This disease results in the malfunction of the liver. It has been observed that in this disease spiritual treatment is more effective than medicaments. To treat this, make an amulet by writing the following charm and let the patient wear it around the neck.

Take some roots of Spreading Hog Weed; a wild weed. Wash them with water and cut 21-pieces, each piece to be one inch in size.

Take 21 to 31 cotton threads, where the lengths of each one is equal to the patient’s height. Fold these strings to four folds. Now knot the folded string around the cut piece of Spreading Hog Weed root one by one. For each piece make a knot and blow on it after reciting once

and while blowing tighten the knot and repeat this for every knot. You should end up with 21 knotted piece of Spreading Hog Weed root.

Put this string round the neck of the patient. This string would enlarge as the disease would recede. When the disease is completely cured take off this string and throw it in flowing water.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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