Outrageous Anger

It has been observed that the people with weak nerves are quick in anger. Sometimes superiority complex, sense of deprivation and hardships suffered in life also make a person short tempered and outrageously angry. It is also observed that some people who are quite congenial have an agreeable disposition and warmhearted in the society become quick-tempered at home. This type of people suffer from the excessive desire to rule the others. In any case no matter what the reason is if the patient wants to treat him/herself he/she is required to recite once

یَا وَدُودْ

and blow upon a glass of water. This water is to be drunk in three pauses. In case some other person is to be cured then to treat such a person he should be given just one draught of water blown upon after the recitation of the above appellation, early in the morning before the sun rise. If the patient refuses to cooperate then put the blown on water in a pitcher, cooler or bottle from where the patient or the persons to be treated drinks his/her water from. Maximum period of this practice is 40 days.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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