Rule over the Universe

God says, “I am closer to you than your Jugular vein”. The ‘Jugular vein’ is the Unseen and is present within man. It means that something is there in the inner of the man that could be called the basis of life and if that thing is no longer there the life won’t be there anymore. When the Spiritual Associate observes his ‘Jugular vein’, feelings of nearness to God are aroused in him. He recognizes God. Before the recognition of God, the recognition of the ‘self’ is compulsory. The recognition of the self, in fact, is the recognition and the knowledge of the secrets of the universe. And the knowledge of the secrets of the universe is the rule over the universe. The vicegerent of God is that person who is enjoying the rule and command over the universe after having the cognition of his own self. Spiritualism is not the name of recitation of certain Names of God or to live the life in celebrating the praises of God. To make man familiar with his inner self is the real purpose and objective of Spiritualism.

Four Streams of Light

To describe the six subtleties in the modern language it could be said that there are six generators and the lights flowing in them becomes the Fantasy, the thought, the idea and lastly they are manifested in certain shape and form. For an elaborate and detailed study of this thing, it is important that we must find out as to what is the source of the lights which become the fantasy, thoughts, ideas, and feelings after entering in these six points, rings or the generators. And from where do these lights come and how do they feed these radiant rings. For the sake of understanding, by pairing these six rings let us make them into three coupled rings, and these three rings, with six sides, are fed by four streams of light. The first stream of light is called ‘Tazheer’ (Manifestation). The second one is termed as Tashheed (Evident), the third one is named as ‘Tajreed’ (Abstraction) and the fourth stream of light has been given the name of ‘Tasveed’ (The Black Draught). All these three streams and one waterfall of the lights are ceaselessly feeding the Eternal Program of life before birth, life after birth, the Reckoning, and Judgment after death, the Paradise and Hell. And the very lights of these streams become the fantasy, thought, idea, feeling and manifestation.

It invites our considered attention that the rings or the generators are three and the streams are four. The knowledge regarding the nature of the streams, how the creative formulae of these streams are operating, which of the Attributes of God are associated with which lights, and which spiritual knowledge are stocked in these steams, is taught to man by God Himself.

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