Foul Smell From Mouth

Foul breath and bad smell of mouth is related with the decay of food particles that remain there in the gums and teeth. But, the smell that results the gastric gases become a disgusting thing for the people around. Usually the patient remains unaware of this bad smell but the people coming in contact with him/her find it quite intolerable. In order to treat this the patient is required to strictly follow the meal timings. One must avoid eating outside the appointed times. One should not eat the foods that are prepared with yeast or that have gone bad. Meals should be light and easily digestible.

The patient is required whenever drinking water to recite 3 times

مركون ركوني

and blow on the water before drinking. Also take 1 pound pure natural honey and blow upon it after reciting the same 100 times after the Zuhar Prayer. Patient to take one teaspoon from the honey 3-times a day. Teeth must be kept clean whether by brushing them or cleaned by using a tooth-powder.

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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