Science and the Supernatural

It has been proved by scientific researches that by practicing certain exercises and personal efforts, man can arouse supernatural abilities. Keeping in view the advancement in the fields of telepathy and hypnotism by the European countries and particularly by the former USSR; if the worshipping rituals and ascetic exercises are considered to be the only means of acquiring the Metaphysical Sciences, it amounts to belittling the subject because the nations which have altogether no faith and belief in religions have excelled considerably in their achievements regarding the Metaphysical Sciences

One thing which is frequently mentioned in Spiritualism is the Conducting 1nfluence, that is, the teacher; Sheikh, preceptor, or the ‘Guru’ inducts certain spiritual changes by focusing his attention on his pupil, disciple, or the spiritual son. Today a scientist can also do the same. He can also influence the desired people telepathically and can force them to do a particular job, which he intends them to do. A term commonly used in Spiritualism is ‘To See in the Inner’ that is, to observe the outer space of this planet through the Inner Eye. This also has been done by the scientists successfully and they have their claim of walking in space to their credit.

Man possesses certain abilities which if activated enable him to disclose that information which is not found in the books. Science has established its advancement in this regard as well and knowledge which was initially hard to believe and beyond the comprehension of the human intellect has been discovered and as a result, those things have come into existence which has forced man to believe them. In such circumstances, the terms of Spiritualism, like Attention, Influence, Opening of the Inner Eye, emancipation from Time and Space have become a perplexing puzzle. To date, it is believed that the paranormal abilities of foresightedness and clairvoyance, etc. can only be activated through the recitation of certain verses and repetition of certain words. It has become very important to understand, in the present era of science, that if the people who do not have faith in any religion, can Conduct the Influence, can activate their Inner Eye to function, can lay the foundations of every new science, can walk in Space, then what is this Spiritualism?

Religion is bound to come under discussion when we talk of Spiritualism. The principle on which the religions have been founded is that performance of the duties of the religion should enable man to bring a change in his own life or to enable him to Conduct Influence in the lives of others, the things hidden within the earth or in the outer sphere of the earth may appear before his Inner Eye. 

But when we study the lives of the followers of the religions we hardly find a single person, in the multitude of millions and billions of religious people who can exercise the power of Conductive Influence and his Inner Sight is operative.

It is quite astonishing that the religious people are ignorant of the knowledge, which has been discovered by the people who have no faith in religions. Naturally, in such circumstances, every serious-minded person would be constrained to think, (What is this religion?)


There are countless species in the universe. Each and every species and every individual of every species in their individual capacity is in constant and continuous contact with one another through the waves of thought, and the Same link is the cause of introduction and intimacy between them. These waves of thoughts, in fact, arc the individual and collective information which is responsible for bringing the individuals of the universe close to life every moment and every second. In fact, our whole life is associated with thoughts and the effectiveness of the thoughts depends upon the certitude and dubiety, belief, and disbelief. This is the main point upon which the edifice of religion is founded.

Man passes through the various stages of life in small intervals of time and utilizes the fractions of time to live his life by combining and connecting these fractions together in his mind. We either advance from one fraction of time towards the next consecutive fraction or revert back to the previous one. In order to understand this, man thinks of taking food but due to an upset stomach the intention is relinquished, how long will he abstain from it? He has no idea in this regard. Likewise, thoughts are the ingredients of his life which either make him successful or unsuccessful. An intention is formed, then is relinquished or is postponed whether within minutes of its formation or in hours, in months, or in years, anyhow it is ultimately abandoned. This abandonment or relinquishment is the chief constituent of man’s life.

There are many things like hardships, difficulties, worries, diseases, anxiety, depression, etc. and to equalize all these there is one thing called ‘peace’’, in which man seeks all types of eases and comforts. Most of them are not real but hypothetical and for man they appear to be the easy ones. This creates the trend of inclination towards the easygoing. Actually, the formation of the human brain is such that it makes him go for facilities and to avoid difficulties. These are evidently, two directions and man spends his life between these two directions through his thoughts. Every activity is motivated in one of these two directions. 

When we decide on a plan, we were organizing it. It was perfect and complete in all its aspects and its direction was also correct but it happens that after taking only a few steps, a change takes place in our mind, with the change the direction of our thoughts also undergoes a change resulting in a net change in the direction of our activity. And the target towards which we were heading goes into oblivion. What is left with us? Groping and taking steps grippingly, This is why only one out of millions of people takes a step which is in the right direction and is not withdrawn.

