The vicegerency and the deputization

 According to the teachings of Qalander Conscious, the supremacy and distinction of man over the other creatures of the universe, prostration of angels for him, grant of authority by God to him, and the subjugation of the universe for man are evident upon the fact that God has bestowed that knowledge of His Attributes upon man which has not been granted to any other creature of the universe. It is such knowledge if it is studied and acquired properly gives us the awareness of the cardinal position that man is enjoying in the universe. The whole body of this knowledge is related to the system under which the universe is being operated. Man with this knowledge, knows it well; what is the sun? What is the moon? What are these stars? What are the angels, in which form and what shape the jinns have been created, and what their habits and attitudes are? How many solar systems are there in one galaxy and how many planets are there in each Solar system? The man who enjoys the knowledge of the trust reposed in man by God comes to know that how the Attributes of God and the Will of God are partaking and influencing the creatures. He also knows how and under which creative formulae the life before death is lived in this phenomenal world, where man was before his birth, and what was the state and situation even before that. If the name of that place where man lived prior to his birth is ‘the Limbo’ then what is the name of the realm which existed before Limbo and if the name of that realm is the Realm of Souls then what is the name, nature, and state of the realm before that? What is the structure of the universe in the Realm of the Souls and how did the universe exist before the Realm of the Souls. What was the state and condition of the individuals of the universe before the word ‘Be!’ was commanded and what kind of senses and perception were granted to the universe and the individuals of the universe with respect to their species, after the Command ‘Be’ was pronounced. It also is known by him that what are the principles upon which the life after birth is established and will remain established till Doomsday. This also is known by him due to the Elohistic Knowledge that Shells of lights are covering a physical body and then how many covers of Light (Noor) are there over the body of lights. What are the difference between the Light (Noor) and the Beatific Vision? What the Beatific Vision (Tajalli) and the Inclination (Taddalla) are?

All these sciences are given to him when he becomes acquainted with that knowledge which has been called the Trust by God and is enjoyed only by man. It is the same Trust because of which man is a Deputy and the Vicegerent of God. It means that he enjoys all the powers and authorities of the One whose deputy and vicegerent he is. God is the Creator and His own authorities are creative.

Since the man has been appointed as the Vicegerent of God on the earth, the creative powers of God have been transferred to him. The groups of the people upon whom these Powers of Creation have been vested are called the Administrators (Ah 1-e-Takween).

Adam and Angels

God taught Adam the Knowledge of the Names, that is, He made him familiar with the reality of His Attributes and then asked the angels, “Tell, if you know!” Angels admitted that the extent of their knowledge is limited only to what they have been taught. That is, Knowledge wise Adam is superior to angels. There were three entities participating in this conversation which was taking place between God and angels, One is God, the second is the angels and the third one is Adam who is witnessing both God and the Angels. He is also aware of the fact that knowledge given to him by God is not disclosed to the angels. Not only the angels do not know the Knowledge granted to him but they are confessing their inferiority in this regard. Where this negotiation is taking place? It cannot be any place other than the Unseen World because the angels are the creatures of the Unseen World and God Himself is the Unseen Thus it is proved that Adam enjoys the faculty of seeing the Unseen. He is capable to see, to understand, to hear and perceive the Unseen.

Since God Himself is Endlessly Boundless therefore the knowledge of His Attributes also knows no bound. It is such an ocean that has no shores; it means the Knowledge granted to Adam is also boundless. Since he has the infinite Knowledge of the Attributes, his superiority over the angels is established and this confirms his superiority over all the species and existent of the universe. What are the Attributes of God? God is the Creator and all the Attributes of God as the Creator of the universe are the elements of creation and the formulae of the creation and this is the trust which has been reposed man (Adam) out of special Mercy.

Deliberation over the negotiation of Adam and God reveals that there are other creatures besides human beings. One of them is the Angels and the other are the Jinns. We can neither see the Jinns nor the angels because of our ignorance of the Trust reposed in us out of special Mercy by God.

The Telescopic Eye

It is one of our routine observations that the functioning of our sight is limited and has a fixed range. If the power of the sight could somehow be increased it could see beyond the ordinary range of sight. When, for instance, the binoculars are used, the waves which are responsible for producing images are brought before our eyes by the lenses of the binoculars and we can even see the distant objects.

