Maladies of Women

Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infants’ Death

Improper growth of fetus in the womb of mother results in miscarriage, stillbirth or child’s death in infancy and its main reason is the weakness of those brain cells of the mother which are responsible for the creation of an infant. Weakness of the mother’s brain cells is mostly related with leucorrhoea, mental complications and unpleasant atmosphere at home. Sometimes use of strong, wrong or excessive drugs also produces this situation. For prevention of all these things mothers are required to wear the amulet, prescribed for Marasmus in this book, in the early stages of pregnancy. And, on every Thursday evening the amulet is to be fumigated with the smoke of Benzoin (Loban). After the delivery the amulet is to be put around the neck of the infant.


There could be various reasons of sterility. Sometimes it is due to defect of the internal system of the female and sometimes it is because of the absence or scarcity of sperms needed for fertilization. If the general health of the husband and the wife is satisfactory and despite that the pregnancy is not taking place then the following verses of the Holy Quran, by the grace of God, will prove beneficial.

After Isha prayer the wife should recite these verses 100 times and blow upon a glass of water. Half of this water is to be drunk by the wife and the other half of the water by the husband. This is to be done for ninety days, discontinuing in menstrual periods and the days thus missed are to be account for and completed later on.

Irregularity of Menses (Dysmenorrhoea)

Irregularity of menstrual cycle leads to many maladies in women. Tummy gets enlarged, before the beginning of menses severe pain in the lower abdominal region is experienced and if the menstrual cycle falls short of the normal duration then hair start growing on the face. In chronic cases of menstrual irregularities uterus becomes infected and the ability to reproduce is badly affected. This also affects the complexion, body starts swelling, blood starts losing its fluidity and the patient usually complains of the back-ache and pains all over the body. If the menstrual cycle decreases and stops prematurely, male characteristics are produced in women. The menses are as essential for women as excretion of other waste matters from the body is compulsory.

For the treatment of irregular menses the following charm is to be used as amulet. Writing “Bismillah” in this amulet is not permissible.

If there is pain in the lower abdomen during the menses then this amulet is to be worn in such a way that it should remain over the navel and in case of back ache during menses this amulet is to remain touching the pelvic joint of spine. This amulet is to be worn using a purple thread. Woven fabric is not to be used because this is to remain on the body even when the body is to be washed or during bathing. It is advised that this amulet should be wrapped in cellophane to make it moisture-proof.

Excessive Menstruation

Write the following words on a piece of paper with yellow ink and is to be worn by the patient around the neck. In case of intensity of the problem, write the same incantation on a porcelain plate or on a piece of butter-paper, rinse it with adequate amount of water and drink it, early in the morning, on the empty stomach, only for three days.

Leucorrhea / Endometritis and other maladies of the uterus

For any disease related with uterus including the tumors of uterus, parametritis, perimetritis, physometra, leucorrhea etc. write the following inscription and wear it like an amulet. In severe cases write the same inscription, an a porcelain plate, rinse and drink the wash daily, on empty stomach, early in the morning, for forty days

Enlargement of belly after delivery

It is our observation that if care is not exercised the abdomen muscles start sagging and the belly enlarges.

To treat it writes the following with yellow ink on a porcelain plate or a piece of butter paper

تَسطِیْرٍ شَئَ الْحِرْصْ

Rinse it with water and drink this water. Repeated this three times a day till the desired results are achieved i.e. the abdomen returns to its normal position.

For Post Natal Complaints

After delivering many women develop various complications. In order to protect the mother from any complications in the post-delivery confinement period write the following charm on a butter-paper with yellow ink and tie it in a cord made of blue cotton threads.

In order to make the cord take eleven strings of blue cotton thread, each of them equal to the height of the mother. Folds all these eleven strings together two to three times to obtain a cord which could be worn round the neck. After tying the charm make eleven knots in it. For making the knots in this cords, first recite three times رَحِیْمْ یَا اَٰللّٰه یَا مُرِیْدُ and make a knot in the cord and then blow on the knot.

Make eleven knots in the cord with equal distance between them by repeating the above step for every knot.

When the confinement period of forty days is over and the mother takes the ceremonious bath take off this charm and burry it in the ground.

For the ease of Giving Birth

In order to ease the delivery of the child write the following charm on a piece of butter-paper and tie it round the right thigh of the pregnant women. By the grace of God baby would be delivered easily.

Care must be observed, so that this charm is not tied before the pains of labor starts. Because from experience, if this charm is tied before the pain starts, premature births have taken place and premature birth can lead to harm to the baby or the mother

Deficiency of milk

Sometimes mother wants to nurse her baby by breast-feeding but the lactation is not enough for the needs of the baby. In order to cure the deficiency of the milk write the following charm, with ink of yellow colour, on white porcelain plates.

Rinse one plate with adequate amount of water and let the mother drink this water, once in the morning, once at noon and once at night, till the deficiency is removed.

Swelling of Mammary Glands/Abscess or Tumors of breast

If swelling of breast is not treated it can lead to the breast cancer. To cure it, blow on luke warm water taken in a large bowl after reciting three times

ما في قلبي غیر اللّه

Drink three draughts from this water and pour rest of the water on the affected breast. At the most three times a day, till it is completely cured.

For flat-breast

Properly formed breasts are the integral part of feminine beauty. It is not only a distinction between males and females but feeding and growth of infants also depends upon this. Women who lack this beauty fail to attract the males. In order to overcome this problem recite 100-times the first verse of the Surah Teen before going to bed

وَالتِّينِ وَالزَّيْتُونِ (1)

blow on the breasts and go to sleep without talking to anyone. Also take 50 grams cheese daily. Both the suggestions are to be done for 90 days. This would make the breasts firm and pretty.

Hair on face and body

It has been stated in the Holy Quran that we have created everything with specified quantities. These very specific quantities are responsible for the individuality of males and females.

Blood circulation besides other functions carries large quantities of poisonous materials which are absorbed from the air, light and the cosmic rays. Human life depends upon quantities of these poisonous materials. Balance of these quantities is maintained by the excretion of these quantities in the form of perspiration and hair on our body. That is the reason that hair grow where the blood exerts comparatively more pressure.

Males have beard but the women do not have facial hair for the very fact that, in women, the poisonous materials are excreted by means of menstrual cycle and if, for any reason, this cycle is disturbed or becomes defective then women could have a mustache. It is therefore necessary that the menstrual cycle should remain in normal functioning order. In order to treat any defect or malady of menstrual cycle take 50 grams of black seeds. Wash them with plain water and let them dry in the sun. When these are dried keep them in a glass bottle of blue color.

After Isha Prayer, recite 100 times,

فِي سِتَّةِ أَيَّامٍ ثُمَّ اسْتَوَىٰ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ

Do this on daily bases and blow on the black seeds that are kept in the bottle and close the cap. This is to be done for 21 days. On 22nd day start having a quarter teaspoon of the seeds from the bottle with some water, on empty stomach, early in the morning. These seeds are to be swallowed with water and no other thing is to be taken at least for half an hour after taking the seeds. This is to be continued until the seeds finish.

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