Role of respiration in our life

Strong nerves and a powerful mind are required for learning the metaphysical sciences. Breathing exercises are extremely useful and beneficial for having elastic nerves, an active mind, and enhancing the working potential. When a student of the Qalander Conscious gets control over his breathing, the run functional abilities of the brain tissues and cells increase. The brain cells are charged when the breath is retained within and this provides better opportunities of arousing the hidden abilities. Spiritualists have formed rules and methods of breathing exercises which if practiced benefit at large physically and spiritually. Evidently, life depends upon respiration. Whims, thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and feelings exist only when the respiration system is functioning properly. The waves of health and energy enter the body through breathing but pollution, smoke, and dust cause sickness when these are inhaled and they find their way into the body through respiration.

If it is conceived sitting in the open and inhaling deeply that the waves of energy and health are also entering the body and are being absorbed in the body then it does happen so. Certain breathing exercises purify the blood and accelerate the blood circulation, give boast to mental abilities and calm down the emotional excitement. Man can cure almost every disease by the breathing exercises himself, for instance, gastric troubles, stomach, and intestinal ulcers, constipation, kidney stones, flu and colds, headache, epilepsy and other mental disorders and fits, ophthalmic ailments, etc., etc. The ailments of the chest, throat, and nose are automatically cured if the breathing exercises are performed punctually according to the curative methods. It has also been observed that the old people, who have adopted any particular breathing exercise as a routine of their lives, stay fresh and cheerful like the youths even in their sixties and seventies. They are seldom found depressed or worried and their skin also remains wrinkleless even in the last stages of their age.

Those who perform their breathing exercises under the supervision of a teacher become empowered of transmitting their commands and directives telepathically for any desired range. I myself personally happened to experience it. Once it occurred to me, during my breathing exercise which I was practicing under the supervision of Qalander ba’ba Auliya, that when life depends upon the breathing and every existing thing of the earth is enveloped in the Aura, then how it is that we take all the pains of preparing the flour, baking the bread in order to eat it. This thought, with every sunrise, grew firm and intense.

Foods Manufactured of Lights

One day before sunrise when I was practicing the breathing exercise, with my face towards the east, a thought occurred to me that the lights and other elements responsible for producing grams are entering into me.

I saw with the eyes of my astral body; the Aura, that I was helping myself with the most refined quality of the grams which were placed before my astral body. The next day I had the urge to have apples and the lights that form the apples, gathered together in the form of apples and I had them. In short, for seventeen days I continuously enjoyed my meals in the same way and during that period I never felt like eating the ordinary edibles. I would inhale the energy needed for the physical requirements. This process of having food, manufactured from the lights scattered in the vast space, made the vision of Qalander Conscious so strong and powerful that the walls of bricks and stone began to appear as thin as if those were made of paper. I could clearly hear the voices of the far away distances. I could read the thoughts of the persons coming into contact on the screen of my mind. Strange were the experiences of those days. The gravity of the disgusted thoughts of the person posing himself pious would cause a sense of ugly smell and the delicacy of the thoughts of the one who wasn’t apparently pious would always have the most pleasing effect. A world of wonders was there for me to explore.

Godowns of Lights

The ascending breath accumulates the stores of those lights in the soul of the man which enables him to emerge out of the fiction and hypothetical senses and enter into the Realm of Reality; the Unseen world. The general breathing exercises strengthen the conscious or the physical system.

The six accumulating stores of lights in man are filled up with the lights and energy because of the breathing exercises. These six storages are located at six different points in the human soul and each store permits the accumulation of the Lights of a specific color. The first godown is reserved for the yellow, second for the Red, third for the white, fourth for the green, fifth for the blue, and the sixth for the violet-colored lights. The combination of these colors forms the many colors which in fact, represent the emotions of life.

The Colorful Rays

We can see the countless shades of blue color within the range of our sight; between the horizon and the earth. The panorama of colors seen by us comprises light, oxygen, nitrogen, and some other gases. 

Besides these gases, there are certain shades that are either light or dark. Few other things also mix to form the sky blue color and are responsible for the variety of the colors of the atmosphere. Despite the clarity of the atmosphere or the infinite visibility, there are many things present in this atmosphere.

