To Counteract Magic (Sorcery)

In most of the cases the influence of magic, sorcery or witchcraft is just a matter of one’s feeling so it has no actual bearings. But, this also is a fact that, one cannot deny them altogether. Their existence is proved by the Holy Quran and these can he exercise with knowledge of typical nature. If it is established that one is bewitched and someone having knowledge confirms this fact that magic spell is there then following treatment is to be carried out.

One who is affected or is under the influence of magical spell is required to get up early in the morning much before the sunrise.

After offering Fajar Prayer should go across a stream, brook or river. During the journey one is to abstain from talking to anyone and to keep on reciting Surah Falaq; 113th Surah of the Holy Quran. After crossing the canal, brook, stream or river squat at the bank facing the east.

Write the following words

ھَامَانْ – ھَارُوْتْ

on the ground with the index finger of the right hand and rub them off with the same hand.

This writing and the erasing should be done before the sun rises. If there is no canal, brook or river is close by, one living near the sea may travel towards the sea and others may travel towards a well in the outskirts of the town and after looking at their reflection in the water are to do the writing and the rubbing out. Only for one time this practice should counteract the evil spells but if symptoms persist the whole exercise is to be repeated up to 3 times.

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