There are two types of hemorrhoids, one is when the anal tissue swells causing pain and the other is when dilated veins in the swollen anal tissue painfully bleeds. This disease is due to constipation, remaining seated for long hours, use of hot and spicy food or due to use of liquor and other intoxicants.

For Hemorrhoids – without Bleeding

After passing bowels wash yourself in such a manner that during washing the middle finger to the left hand should be touching the swollen anus and at the same time keep on reciting the below as long as you are washing.:

 فِعْلُنْ فِعْلُنْ فِعَلْ  

For Hemorrhoids – with Bleeding

in the same way as is suggested above, but instead of  فِعْلُنْ فِعْلُنْ فِعَلْ recite

  مَانِیٌ قَمِیْرَا   

At times the pain of hemorrhoids is so acute that patient finds it difficult to control it. In order to relieve the patient from this awful pain the patient is to recite once

 ھُوَ اَللّٰہُ الَذِیْ لَا اِلٰهَ اِلَّا ھُوْ 

and blowing on the index finger of the right hand, then put this finger in water. By the grace of God, the pain would immediately subside.

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