Creative Formulae

When we ponder upon the creations of God, it is found that although the matter is the same, the processes, methods, and rules governing them are the same; the physical urges of the creatures are the same, all have intellect and the conscious though some are comparatively more conscious and some are less, every creature is ordained with individuality. Individuality is of two types; one is collective and the other is in the form of a different and unique personality. The collective aspect is called the species and the other one is the individual. Every individual of every species has its own distinct and separate position, shape, form, complexion, color, and features. Members of the parrot family appear to be the same and alike. Members of the pigeon family have a resembling appearance to one another. Likewise, all the creatures of God individually have the same shape and form which is particular for their species. It is such a thing that is quite usual for human observation and does not require too much pondering.

Thoughtful consideration regarding the variety of the species leads us to conclude that the difference of species is because of certain fixed quantities. A goat is created when certain fixed quantities appointed by God become functional. It never happens that a pigeon could be born to a goat these specific quantities are not only functional in the creatures living on the earth but are active in every part of every creation in the universe. The most important role of these quantities is that when they intermix or diffuse into one another they adopt different colors and these very colors form the specific features of a species.

The creative formulae have been described by Qalander ba’ba Auliya in the following way:-

“All the material bodies existing in the universe are the combinations of certain colors. These colors are formed because of the particular movements of Nasma (the Aura). A specific length of the movement of the Aura forms one color and the other length forms another color. Thus countless colors are formed by the countess lengths of the movements of Aura. The numerical sum and combination of these colors are distinctly fixed for each species. If the ‘X’ combination and the numerical sum of the colors are fixed for the roses then always a rose will be produced by the ‘X’ sum and combination of the colors, no other thing will come into being from this combination of the colors. If ‘Y’ is the sum of colors for a man then no other animal can be produced from this sum and combination of colors. Only the members of mankind would be produced from this Specific Combination of certain chromatic lights. 

The concentration of these very colors produces that thing which is called matter and as generally considered the matter is not a concrete and solid thing, if it is broken down and dispersed to its least fractions, then only rays of different colors would remain. If many colors are dissolved in water, a khaki compound will be obtained which is called the soil.

The roots of grass, plants, and trees, with the help of water, break down the soil particles into colors and the colors required for their specific kind are absorbed which later on are displayed in the leaves and the petals. The manifested life of all the creatures and existents is based upon this very chemical action”

Eleven Thousand Colors

Matter is one and the same but dies and molds are different. The process of creation is activated when a die preserving the matter in itself motivates it in such a way that the matter is converted into different and specific quantities. When these specific quantities mix and diffuse together they form any one color and when this one color mixes with another color a third one is formed. Thus countless colors come into being and these countless and incalculable colors are the universes of God. The colors, observed by the Qalander Conscious, aggregate to about eleven and a half thousand whereas the colors discovered by the scientists so far are about sixty in numbers. Generally, when we talk of colors we are told that there are only the best seven colors in total. How many colors actually are there is only best known to God but it comes to our knowledge through Qalander Conscious that the colors are the basis of the individuals of the universe and when these colors begin to flow an electric current is produced. This electric current forms life. Arsenic or strychnine causes death because the flow of the colors in these substances or the voltage of the electricity is much higher than that of the voltage level of man. Just like a 60-watt bulb is supplied with many thousand watts of electric power the bulb will fuse off eventually.

Electric Flow in Man

Whenever we happen to come in contact with the electric current we suffer a shock. The shock is the result of the disturbance in the flow of the electric current already flowing in the body of man, which is felt throughout the body as turbulence and if the voltage of the electricity functional in the human body is weak or less than the encountering electricity, man falls and loses consciousness but if the electricity is handled in such a way that the current is not earthed through his body then he will be saved from the shock. It is revealed from this established fact that in the cosmic creation there are certain things which according to the principle of the negative and positive absorb the electric current this formula tells us there are certain creative factors that can accumulate and store electricity.