First, we discuss those lights which affect the sky blue color, in particular. What is the origin of the lights? Man does not have the exact knowledge of this thing. The stated distance of the source of the rainbow is about ninety million miles away from the earth, or to say, the colors so closely witnessed are situated some ninety million miles away from us.

Now it is quite difficult to understand what other things are present between the sun and the earth beside the rays which keep on dissolving in the atmosphere. The smallest constituent of the rays of the sun which reach us from the sun is the photon. One of the characteristics of the photon is that there is no space in it therefore when they disperse in the form of waves they do not collide nor do they replace one another, in other words, these do not occupy space unless these have a collision with some encountering color. Collision of the photon, with any of the elements present in the atmosphere, gives it space. What, in fact, is this Atmosphere? it is the variegation and the splitting up of the colors. The split-up of the colors does not happen because of the photon alone but it takes place because of the loops which themselves are formed into photons. When photons have a collision with these loops, many things, like space, colors, etc, are formed.

Loops in the Rays

Does the question arise that how these are loops formed in the rays? We do know that there are many stars or the suns in our galactic system and they are transmitting light somehow or the other. The least distance between the two suns is said to be five light-years. Wherever the lights of these stars or the sun collide, loops like our earth or other planets are formed from these colliding lights. It means that where ever the incalculable lights from the stars; which are stated to be two hundred billion in our galaxy alone, have collisions, a loop is formed which is called a planet.

Electronic Camera

There are billions of cells in the brain and an electric current remains flowing through these cells. This very electric current causes the thoughts to pass through the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious. One of the chambers of the brain is that in which the pictures are taken by the electric current are stored and distributed. These photos are either very bright or very dark. Another chamber contains the important things but not that much important which could be recalled to memory even after a lapse of years.

A third chamber stores more important things which sometimes flashback to our mind according to the situations encountered. The fourth chamber is to control the routine and involuntary actions and the behavior of man Fifth chamber is the storehouse of the past things which bear no significance for the network of life, but sometimes all of a sudden are recollected. The sixth chamber from which nothing is contributed to our memory but if it is brought forward is acted upon or materialized then and there. For instance, if the thought of a bird occurs, with the occurrence of the thought the bird also physically becomes present before us. The seventh chamber is generally known as the Memory.

Penetration and infusion of the mixed sky-blue color in the brain cause to change the thoughts, feelings, moods, and states regularly. Gradually man learns to join and connect these thoughts with one another.

The thoughts which he deletes are eliminated altogether and which are absorbed become his actions and deeds. The shades of these colors, after producing various effects according to their light or heavy density are replaced by other colors. Many such replaced colors become our feelings because are they are more dark and deep.

The Nervous System

Coordination and the control of all the internal or external movements of the body are carried out by the Nervous system, comprising the brain, the spinal cord, and a vast network of the nerves in the body. The role of the nerves is very vital because the various messages of the body reach the brain or the spinal cord through these nerves and it enables us to know what we are looking at, what we are hearing, and what is that which is being felt by us. The brain which is encased in the skull plays the main role in the nervous system. It has three portions. The Largest part of the brain is subdivided into two hemispheres by about a five-centimeter deep slit. One of the hemispheres is called the right brain and the other is known as the left brain. The right side of the body is controlled by the left-brain and the left side of the body is controlled by the right brain. The upper surface of the brain is composed of a light gray matter beneath which lies the thick layer of white matter. The thinking, the contemplation, and the amusement is controlled by the white matter whereas the gray matter is responsible for the reception and transmission of the messages to and from the body. It also controls the muscles of the body. The centers of the senses of the eye, ear, and nose are also located in this part of the Medulla Oblongata, the posterior part of the brain that controls the heartbeats. Yogis, after acquiring control over the storage of the oxygen in large quantity in Medulla Oblongata, through breathing exercises, can live for long intervals of time even without breathing or respiring. They can come back to life even after remaining ‘dead’ for years.

The Spinal Cord, a bundle of nerve tissues, is situated in the long hole of the back-hone; the vertebral column in the form of a long string. It maintains the link of the body with the brain all the messages for the body are distributed to the body through it. The process of the expansion and the beats of the heart is based on the electric current. The impulses of electric current cause the expansion and the contraction of the heart just like the electric current which controls the machine.