It may please be kept in mind that all this is about the in-between states of doubts and beliefs. So far as the majority is concerned, the main force that controls’ their minds is that whim and doubt, which is ceaselessly affecting the cells of their minds. The more the intensity of doubts, the more will be the deterioration of the brain cells. It will not be out of place to mention that all the nerves of the bodywork under the brain cells and the activities of the nerves are life.

Believing something is equally difficult for man as coming out of the illusions, dubiety, and disbelief, For example, man presents himself contrary to what he actually is. He always hides his weaknesses and boosts about those hypothetical virtues which actually are not possessed by him.

Society and our Belief

The society in which a person is educated and reared up becomes his belief and his mind fails to analyze this belief and thus the belief becomes his faith although it is not more than a deceptive illusion. The main cause for this, as already stated, is that he poses himself contrary to what he actually is. This type of life causes him to face many difficulties, the difficulties which he cannot resolve. It causes, at every step, fear in him that his action would prove to be futile and would yield no result. Sometimes this doubt becomes so intense that he begins to believe that his life is facing destruction and if not destroying it is in great danger. All this happens because of the rapid deterioration of brain cells, the eventual outcome of dubiety.

When life is lived contrary to that which actually it or is posed differently than what one is in fact then actions and deeds based upon this sort of life do not yield positive results. When he wants to achieve the desired results from such deeds, accelerated alterations and deterioration of brain cells changes the tracks of his practical life, and either it does not yield any result or proves to be harmful or produces such a doubt which hinders and obstructs him from taking any step at all. The mental structure or the construction of the mind, in fact, is in man’s own control. Here ‘structure’ means that the rate of deterioration of the brain cells is accelerated, balanced, and moderate or the minimum. It is sheer luck if someone is saved from doubt, which is because of the minimum and the least deterioration of the brain cells.

The scarcity of doubt and dearth of uncertainty in the mind is directly proportional to the successes of life whereas the intensity of doubts and uncertainty has its direct proportionality with the failures of life.

Deterioration of the Brain Cells

It is unfortunate on man’s part that he evaluates the Knowledge granted to him by God, on the basis of self-made and false principles and refuses to acknowledge them as such. Light has been declared by God as the basis of each and every Knowledge.

Man was required to explore the maximum types and kinds of lights and their functions but he never paid proper attention to this and this thing always remained in obscurity. Man didn’t try to lift this veil because either such a veil never existed for him or he never paid any attention to it. He never attempted to explore rules and principles governing the composition of lights. If this approach had been adopted by him the deterioration of the brain cells would not have been the minimum and he would have advanced towards the belief and the doubts would not have bothered him as much as they are troubling him now. The hindrances and obstructions in his practical activities would have also been minimum but it didn’t happen so, he didn’t explore the types of lights nor did he try to discover the nature of the lights.

He even doesn’t know that lights also have their specific structural formations, natures and they even have the trends and tendencies of particular characteristics. He also doesn’t know that the very lights are his life and they protect him as well. He is only familiar with the effigy of the clay and dust which doesn’t possess any life of its own. The effigy made from the rotten clay by God has no reality of its own. The reality is that which has been breathed in him by God in the form of the Soul. Ignorance from the actions of the lights causes aversion from the saying of God in this regard. The more the aversion the more increased will be the doubts and whims and faith and belief would also be shattered accordingly. The spiritualists define faith as a belief in which there is no doubt. The actual cause of weakness in the determination or that of faith is this doubt As long as reluctance and hesitation in thoughts are there firmness of the faith is not possible. A thought after acquiring the lights of faith and firm belief becomes a manifestation of the phenomenon. 

The Religion

Religion causes us to enter into that pattern of faith and belief where no doubt or whim exists and man observes the Unseen World and the angels actively participating in the affairs of the Unseen World through his Inner Eye. An observation of the Unseen World establishes such a relationship of man with his Lord which enables him to see that the Attributes of the Creator are encompassing him.

If the Inner Sight of a person is not functional, then according to Spiritualism, he has yet to enter the circle of faith. When someone enters into the circle of faith the evilness and the destructiveness take their leave from his thoughts and faith; if the Unseen World is not revealed upon a person he will always remain suppressed by evilness and destructiveness. This is the reason that despite all the comforts and facilities at his disposal, the endless new inventions and discoveries, everybody is suffering from anxiety, worries, restlessness, and feelings of insecurity. Since science believes in the matter and the matter is only fiction and unstable therefore all the means and resources of comforts and luxuries, every invention, and all the progress and advancement of science is also temporary and perishable. How can something based upon deterioration and perishability provide real pleasure?

