Spiritual Therapists and Therapeutics

Spiritual healers and therapists by inculcating something in their minds or by doing something repeatedly manage to use their will-power in a controlled manner. Practice enables them to make use of their activated will-power easily and effectively. There are some people who are born with this gifted ability and have natural inclination and tendency for spiritualism. They exercise and execute these things, in the beginning, without having proper awareness of the gifted faculty They exercise, in their tender age, this ability casually without having any realization of the fact that they are bestowed with an inborn ability of making use of their will-power. Recurring successes in their casual attempts gradually reveals upon them that thoughts backed by will-power can be put to use effectively. Repeated execution of will-power and favorable results thereof make them believe that they can heal and cure They start considering themselves therapists and people also start calling them so.

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