The Preserved Scripturum

All the holy books, whether it is the scriptures of Abraham, Old and New Testaments of Bible, Bhagavad Gita or the Last Book; the Holy Quran, each and every inspired writing and the book enables us to know that all the exigencies of life, all its activities, functions and movements, every living style, all the stages of life, and its ups and downs were made to be inscribed on a surface by the command ‘Be’. It means that the universe and all the versions of its life are present in the form of a record. The place, the surface or the screen upon which the universe is recorded or preserved with all its details is known and called as the “Preserved Scripturum,” by the Holy Books.

All that is being manifested on the surface of the earth, in fact, is a display of the film projected from the Preserved Scripturum. Using the scientific terms it could be said that there is a projector with a film in it, when the film is played where ever there is a screen, the pictures of the film are displayed upon the screens. This also tells us that countless earths, like our own, are existing in the universe. The countless planets in the universe also have human inhabitations and settlements with all the means and sources of life just like the one we have on this earth of ours.

The Beatific Vision of God

There is a film in the projector and the film cannot be displayed upon a screen unless the light of the projector does not feed it. The Light which causes the film of the Preserved Scripturum to be displayed upon a screen is the light of the Beatific Vision of God. The reflection of the Beatific Vision of God falls directly upon the Latent Subtlety and when someone sees the Latent Subtlety present to him, or when he becomes acquainted with his Latent Subtlety, he observes the Beatific Vision of God and it comes to his knowledge that what was the position of the Realm of Existents before ‘Kun’ (Be) was commanded and what is the status of the universe after the Kun’ (Be) is said.

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