The Qalander Conscious guides us that according to the creative formulae we can activate all types of invisible potentialities in ourselves through our willpower, determination, and authority. When someone is acquainted with Nasma (the Aura); the electric flow, he can not only control the flow of the electricity but can also store and accumulate as much as he wishes so and by using this stored energy he can even fly in the Invisible World without using any means or resources.

The accumulation of the electricity enables him to get across the horizons of the sky authoritatively as and when he wills, where countless earths similar to our own earth come before his eyes and he observes trillions of worlds in the galaxies just as he sees the creatures of God on this planet earth. Whenever the Qalander Conscious is awakened, it is observed, understood, and comprehended that there are inestimable earths in the universe like the one on which we are living. The other earths are also inhabited by the people like us, they also propagate themselves by reproduction. They too cultivate, eat and drink. They also have businesses and social set-ups, civilizations, and ceremonies for life and death, in short, everything which we observe on our planet is there in other countless worlds as well.

Negation of Time

Man’s ability to fly is associated with the accumulated store of electricity. The more is the store of energy; the more is the ability of man to negate Time and Space. Numerous incidents are found in the history of mankind when man traveled the journey of many years in one minute without any material means and sources. Ghous Ali Shah states that once a male, who appeared to be a courtier because of his attire, came to Shah Abdul Aziz and told him, that he had faced such a queer and enigmatic situation that nobody was willing to believe him and even he himself was puzzled and perplexed. He started his story in the following manner.

“I used to live in Lucknow, was employed and enjoying the prosperity when luck turned its face from me and I lost my job. When the financial problems grew louder, I decided to try my luck in some other place and set on the journey towards Oodaypur, taking some food along the way. On my way, to Revari, I stayed in an inn. In those days it wasn’t a busy place. Few maidservants also worked there. I was sitting there with worrying thoughts on my mind because the funds had been exhausted by then. One of the maid Servants of the in approached me and asked about the food, I pretended to be tired and told her to let me rest for a while and that I would have something later on. After a while, she again came to me and asked the same. My reply was also the same and she left. When she came to me for the third time I couldn’t resist and told her everything including my state of pennilessness. And that I was left with the only option of selling my horse and the arms. On hearing this she quietly went away with a grave expression on her face.

After a short while, she returned and gave me ten rupees saying that it was her hard-earned money, saved as her burial expenses, and wants to give that money to me as a loan and that I could return it to her when God would enable me to do so. I took that money gratefully and reached Udaipur. God willing I got a job there at the royal court. In a few years’ time, I was quite established when one day I was in receipt of a letter from my home that I was required to be at home in connection with the ceremony of my son’s marriage, which had already, been delayed enough.

I requested the Raja to grant me leave for the purpose and started for home. When I reached Revari, the old memories flashed back and I went to the inn and inquired about the maid who had given me a loan. I was told that she was on her deathbed. When I had access to leer she breathed her last before me. I arranged for her funeral and burial etc. Late in the night when I was going to bed I found that a note of five thousand rupees was missing. I hectically searched for it, but in vain. It occurred to me that most probably when I was lowering the dead body of the maid in the grave I dropped it there. Following this idea, I went to the graveyard and started digging her grave. When I got in the grave, to my surprise, there wasn’t any coffin nor was my note there but an open window was in sight. I couldn’t resist the urge to see through that window of the grave. 1 found a whole new world before my eyes. The gardens and orchards were in sight all over the scene. A grand edifice was also in sight. I gathered my courage and went in through that window. When I reached the building, I found a very beautiful lady, dressed in a royal robe, elegantly made up, attended by maid-servants was sitting there, The lady addressed me and asked me if I had recognized her. She said, “I am the same maidservant who had given you ten rupees, God very graciously liked that deed of mine and granted these bounties and favors to me, here is your note, which was dropped in the grave, take it and leave this place immediately”.

