Hysteria is a phrase that describes emotionally charged conduct that appears out of control and excessive. Hysterical is a term used to describe someone who reacts in an abnormally emotional manner for the situation.

To treat this. take some sugar in a frying pan and heat it to make it brown. See to it that the sugar should not get burned. When the sugar is turned brown pour half a cup of water in it. Wash the following charm in this solution after transcribing it on a piece of paper.

Make the patient drink this potion daily for 11-days. Burn any left piece of paper.

The patient should reduce salt intake by to 1/4th of the normal consumption quantity. Instead of the using salt that is available in the market, have some white mineral lump of salt and grind it at home and use this salt. In severe case of hysteria write the same charm on a piece of paper, wrap it in some cotton to make a wick. Burn this wick in olive-oil or butter-oil in a place where the smoke would reach the patient.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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