The complete system of our body is composed of a network of nerves in which electric current keeps on flowing. In other words, we are constrained to say that the system of our body is based upon the electric current or the light, and this whole system is continuously fed by the light.


Describing Meditation, Qalander ba’ba says that it is such a process that enables man to be liberated from worldly situations and interests and even from the grasp of Time and Space. It is not possible to enter the world of the Unseen unless man is not emancipated from the clutches of Time arid Space, that is, if one is not completely free from the demands and needs of the body he cannot enter into the world of the Liberty from the physical needs does not mean that one should be dead, it only means that man should assign secondary importance to his physical needs and requirements and should concentratively focus his attention towards that from where the physical needs are descending upon him in the form of Light

The easy way to exercise Meditation (the Transcendental Meditation) is that the man after adopting a comfortable posture should sit in a dark comer where the temperature is moderate. All the limbs and the muscles of the body should be relaxed. The mind should be made to plunge into a state when it is no longer aware of the existence of the body. Deep breathing helps in producing calmness in the breathing rate. Eyes are to be kept closed and seeing in the inner of the self is to be attempted with closed eyes. The thoughts arid the deeds are to be kept pure and pious, that is, nobody should be considered bad. Mustn’t have any spite, hatred, malice, or grudge, if one feels hurt because of somebody instead of becoming revengeful should be forgiving. Struggle and efforts for the earning of the livelihood and subsistence of the life should be carried out diligently and with the best of the abilities, leaving the yielding results and the consequences upon God. If it is felt that someone has been hurt or he had been aggressive for his opponent in his behavior and attitude then regardless of the weakness, poverty, or the lower status of the grieved, must apologize profusely arid regretfully. The same type of things should be offered to others which he considers befitting for himself. Wealth and riches mustn’t be everything for him rather no significance should be attributed to them. The means and the resources granted by God should be used happily and gratefully and the same should not be declared as the sole purpose of life. Creatures of God should be served in every possible way. The process of Meditation tones the Subtlety of the Self of the person very quickly who has virtuous thoughts and decent habits. The colorfulness of the Subtlety of the Self results in the clarity of the Conscious.

Meditation (Meditation) is a process in which the orders and the directives of the preceptor or the teacher are required to be carried out in sheer obedience. If there is any resistance or defiance in the spiritual student or the associate the process of the Meditation will remain incomplete. For positive results and success of the Meditation complete submission of the self is of vital importance. Meditation makes a man acquainted with the Inner Realm in the same manner as he is familiar with the phenomenal world. When the Spiritual associate enters the Unseen World he starts witnessing the solar systems and the countless galaxies in the Unseen World. And just as he does in this phenomenal world, fulfills the requirements of life in the unseen realm. Introduces himself to the angels, converses, and communicates with them, all those facts and realities upon which the creation of the universe is based is revealed upon him. What types of lights are functioning in the construction of the universe is also observed by him. What is the source and the origin of these lights, how these lights are being created, how they are supplied to the individuals of the universe, and how do the changes of the quantities and magnitudes of these lights affect the formation of the features of the universes, is also observed by him. He also notices that the source of these lights are the Anwar (Lights) and he envisions the Beatific Vision as well which is the root cause of the Lights (Anwar); the Lights which are holding and supporting the lights become known to him Qalander ba’ba Auliya, the founder of the Qalander Conscious, has devised a comprehensive system for Meditation; the Transcendental Meditation. For learning the metaphysical sciences the guidance and the supervision of a Spiritual Teacher is a prerequisite as it is necessary for learning any other subject or knowledge. A student initially studies the ABC of the subject and then learns to construct sentences under the guidance of the teacher and later on the study of voluminous books on the subject becomes a routine for him. Similarly for learning Metaphysical Sciences too guidance and patronage of a Spiritual Teacher or mentor are necessary.

The International Organization, “The Qalander Conscious” has prepared the syllabus and lessons of Meditation (the Transcendental Meditations) on the pattern of the Open University. Those who are desirous of learning the metaphysical sciences, anywhere in the world, may contact any one of the following addresses, in this regard.

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