Incidents And Experiences Of Lesson Three

Iftikhar Najmi from Shadhra reports

18th OCT:

When I tried to imagine the pool of mercury the vision of rain of light kept on emerging on the screen of my mind because I had grown so used to it. After a while I saw that rain falling in the pool of mercury. Then the rain stopped and there I was left with the pool. I felt that due to concentratively looking at the mercury of the pool I am myself transforming into Mercury”.

19th OCT:

“During the exercise, I saw a whole lot of pools of mercury and I was flying over them. I selected one of them and started concentrating on it.”

20th OCT:

“A big wave of mercury appeared on the earth and spread over the whole earth. When the wave passed small pits filled with mercury were left behind on the surface of the earth. I felt as if I am drowning in mercury.”

21st OCT:

I saw myself submerged in a pool of mercury and the depth of the pool is not coming to an end. I started flying in the depths of that pool of mercury. The mausoleum of the Holy Prophet (PUSH) came before me. I saw it filled with lights (Noor) Light was radiating from its walls.

My eyes filled with tears at this sight. On emerging from this state I actually found tears in my eyes. I again started with my Muraqbah and saw a big palace in the depths of the pool of mercury, Bright light was radiating from every nook and comer of that palace so much so that the people sitting in that palace were also emanating light. Rays of light were radiating from their forehead, beard, and other parts of the body. My eyes dazzled because of that much light. And my exercise came to an end.”

23rd OCT:

“When I tried to envision a pool of mercury an ocean of mercury appeared before my eyes. The reflection was brilliant The reflecting rays were also of mercury color. Someone knocked at the door which made me call off my exercise.”

“When I again started the exercise. The pool of mercury came before me quite easily. I saw a stream of mercury falling in that pool. I started flying over that stream towards the north. On following the stream I reached an ocean of mercury. The color of the rays of the ocean was brighter than those of the pool.”

5th NOV:

“During the exercise I found myself submerged in a boundless ocean of mercury. My mind grew very light and I saw myself flying over the ground. Beneath me were fields in which people were working. During my flight, I came across a stream of mercury from which rays of mercury light were discharging.”

9th NOV:

“I found myself visiting various places. Beautiful scenes of nature, busy towns, and wonderful places of worship, brooks, streams, and multistoried buildings kept on appearing on the screen of my mind. These things kept on transferring to my mind automatically. Today I came to know what peace of mind is.”

Door Opens

Syed Asghar Ali from Glasgow reports 6th NOV:

“During my exercise of telepathy in Muraqbah I found myself in a desert. Two pretty ladies clad in white dresses were sighted. They were busy doing something. When I approached them they glanced towards me and didn’t bother much.” “I noticed they were gathering pearls from the ground. I asked them what made them look at me. They replied that they were expecting their mate. They had hardly finished what they were saying when their mate reached there and they all started flying towards the sky. I too started flying behind them. We reached an enchanting door. The ladies knocked at the door which was opened by two guards who let the ladies enter but stopped me. The ladies told the guards to let me enter.”

“On entering the door I found a passage having plants and fountains on both sides. The water of the fountains was falling on that passage. We all kept on advancing but the water did not soak us.”

The Last Pool

Anwar Awan from Rawalpindi reports 3rd MAY:

“I was not succeeding in having the required imagination. If it came at all it would soon break. So I thought of seeking help from Huzoor Qalander Baba Auliya with this thought I saw Qalander Baba was there. He slapped me as he came to me I fell down in a pool of mercury and thus the imagination was there.”

6th MAY-

“When I started the exercise of Muraqbah, I saw Qalander Baba coming smilingly. There was a pool. He told me to jump into “that pool. I jumped into the pool, a crocodile appeared. I came out. He smilingly took me to another pool. Where golden fish were swimming I also started swimming. Today I saw mercury everywhere. In me, an ocean of mercury, fish, turtles, and crocodiles was sighted.

2nd JUNE:

‘To my hard luck today I started the exercise on the roof. After hardly ten minutes the wind started blowing and I came down. I again attempted but could not have the concentration as before. But still managed to envision a pool of mercury. So I finished meditation with dismayed.

5th JUNE;

“Even during the breathing exercise thoughts about the pool of mercury kept on coming to my mind. When I started the Muraqbah. I saw about seven pools of mercury in place of one. The last one was the smallest of all and the first one was the largest I dived in it and sat there.”

6th JUNE:

“When I imagined the pool, the word Allah was sighted. There were about 100 pools of mercury in it. This word Allah transformed into the word, “Muhammad’. Then this too transfigured into letter Alif. I came out after merging in this letter and saw it extending up to the horizon. Then mercury started coming out from it like lava. Which engulfed even the trees     .”

The Tomb of Data Gunj Bukhsh

A Student (name withheld on request).

“When I attempted to imagine the pool of mercury, my head grew heavy and dull. Images of the pool of mercury kept on distorting after having some shape. Sometimes they were very clear and at times it seemed difficult to identify it as my required imagination. Sometimes the mercury pool looks so good that I want to remain drowned in it. The weight of mercury seems to be crushing and I felt like going to sleep.”

“During the Muraqbah I found myself beside the tomb of Data Gunj Bukhsh. The lattices of the tomb appeared to be filled with light. The walls were very beautiful and were inscribed with some Quranic verses. I tried to read and understand but I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I started crying.”

30th APRIL:

“It seemed during the exercise, that my neck would not be able to hold the weight of my head. But somehow I continued with my exercise and finally succeeded in having the imagination .of mercury pool. I saw that I was falling at the feet of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and crying. And he (PBUH) was stroking my head affectionately and said, “God shall grant you success.”

Flame of Fire

Imran Kaleem

“When I started Muraqbah in the night the resistance of the conscious was so great that my head seemed to become a heavy stone. When it cleared I saw a tidal wave of mercury rising and swallowing the whole world. When it passed away I saw many pools of mercury. Then again I witnessed a big wave with light (noor) on its upper sides and mercury at the lower. This wave spread over the whole world and circled around it many times.”

10th JAN:

“When I started Muraqbah today I saw the earth is floating in the pool of mercury beside it. Then the whole world was found to be submerged in mercury. I felt as if my bed is drifting here and there on the surface of Mercury and the waves of mercury are hitting against me.”

19th FEB:

“I could see my heart with open eyes. When I looked into it, the whole world is submerging in the mercury pool. A storm of mercury was raging everywhere in the world. The whole world is flooded with mercury. Gradually this imagination grew deeper and deeper and I felt as if a heavyweight is placed on my temples causing uneasiness which finally subsided and I went to sleep.”

20th FEB:

Before performing Muraqbah when I started the breathing exercise I felt the heat with every exhaling and when I exhaled the last breath of my exercise it seems as if a name is coming out from my nostril, also felt something moving in my backbone. When I started with Muraqbah as usual I had the imagination quite easily and I grew calm.


Before taking up your exercise have one glass of water with a spoonful of honey in it. Sip this water slowly don’t drink it in one go. Reduce the salt content in your diet.

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