The basic and fundamental difference between Religion and Infidelity is that the latter causes whims, doubts, and uncertainty whereas religion associates all the feelings, thoughts, concepts, deeds, and activities of life with the only One, Endogenous and Permanent Being.

The Scientific Doctrine

The material doctrine preached and advocated by the scientists is that nothing could be acknowledged unless it has not been practically demonstrated. They, despite all the knowledge, which is possessed by them, forget that by limiting themselves in a material shell they are negating their own theory. It is also said by them that anything which is unseen by the sight has no reality whereas the basis of all their progress and advancement is the invisible waves of light.

The founder of the Qalander Conscious, proclaimer of the Reality, Hassan Ukhra Mohammed Azeem Burkhiya, Qalander ba’ba Auliya states.

“In all the sciences concerning the spiritual values considered so far, the universe which is a significant manifestation is of secondary importance. First, the Hidden and the Unseen are considered and their understanding is attempted with a preference. If the Hidden and the Unseen are easily understood then gradually it becomes clear as to how these manifestations and phenomena come into being and what rules and laws are responsible to create and regulate them. All these things are ostensibly felt just like the many experiences which prior to maturity have a certain correlation and harmony in them. All those things which are related to the Unseen have been mentioned under various names in the Holy Quran by God and the prophets by mentioning those names, elucidated their characteristics, virtues, and merits for the people. The Books and Scriptures before the Holy Quran also throw light on those things but only casual references are found there, more elaborate details in this regard are found in the Holy Quran only.

When the details given by the Holy Quran are considered and deliberated upon, it would be concluded that the Unseen is more important than the manifestations and the phenomena. Comprehension and understanding of the Unseen are very important. That which is called religion is also based upon the Unseen. The manifestations are mentioned in the religions but they are always given secondary importance. No matter how much preference is ascribed to them by the material world it never had a primary significance in any era of any religion.

Now the material world has also gradually begun to think in the same terms. For instance, the scientists of the present age have been forced to prefer the Unseen. First, they suppose something and then they strive to draw conclusions and results. When they are concluding something they consider all their suppositions as real, indispensable, and certain. For instance, the characteristics and behavior of the electron is under heated debate in this century, all the scientists unanimously agree that it behaves like a particle and as a wave simultaneously.

It is interesting to note that a thing that is only hypothetical is behaving in two ways at the same time and its behavior is acknowledged as sure and certain. It is also said, besides this, that electron has not been seen to date nor there any such hope even in the future. But despite all this, the electron is acknowledged as one of the most concrete realities which has ever been perceived by the human mind or would ever come to man’s knowledge. It is only a supposition in their minds which has been followed and the result of their pursuit is such a conclusion which is of great significance for inventions and discoveries and is considered an important stage of success.

They are striving hard to introduce this important stage to the people, Many times it happens that things once believed to be factual and real are rejected and replaced by new facts, discoveries, and formulae. And these new substituted facts and formulae are considered worthy of the same importance which was once reserved for the rejected ones. Obviously, the unseen world is also of primary importance for them even though they call themselves materialists and ardent fans of matter.

They are not ready to acknowledge even for a moment, that there is anything like God or the Unseen World or it has any meanings or significance or it is inadequate to ignore it. They remain surrounded by concepts that can only be termed as materialistic once. When anything like Unseen is mentioned, their demand is always the same, that is, they cannot be conducted to anything like the Unseen unless it is not Supplemented by a demonstration nor they are ready to believe in the Unseen or that it could be of any use or they have got any intention of granting any place to the theory of the Unseen in the world of science. No matter whatsoever they say it is only a style of their speech and an approach to their thinking.

But practically they are at par with a believer of the Unseen, who presents God after acknowledging all the agencies mandatory for the faith, mentioned in the Holy Quran by God, the Most High, and have influence over any such person who believes in God. And he believes in all those agencies and entities to be a living reality and a concrete fact just as materialists acknowledge a stone or a mineral object which is present before them, which they comprehend and feel through their senses of touch, taste, and sight, and about which they tell us so many things. Such as there is variation in it, there is a combination in it, it is balance and moderation, it has an effect, there is energy in it. And they talk in the same manner about the things present in the world of matter and they believe in them in a particular manner. In other words, Just as a fan worshipper of God believes and has faith in the Unseen similarly the lover of materialism believes in the world of matter. Neither atheist can live without believing the World of Unseen or can a materialist live without believing the matter. Both have their own approaches and the only thing which they have in common is their faith in their respective approaches. This faith and conviction are termed as ‘life’ by them. In fact, no life is possible without faith and conviction whether it is the life of an Atheist or that of a Materialist.

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