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All the stages of man’s life are lived in small fragments of time, equalling to a tiny fraction of a second. The whole life of man, even if it exceeds a hundred years, keeps on dividing into these fractions of time called moments. It is worth considering that in order to live this life man keeps on joining these fractions of time in his mind and the very same fragments are put to use in our thinking, which resembles a whirl-pool of fragments of time that we either advance from one segment of time to another or revert back from one to another one.

This could be understood by considering the following case. One thinks about eating something, but then realising about the stomach problem and abstains from having anything. How long will one be able to desist the urge to take something? It is not in one’s knowledge. Similar is the case with every thought. Thoughts, the main ingredients of one’s life, are responsible for one’s success or failure in life. One decides a thing and then abandons it. Sometimes it is abandoned within few minutes of the decision taken and sometimes it take hours, months or years to abandon it but ultimately it is abandoned. In other words, renunciation or repudiation of thoughts and ideas is the main constituent of man’s life because by nature man is easy-going.

Many things are termed as difficulty, problem, disease, restlessness, lethargy, irritation, idleness, italicize and in contrast to all these there exists a state which is called as peace. It cannot be said that all these states are real. Most of these states, in actual fact, are fictional and unreal and are founded upon suppositions. It is the structural formation of man’s mind that makes him facile oriented and makes him avoid the hardships in doing anything. It is quite obvious that these two are oppositely directed things and man always keeps on traversing in one of these two directions in his thoughts. Every movement of man is directed in either of these two directions.

Usually it happens that we think of doing something, we plan it, we organize it, so much so that it is completed and we start moving ahead with it but then all of a sudden a change takes place in our mind. With this change, whole set of our thoughts undergo a change resulting in a change in our direction and thus the goal we were aiming at goes into oblivion. What are we left with? Groping and to take steps gropingly. It should be clearly understood that we are talking about the situation when one is lingering between the certitude and dubiety, doubt and faith.

We should not forgetting that dubiety and certitude are the bases of man’s foundation. In terms of religion the same have been termed as doubt and faith. God forbids us from having doubts and commands us to have certitude and firm faith. It has been stated in the opening verses of the Holy Quran, “Indeed, this Book is guidance for those who believe the unseen and have certitude about it. The state of dubiety which has been prohibited by God Almighty is the same state about which Adam was warned and cautioned to keep away from. But, Lucifer ultimately managed to trick Adam into it and made him to eat its fruit which resulted in Adams expulsion from Heaven. At that point Adam came to know about these oppositely directed two states of dubiety and certitude.

In the light of the above stated facts, man’s mind is an axle of certitude and dubiety which remain functioning in the brain cells. The more the dubiety the more is the deterioration of the brain cells; the very same cells that are responsible for the working of all nerves of our body, and the impulses of the nerves that result in human life.

Believing something and having certitude is as difficult as getting rid of dubiety and delusion. Reason is quite simple. Man presents and expresses himself what he actually is not. He always hides his shortcomings and weaknesses rather boosts about such hypothetical qualities which he does not possess in actual fact. The main problem in this regard is that the society in which one grows and is brought up becomes an article of his faith. His mind loses the ability of analyzing this belief and the belief turns into such a faith which is nothing more than a delusion. The main for all this is that man poses himself what he is not, that is, he expresses himself contrary to his true self.

One is bound to encounter hardships and difficulties in living such a life. The difficulty for which he finds no solution mid is unable to resolve them. On every step of his life, he fears that his efforts would go futile and will yield no results. Sometimes this fear grows so strong that he starts believing that his whole life is in danger and is about to suffer destruction. All this happens because of the deterioration of the brain cells insulting from dubiety and uncertainty. If the rate of deterioration of brain cells resulting from shifting decisions and changes in the mind exceeds a limit it creates hindrances on every step of one’s course of action. Actions and deeds prove to be inconsequent and fruitless causing damage to the nerves.

Man enjoys control over his mind. He can check the rate of deterioration of the brain cells with the blessed power of certitude. With reduction of deterioration of brain cells chances of damage to the nerves also diminish.

Man is a animal who has somehow learnt the use of fire. This learning eventually laid the foundations of various sciences. We have discussed, in the book “Rang our Roshni say Illaj” (Chroma Therapy), man’s ability to walk on his hind limbs and its effect upon the distribution system of lights flowing in him. It has been elaborated in that book that how is the distribution of lights differ for man and animals and how does this difference causes them to behave differently.

In the history of mankind there had never been a period when the ratio of healthy people have exceeded than few per thousand. Actually man was required to discover and explore, as much as it was possible, the types and kinds of lights and to study their ways of actions and interactions. But he never paid any attention to this thing and it remained behind a veil. Man never tried to lift this veil either this veil of lights was non-existing for him or he did not consider it worthy of his attention. It never occurred to him that he should strive to discover the rules, laws and formulae concerning the interaction of lights. If man had followed this course of action he would have succeeded in controlling the wear tear and deterioration of brain cells. This would have eventually resulted in his advancement   towards  certitude. Superfluous beliefs, whims, superstitions and dubiety would not have tormented him as much as these are causing troubles for him now. This would have also curtailed the obstacles and hindrances in receiving and accepting the natural impulses and stimuli. Unfortunately this did not happen. He did not try to discover the types and kinds of lights nor did he make any attempt to know the nature and disposition of lights. Even this much is not known to him that lights too have structural formats and different characteristics and dispositions. These also display trends and tendencies. This also is not known to him that the very same lights are responsible for his life and provide protection of every type to him. He is only aware of that effigy of clay and dust which has no life of its own and about which it has been stated by God, Almighty that “Verily man is created from rotton day”. At another occasion, “And, We created man from resounding clay”. Resounding Clay is indicative of the fact that man is an empty hollow void.

It has been proclaimed in the holy Quran, “Verily man was not even worthy of mentioning, We inspired our soul into him and he became a human being with power to see, hear, speak, understand and feel.”

Definition of the Soul is that it is the Edict of the Lord and the Edict of the Lord is that when he intends a thing his command is ‘to be’ and there it ‘is’ In other words, man is soul and the soul is the Edict of the Lord. Man’s ignorance in this regard gives rise to dubiety, superstitions and whims resulting in distortion and disintegration of faith and belief.

According to the Holy Quran a nation, too, is an individual therefore the same thing happens to her which is supposed to happen to an individual in consequence of his acts and deeds. If a nation is suffering from lack of certitude and excess of uncertainty and dubiety becomes to be her second nature then this thing affects in one of the two possible ways. If it is of an ascending nature then catastrophes from the sky way hit the nation and if it is directed towards the earth, earthly calamities would size the nation.

When catastrophes and calamities mind up a nation mind and nerves of the whole nation are affected. In order to remain protected from all this there is no other way except that the whole nation should have a common pattern of certitude and it must not be a multidirectional. The very same lesson was preached by the prophets of God. When a nation is divided into factions and .communities’ of different patterns of belief dubiety reign the earth resulting into chaos This chaos triggers the earthly calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, epidemics. Sometimes riots and civil wars outburst. All this damages and destroys the nerves of individuals and flic nation this further aggravates the conditions of general health and diseases of every type emerge and spread.

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