I expressed my desire to stay for a while and to look around that place but she vehemently opposed my suggestion saying, “You will never be able to see this place even in all the time till the Last Day, just leave at once, no one knows, where the world of yours will be by now”. 1 did as she had urged. When I came out of that place, I found myself in a strange world. The inns weren’t there nor were those people around, who were there at the time of my descent in the grave. A new city had emerged there where the inn used to be. I inquired about the inn but found everybody ignorant of its existence. When I tried to state my experience and the observation everybody considered me an insane person. Finally was taken to an old man Who after listening to me, mused for a while and said, “I do remember faintly, something said about the inn by my great-grandfather and about the mysterious vanishing of a rich man who was staying there”.

“When I informed them that it was me who was staying in the inn and had disappeared from there, all who were present there expressed their astonishment”. After stating this much the man became silent and then requested Shah Abdul Aziz what he should do and where should he go as he has got no place to reside and to lodge and moreover this happening had paralyzed his mind.

Shah Abdul Aziz commented, “Whatsoever you have told me is correct, the units of time of this world are altogether different from the units of time of that world”. And advised him to go to the “House of God” (Kaaba) and to spend the rest of his life in remembrance of God. Then he gave him viaticum for the journey and bade him farewell.

Oxygen and The Body System

It has been discovered in this present era of science and learning that the functioning of billions of brain cells comes to an end if the oxygen supply is disconnected even for a short while. The whole system depends upon oxygen. The system of respiration remains busy in extracting oxygen from the air.

Air is inhaled in the body through the nose or the mouth which enters the trachea after passing through the larynx and from there it enters a delicate system of tubes. As the air advances, its pressure increases and the diameter of the tubes decreases therefore the air reaches the extreme depths of the lungs where the oxygen is absorbed in the blood through about three hundred million air sacs (alveoli). If the pressure of the air and the quantity of the oxygen is adequate then it is dispersed in the body after passing through the air sacs which are richly supplied with a network of membranous capillaries. When we inhale, the empty space of the chest expands. Because of the movement of the diaphragm, the air from the outside rushes to enter the body and when we exhale, the air is pushed out of the body because of the elasticity of the lungs.

The purpose of breathing is to supply an adequate amount of oxygen to the body so that the tiny furnaces of the cells should remain operative and e carbon dioxide could be drawn out of the body. When man is resting, his breathing rate is between 10 to 16 times per minute, thus causing about one-pint air to enter the body with each intake. When more oxygen is required by the body the rate of respiration increases. Normally the rate and depth of respiration are controlled automatically by the brain.

Man has been granted the ability to increase or decrease the rate of respiration according to his requirements. Normally if man is mentally healthy he enjoys control over his breathing. During diving, for instance, one has to hold his breath with manageable easiness.

When we yawn or breathe deeply we feel relieved and if some obstruction is there in the trachea, we feel suffocated and become putrefied. In short, life depends upon respiration. If respiration is where life is there and when the reparation stops the life also comes to an end.

Respiration is directly related to the supply of oxygen. A major part of the oxygen remains stored in the particular portion of the brain, which controls and maintains the rate of heart-beating and the respiration system. In fact, man dies when the oxygen stored in the brain is completely exhausted. If the cause of death is heart failure and the oxygen stored in the brain is not fully exhausted, in medical terms, it is called, ‘coma’. It is a routine observation that a patient is given oxygen when he is in a critical state and this usually helps in controlling even the major diseases, no matter if only temporarily.

God, the best of all the creators has designed our lungs in such a way that the blood of the whole body returns to the body, enriched with oxygen within three minutes, that is, the blood of the whole body completes its circulation and comes back to the lungs for oxygen after every three minutes. Inhaling causes 21% of the oxygen of the air to enter our body and only about 12% is exhaled, the rest of it is consumed. If oxygen could be stored in the brain through certain exercises and by applying certain techniques of spiritualism the method of its utilization could also be learned then one can live for months by holding his breath and stopping the heart beating as and when he wishes so and could also come out of this state of the adopted death, as and when he desires so.

