Law of Inventions

God said, “We gave the knowledge to David and Solomon which was inspired to them from God”. Inspiration, whether it is due to hearing or seeing something, is always from God. The knowledge descends upon prophets through Revelation (Wahi). Any thought coming into our mind from God is the Knowledge granted by God.

Various scientific inventions and discoveries like Airplane, Computers, Television, telephones, etc. were made possible only when God inspired people with the knowledge of novel inventions and innovations because the existence of anything is not possible without Knowledge. One finds, what one seeks. It bears no significance for God whether one acknowledges God or not.

Deportment of God

It is a rule that if one is set in pursuit of anything with determination appointing his goal as the main aim of life, he gets it. It is the deportment of God, which prevailed in the past, is prevailing now and will remain prevailing in the future. The expression, “He gets’ who searches” an old saying asserts the same. When the search for uranium was initiated by the scientists many jested and laughed at them but they kept on looking for it with determined zeal and at last they were the ones who found the uranium. It is the same metal that is the most vital component for the atomic bomb.

The sites stated in the holy books and the Quran, regarding King Solomon are not mere sites stated by God to impress us. Why God should impress us, what are we and what is our position in the vast perspective of the universe. Boundless is the Knowledge of God. The purpose of God is to tempt us to follow the example of the advancing people. This story is also aimed at our guidance. Jinns have been mentioned by God to tell us that the jinns can be subjugated by man. If the science, called the Knowledge of the Book, is looked up in the holy books that will certainly enable us to have superiority not only over the jinns but over the entire universe.


Delay on the part of the hoopoe, informing about the Queen of Sheba, telling about their sun-worshipping, delivering Solomon’s letter, are not devoid of points of wisdom, the wisdom of God is hidden in them. The first thing mentioned in it is that Solomon, who was a man had the authority to rule over the men, jinns, birds, quadrupeds, and beasts alike. The second point is that nobody could dare to be arrogant and in case of arrogance or disobedience he would be punished as was said by Solomon about the hoopoe. The third point is that he was provided with every sort of sustenance to feed the whole army of jinns, men, and animals. This story tells us about a jinn, one of the subjects of Solomon, who could have brought the throne of the queen of Sheba (within an hour or so) from Yemen to Jerusalem which is about fifteen hundred miles away from Jerusalem.

This story also tells us that man has more access than jinns because he has the knowledge of the Book and a man who possessed that Knowledge practically brought in the throne of the Queen within a wink of an eye. God has stressed upon the point that the knowledge beneficial to mankind in any form is present in the holy Books and no condition, as such, to be a prophet to use and be benefited of the Knowledge has been imposed thereof. Rather every human being has the intrinsic ability to use it. By learning the knowledge of the Book one could be enthroned in a seat from where he could exercise the authority to control and influence the universe.

If this ability of, learning is refused on the pretext of someone’s humbleness and inaptitude to learn this knowledge, it would be wrong to do So. Because God by mentioning a ‘man’ in the Story of King Solomon has generalized this ability provided, one could take pains to ponder, contemplate and look for it. By stating this law, we, by no means, intend to diminish or belittle the status of prophets. Prophets are the best of the human race, selected and chosen, they are the source and the origin of all the knowledge and sciences. We only mean to say that every individual of mankind by using the Knowledge of Prophets can conquer and have control over the phenomenal world.

Instinctive and Natural Demands

Man is motivated and compounded two types of demands; Instinctive and Natural. We have control over the instinctive demands and to some extent even over the Natural demands but we cannot totally defy them. It is a system, which is based upon Instinct and Nature. Every member of every species is linked with one another in a tangible relationship. Who doesn’t know that a mother loves her child and rears him by providing training? In the same way, a cat also loves its kittens, trains them, and protects them from severe weather. A hen, too, takes care of its chickens, protects them, and trains them in every possible way.

The passion of motherhood, whether the mother is a lioness, a goat, a hen, or a pigeon is common in all species. Any individual can alter or bring a change in instinct according to his will and can control it but no individual of any species can change nature. Birth is a natural process, after birth feelings of hunger and thirst are also natural. Thus anybody, living in any region of the globe, cannot live without taking food or remain asleep or awake for the whole of his life. Everybody or every member of every species is constrained to sleep or awake intermittently just as he is constrained to take food or to drink water.

In view of this explanation, it becomes clear that every individual of the universe has an affinity with one another with respect to instinct and nature and is bound in common ties and bonds of nature and instinct. A deep study of instinct and nature enables us to acquire a new consciousness. The consciousness is particular for men and jinns only. When this consciousness of thinking and contemplation is activated in man he becomes conscious of the fact that this powerful man is a helpless creature too. And this helplessness is proof of the fact that our whole life is controlled by such a Supreme Being Whose Control and Authority is prevalent over the whole universe. Various names have been given to This Deity by different religions. Islam Introduces this Deity as God, Christianity calls this Supreme and Sublime Being as God. Hinduism names it as Baghwan. Some call It Yazdan, according to a few, it is Elijah or Jehovah. In short, every religion has its own way of introducing This Supreme Being.

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