When someone who is suffering from myopia (shortsightedness) wears spectacles, again starts seeing the distant objects normally. It helps us to conclude that there is such a quality in the glass which enables us to see the distant objects clearly when it is put to use. When we can see the far-off objects with the help of a glass, why can’t we see the Unseen by using the same Eye which once used to witness the angels and God? It will be inadequate to think that Adam had a set of some special abilities and his offspring are devoid of those abilities.

The Physical Body

Every individual in the lineage of Adam and Eve is a true replica of Adam and Eve. Every individual human being has been granted the same ability to learn the Knowledge of the Names as it was granted to Adam by God. It has been related that the actual person in man is the soul and all the demands of life initiate from the soul. The physical body of flesh and bones is kept alive and active by the soul and when the soul breaks off and detaches itself from the physical body, the body becomes bereft of any movements. This is the same soul, which was granted the vicegerency of God. When Adam committed disobedience regarding the command of God in the Garden a veil fell over the soul and the Trust because of which he was the most cardinal in the universe went into the background. This body of flesh and bones is that veil that covered the soul. As long as man remains associated with the Physical body, the spiritual abilities remain hidden and dormant but whenever this fact comes to his knowledge that this physical body is a veil-a penalty for his disobedience his mind begins to search for the reality and this search leads him to that Trust which is responsible for his supremacy and cardinality over the universe.

For learning any knowledge it is necessary that we should be guided by a teacher and whatsoever we are told by the teacher should be accepted without being reluctant or any hesitation. When someone becomes a student, the teacher tells him to read ‘A’, The student does not know what this ‘A’ is, he simply imitates the teacher and says A’. And thus following the teacher and imitating him he slowly and gradually learns the subject taught. But if on every first step the student starts arguing with his teacher what this ‘A’ and what this ‘A’ is then he cannot learn the subject Because when the teacher tells the student to read ‘A’ he tells him so in view of the mental capacity of the student and he is supposed to repeat ‘A’ after his teacher. No matter how many degrees we possess and how learned we are but for learning Spiritualism and the Knowledge of the Trust we are just like a child student who has come to school on the first day.

God’s Prison

When man starts heading towards the goal of vicegerency the anguished grip of sorrows and miseries cracks, he is freed from the worry. Since the Creator of the universe Himself is Unconcerned and Independent of everything and far above every situation therefore when these Attributes of God start arising in man, he experiences the same effects which are the natural outcome of the Attributes of God. Adam was bestowed upon the favors of God. God kept him in the Garden of Paradise and told him, “0, Adam, live in the Garden with your wife but don’t go near that Tree, otherwise you will be amongst those who transgress”. Adam couldn’t restrain and committed disobedience of God’s command.

As soon as the disobedience was committed, darkness overtook the light, sorrow replaced the happiness, slavery and imprisonment encased depriving him of his liberty and freedom, and Adam was compelled to quit Paradise in utter dismay. Despite the disobedience of Adam and his ingratitude towards the favors of God and the Paradise, God because of His Kindness and Mercy once again very graciously bestowed His Mercy upon Adam and didn’t deprive him of the granted treasures of the Knowledge regarding the conquest of the universe and told him.

“Your abode is the Garden, you can come back whenever you wish so, provided you come out of the disobedience. We shall be sending our chosen people who will be reminding you of the sublime treasures owned by you. These servants of ours will be forming rules of conduct for you so that you may enter into permanent abode conveniently. And the most dreadful life which you are living on the earth contrary to the life of Paradise is a prison for you. If you fail to lift the veil drawn between you and Paradise, in your present life, then Paradise will not be given back to you.”

Nature fulfilled its promise and sent down one hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets for the guidance of the disobedient, transgressor, and the oppressor man and to supplement their system established the tradition of sending the Auliyas with the legacy of prophets, which will continue till the Last Day. Everybody with common sense observes this thing all the time that every moment of life is dying. Death of one moment gives birth to another moment. The night is born when the day dies. Youth is born when childhood dies, old age is born when youthfulness is extinct, and when old age dies every part of the beautiful body transforms into dust. The main infrastructure of the body; the bones become dust The brain, upon which the greatness of man depends and makes him arrogant and he oppresses his fellow beings, so much so he does not hesitate in calling himself a god, is also eaten away by the soil and the other people who like himself are composed of dust particles trod on that brain. 

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