Paralysis of any type and polio are discussed at length in our book “Rung our Roshni say Illaj” and Color Therapy. In brief, it can be stated that the health of the mind and body depends upon the distribution of light waves that are absorbed by the mind in the form of colors. When cosmic rays interrupt the flow of these lights through the spinal cord by dislodging the lights by at the least 4 inches to the right the whole electric system of the body is damaged. When the effects of this is on the lower portion of the body it is called Poliomyelitis or polio and when on the upper parts of the body it is called Paralysis.

Facial paralysis results when the current flowing in the brain cells is dislodged due to the cosmic rays and affects the facial muscles so much so that the features suffer a distortion. The effect of facial paralysis, not only results in contortions of jaws and nasal bones but sometimes the eyesight is also impaired. To treat this, write the following charm on 3 porcelain plates with ink made from yellow food coloring.

Rinse the plate with some water and make the patient to drink this water, once in the morning, once in the evening and once at night. Also write the same charm on a thick 9″ x 9″ glazed piece of cardboard. Rubbed this piece of cardboard on the head, forehead, face and back of the head for 4-5 minutes three times a day.

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