Two Hundred Years Sleep

A mimic wanted to have a horse and the robe of decoration from the king. He tried many disguises in order to impress the king arid have the reward of the horse and the robe, but the king always refused to be impressed by his performance.

Finally, the mimic went to a yogi and implored him to teach him the control over retention of breath. After learning to control their breathing, he himself became a yogi, gathered few disciples to assist him, constructed a dome, and sat in it adopting a particular posture of yoga, and holdings his breath. The disciples closed the door of the dome as instructed. What he had planned was that when the king would come to know of his extraordinary feat of performance he himself would come to see him and his disciples would revive him to live according to the method instructed and then he would certainly be rewarded with what he had been longing for. Before his plan could be accomplished, the city was invaded, the king was slain and the city was put to fire. The disciples also made their escape. The dome remained closed.

After two hundred years the city ruins were discovered, someone noticing the dome opened it to see what was there in it. When a sound body of a man sitting in a particular posture was found, people rushed to see him.

A yogi also happened to be there. He recognized the typical yoga posture and according to the yoga rules revived the heartbeat of the mimic. When he came to his senses, the first thing he said was, “Well, now I may be rewarded the horse and the robe”. Nobody could understand what he was saying. He then told them that he had done this during the rule of such an such king, in order to have a horse and the royal robe.

Dihedral Respiration

Those who have the knowledge of the creative formulae know it well that the universe and all the existents of the universe have been created dihedral. Respiration, in light of this fact, also has two phases; inhalation and exhalation. Deep inhaling is an ascending movement whereas exhaling is the descending one.

Ascension is the name of the movement in which the creature is directly connected with its Creator and Descent is the movement in which man moves away from the Unseen and is entrapped in the clutches of Time and Space. When there was nothing, God was there. God willed and the whole universe was created. It can be postulated that the basis of the creation is the Will of God. The Will of God is the Mind or the Intention of God, that is, the real existence of ourselves and the universe is in the Mind of God. Now it is the law that if anything is no longer related to its root cause, it cannot survive. This relationship in the phenomenal forms is established through the Ascending movement; to Inhale. Contrary to it, we have our physical personality as well and this physical and material personality is based upon the Descending Movement, to exhale.

Energy and the Soul

All universe and all its existing manifestations are traveling in a circle and every manifested existent is acquainted and familiar with one another through the medium of the thoughts. This relationship the source of communication, according to modern science is called Energy. Science tells us that anything of the universe, visible or invisible, is not completely destructible, and the matter after transferring into various forms is converted into energy and this energy keeps on reappearing in changed forms. Total annihilation or complete destruction of anything is not possible. The same energy, in terms of spiritualism, is given the name of the Soul. The knowledge which has been bestowed upon the soul becomes the thoughts, the ideas, and the feelings. These thoughts and ideas keep on traveling all the time riding on the waves and rays.

If our mind could acquire the ability to read them and could control their movements then we could have the knowledge of the changes and alterations of the thoughts in the art galleries of the universe. We cannot step into the innermost recesses of the universe unless we are not aware of the roots of the heart of the universe. For entrance into the heavens and the heart of the universe, we must be able to have control over that phase of breathing which is associated with the ascending movement

The movement of the breathing towards the depth is the Unconscious and its outward emerging movement, from the depth towards the surface, is the Conscious. When the Conscious life is active, the Unconscious life goes into the background When the Unconscious life is active the conscious movements are suppressed. For the comprehension of this law, knowledge of the stimuli of both the consciousness and the unconsciousness is necessary. The mysterious powers of the mind can be put to work only when the ascending movement of respiration is controlled by the brain. This causes the development of abilities of focusing and concentration It may please be remembered that the antenna, installed within us, is able to transmit or to receive only when the mind, is enriched with the abilities of concentration and to focus its attention. These abilities could only be made functional and active when we sink deeply in the ascending movement with our devoted attention and concentration.

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