright day and the daylight is pervading all around.”

30th OCT:

I witnessed a bright ring of light. Then it appeared as if different veils are lifting before my eyes one after the other. Various scenes started appearing in that bright ring. After the exercise when I lay down in my room I felt that the sky is clouded with dark black clouds and white clouds are mixing with them. Bright white rays of light are emerging from these clouds which turned into gold. The next day when I was in New Karachi before Sunset at twilight I saw the very same scene in the sky the sun was covered with dark clouds and the clouds had a lining of golden color because of the sun rays.

4th NOV:

I saw a tomb with a white dome, a beam of light falling on it like a stream. A glimpse of Holy Kaaba was also sighted. Then I saw a lamp is brightly lit at a distance. This scene slowly came nearer also I saw it was a burning candle. A building appeared before my vision and then a tower was sighted. Few people were also there. One of them extended his staff with the intention to give it to me. I hesitated but then took it reluctantly.

  5th NOV:

“During the breathing exercise, I observed a belt just like rain-bow. Then belts of various colors like red, yellow, and bluish came before my vision. I felt as if a stream of light is about to come before my eyes.

6th NOV:

During the exercise, my body suffered many jerks and saw such bright light as if it was the daytime.

In that light, I saw a few old men sitting in a line. Then I found myself in an enchanting garden. The garden was full of lush green shrubs and fruit trees. Somebody uprooted a plant of jasmine and gave it to me to smell it. It had a strong fragrance with a wonderful effect. The heaviness that I was feeling a few moments ago vanished all of a sudden and I grew calm and tranquil.

12th NOV:

After the exercise when I lay down my body movements ceased. Next moment I found myself in space. Colors and lights were showering there and I was under that shower.

I could feel the impact of that falling rain of lights and color on my body. I looked beneath and saw the rain is taking the form of a stream. The wind started blowing and I heard the sound of ringing bells. Which appeared to be very melodious.

A network of light waves appeared before my closed eyes. A big box was witnessed which had a window-like opening.

The door of that window kept on opening and closing. At each opening, the scene would change. One of the scenes was that of a pond in which a fish was jumping on the floor. It occurred to me that because of less water in the pond the fish dives and strikes against the floor of the pool. The walls of the pool were decorated with flowery designs.

15th NOV:

In a bright ring there appeared the Holy Kaaba. People were standing around it and rain of light was showering on them.

Mohammad Sardar Tabani from Shakherpura writes:

I witnessed in Muraqbah that I am drenched in rain. Then these raindrops turned into hailstones and started falling like white pearls. When these pearls hit against my body I felt they do not have any material body rather they were made of lights but I did feel their touch. I noticed another difference too. When the water drops fall on the body the coolness is felt but these drops caused pleasant sensation of ecstasy.

Broom and a Lean Person

Mohammad Masroor of Baghbanpura, Lahore writes: 29th APRIL:

The vision of rain stayed for five seconds. It was milky in color. My mind kept on trying to see it in the form of lights.

Today against my routine after awakening I again went to sleep and dreamt that there is a black and lean person sweeping in my room. I felt angry that how he could dare to enter my room and in rage, I left the room. Then for confirmation, I again came to my room and saw him putting laces in my shoes. I told him that he was putting the wrong laces in the shoes but he ignored me and continued with what he was doing.

30th MAY:

Gradually the blue clouds covered the sky. Today my head and arms grew so cold as if they were put in ice.

Munir Ahmad of Latifabad Hyderabad writes that he had been doing the exercise of rain of lights since 16th July, Nothing special happened during the first two days. But on 18th July he had a severe headache which persisted even during the exercise of 19th July. “Since you had already warned me therefore I did not pay much heed to it. On 20th July after the exercise when I went to bed I felt as if I have become two and I saw there is another Munir lying beside me.”

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