Incidents And Experiences Resulting From Lesson Four

Syed Asghar All Zarar reports:

24th NOV:

Today I started with the 4th lesson on telepathy. By the grace of Almighty, I soon succeeded in having the required imagination. Saw a light fall upon me and these lights after absorbing in my head are earthling through my feet. When these lights enter my head their color is blue but when these are earthed they become colorless as if the color of these lights is absorbed and retained by my body. Then I witnessed myself as a globe filled with blue color. Suddenly a huge dome of green color appeared before me.”

“During the morning exercise, I saw my head opening and two embodied layers of light entering there. These two layers after cleansing the inner recesses of myself and dissolving into the light make their exit through my feet. After this spiritual or physical purging blue rays started entering me more rapidly.”

25th NOV:

“During the exercise, I happened to think about a dome. I witnessed that the lights coming down are of white color but as soon as they pass through the dome they turn blue. This was also observed that there are concentric rings of various colors on the ceiling of the dome. These rings are studded with precious stones and pearls.

Then I saw that the color of falling lights is changing in intervals and my body is attracting them like a magnet and is absorbing them.”

27th NOV:

“I saw during the exercise that something came and sat on the top of the dome and began to shake it. With the shaking, the falling lights were intensified. I was feeling this rain of lights on my body. At times I shivered. It occurred to me that from where are these lights coming, I noticed that a towering antenna was installed on top of the dome which is spreading these lights through the rings and pearls after absorbing them from the atmosphere.”

2nd DEC:

“I saw various beautiful scenes of grand buildings, gardens, and orchards, plants and flowers, fountains and pools. All these were transparent and lights were permeating everywhere.”

Riddance of Inferiority Complex

Mohammad Saleem Qureshi, Lahore writes:

“For the last few weeks, I have been observing beautiful bright light of blue color during day time. It happens quite frequently that whatever I have in mind it occurs as I had thought of it. I have particularly noticed that first I could not dare to talk to anyone looking straight into his eyes but now I can talk more confidently.”

8th Feb:

“Initially the flashes of white light kept on taking place then the waves of yellow light were sighted. Then I saw the Holy Kaaba and people are circumambulating it. This scene was sighted from an altitude. ! saw other things as well but couldn’t remember them. Once it was felt that something was going down adhering from the lower portion of my back.”

15th FEB:

“At the beginning of the Muraqbah, I saw the yellow waves coming towards my nose. Then I saw many people offering prayer in a row. All of a sudden somebody threw something on the ground. It splashed all around and I tried to save myself from it. After that small-sized white lustrous waves passed close to my nose. It appeared as if a lot of time had elapsed. Today slight headache was also felt.”

16th FEB:

‘Today the yellow waves appeared to be static. Then I saw there were planks of white color having something inscribed in black on them.”

Malik Haq Nawax, reports:

20th FEB:

“After the exercise when I lay down to sleep a current from my heart spread in my body and my body started convulsing under (lie effect of its intensity. After that, I saw the darkness in front of me vanish.”

Mohammad Toufeeq from Karachi reports: 29th APRIL:

“When I started Muraqbah, black rings appeared before my vision but soon a bright ball was sighted over my left eye. Then suddenly I saw light all around myself. Then the flashes of light kept on taking place before my vision.

4th MAY-

“Darkness was there before my eyes. A shadow of something was seen moving. Then white waves appeared before me. Then the light was sighted before my left eye. After a while, there was light before my right eye as well and for a moment I sank in that white light.”

M.A. Rawalpindi reports:

10th MAY:

“I saw a dome made of glass. Light falling on my head from it. I felt as if somebody had stirred it. A huge wave after entering into my head went into the earth through my feet. This state prevailed for about 80 seconds.

16th MAY:

“I saw a white dome which was changing its colors. At times it is green and then it turns blue.

Golden Palaces

M. Jahangir Tabassum reports:

6th JAN;

“I had the required vision with great difficulty the imagination of experiences of 3rd lesson were hindering. I noticed that when the light enters my head my head grows heavy. After that 1 found myself flying in a cubical thing. During the Muraqbah I saw an old man sometimes he transforms himself into my shape and sometimes I take his shape. When I was saying my morning prayer, I felt as if I was saying it in space.”

7th JUNE:

1 here appeared a golden palace like building in my vision. I saw Hazrat Ayesha standing in that palace with her back towards me.”

11th JAN:

“Just as I started Muraqbah drowsiness prevailed upon me. In that state, I found myself in a cave. Something like an electric current kept on circulating in my body. I felt something creeping in the right side of my head and at the same time some cold thing was felt crawling in my mind, then I saw an enchanting garden with golden and silvery walls with the lush green floor. Then I saw myself standing on a dome. A group of people descended from the sky and came towards me. They said, “we have come to take you along.” The elder one of them pulled me beside him and accommodated me beside himself on his throne. The throne started flying towards the sky. I saw many wonderful things. There were many people and everyone was saying something or the other.

One of them was eating bread. He gave me a piece of his bread. Then he took me to a bright white room and said that that room was for me. The walls of the room were almost transparent like glass. I entered the room. I was about to proceed towards the other room when I slipped. But I managed to open it. There too were blue lights. I opened my eyes but they did not open instantaneously rather they opened slowly. When I tried to walk I felt as if I was walking in the air. My right foot was in a state of numbness.”

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