Creation of Adam and Eve

Study of sacred books and deliberation upon the teachings thereon reveal that Adam was created from one single soul. The basis of this creation is the Self, Spirit, or the Single Point When, under normal circumstances, creation is discussed it is considered that there is an Adam for every species or every species has originated from its Adam and Eve. This is the basic setup for every species, that is, Once Adam and Eve were created into being and foundations of the generation of that species were laid. Each and every Species of bull, goat, sheep, cat, dog, and birds, etc., emerged from its respective ‘Adam and Eve’. Just as the human beings are offsprings of Adam and Eve, similarly Father Parrot gave rise to the parrots’ generation of goats started from the Father-goat and pigeons generated from the Father-pigeon but all this is about the physical creation of the creatures. Everybody born is composed of a mortal and temporary body of flesh and bones which remains delicate and tender in their initial stages, then it enjoys the prime of its youth and then the whole physical system comes to an end when the limbs and muscles are dried out. These are the various states between life and death. We are perpetually given the knowledge that the being, upon which this short-lived physical system is built, is permanent and constant. The physical building remains active, attractive, and pretty till the permanent being supports the physical body but when this unseen and invisible being detaches itself from the temporary being, nothing is left behind. This invisible and unseen being is termed as the Soul, Spirit, Self, or the Single Point by the avatars and prophets. When through the Qalandaric approach affinity of the Qalander Conscious is acquired by the voyager of spiritualism, the inner sight tells him that this soul, spirit, or the self is an attribute and an integral part of the Creator and this attribute of the Beatific Vision is associated with this soul, spirit or the self with Power and Mercy.

The System of the Waves

Everything existing in the universe is based upon the network of the waves. These waves are established upon the Light (Noor). The earth and the heavens, according to the saying of God, are the Light of God. One form of creation is made of Light and the other is the light, Self, Soul, or the spirit itself. According to the human conscious. Many methods have been formulated by the Friends of God to search this Light full virtue in the waves or the creation. And for the benefit and convenience of the beginner Spiritual Associates, this one single point has been divided into six parts, named as six subtleties. 

The first subtlety that has been named as The Latent Subtlety (Latifa-Akhfa), is the Unit Point in every man, and the same is the abode of God, upon which the Beatific Visions of God directly make their descent Entry into this point enables man to enter into the prevailing system of the universe and he could comprehend the meanings of the saying of God that whatsoever is there in the earth and heavens have been subjugated for you, you are the ruler upon them i.e., the sun, the moon, and the stars have been given under your command. Normally ‘given to command’ is indicative of the duties assigned to all these heavenly bodies for the service of mankind. This subjugation according to the Qalander Conscious is not the subjugation. A law has been constituted by God and the same is being followed and acted upon. Everything is busily serving man. To be a ruler or having command over anything means that, that thing could be influenced and controlled whereas the present situation is contrary to it and mankind is living under the control and influence of the sun and the moon. Had the sun or the moon withdrawn their services, the existence of the earth would have been endangered. We are indigent of the sunlight, we are needy of the moonlight for the sweetness of our fruits and we have no influence or control over the sun or the moon.

The World of Colors

When we think about the novel creations appearing on the earth, we find that apparently, the process of creation appears to be the same. That is, when we deliberate about the germination process of a tree, we find that the endless birth cycle of all the trees of the earth is based upon the same procedure. Generally, irrespective of the size, shape or type of the tree, the cycle of the germination is that a seed is sown in the soil where it is nourished and after its germination and passing through the phase of the sapling it becomes the tree. But the eeriest thing is that despite the fact the germination process is one and the same, every tree has its own individuality, which in no way is an incomplete individuality. Now, for instance, let us consider the trees of the mango and the almond, both are trees, of almost the same size and both grow through the same germination process but yet both bear different fruits. Similarly, when we turn towards the flowers, every plant of each flower is found to be of individual nature with altogether a different set of leaves and branches and flowers. We marvel to note that different types of flowers have different types of fragrances, which are produced in the glands of the flowers from which an oily substance evaporates and makes the atmosphere fragrant and sweet-smelling. If the flower is colorful then the flowers of different types of trees have different colors, some are so brilliantly red that one finds it difficult to avert his eyes from it. If some are white then others are violet. Countless colors and shades of colors are displayed in this way. These are the splendors of God that though the earth is the same, the air is the same, water is the same and even the process of germination is the same but still, everything is different from one another.

Another thing, worthy of considered notice, is that one of the other colors is predominant in every created thing. There does not exist anything, which is colorless. This colorfulness and the colorlessness is the main discriminating line or the veil between the Creator and the creatures. The thing which distinguishes the Creator from its creatures is the color.

When the knowledge of the creative abilities is granted by the grace of God to someone, it is revealed upon him that when some colorless thought becomes colored a creation comes into being. God being the Creator is the Ultra-non chromatic (Far above the colorlessness).

When God intended to create the universe, He willed for what He had in His Mind and commanded it to Be, and there it was. That is, the thought of God descended from the state of Ultra-Non chromatic and adopted a state of color, for the sake of understanding, in spiritualism it has been named as the Non-chromatic i.e., the color which cannot be explained and described. Then a movement occurred in that Non-chromatic state and a colored object (being) came into being which was embodied into various forms and different colors with various abilities. The basic element or the basic material used in the creation and the formation of the universe is the color. Color combinations are the creative formulae of the creations. Various and different creations are made to come into being according to the combinations of the colors in various proportions. Man, the best of the creations, declared vicegerent of God, in his creative capacity is also composed of colors. To understand this creation, spiritualism has appointed six rings and each ring is made and composed of a separate color. When these rings are filled with the lights, in spiritualism it is called the ‘toning’ of the Subtleties.

Six Bulbs

Man is not the name of the body of flesh and bones. There is another body made up of lights over this physical body termed as Nasma (Aura) by Qalander ba’ba Auliya. This aura is made up of six rings or points. These six rings from three Souls.. The names of these six rings are Latent (Akhfa), Obscure (Khafi), Arcanum (Siri), Spirit (Rooh), Heart (Qalb), and the Self (Nafs). And the names of the three souls are; The Animal soul, the Human Soul, and the Great Soul. These six rings, points, or bulbs are termed Subtleties or generators. Two subtleties combine together to form one soul. The Subtlety of Self and the Heart together form the Animal Soul. The Subtleties of Arcane and the Spirit make the Human Soul. The Latent and the Obscure Subtleties constitute the Great Soul. The color of the Animal Soul is yellow, green is the color of the Human Soul and the color of the Great Soul is Blue. The more predominant is the yellow color the more prevalent will be the worldly senses over man.

The purpose of the Meditation (Transcendental Meditation) exercised in spiritualism, is to liberate man from the clutches of the yellow color. The mind is transmuted in the green lights when the hold of the yellow color is released. These green lights give tranquility and calmness and help him in mental concentration. When the mind is focused upon the green lights it is transmuted to the blue lights.

What is Seclusion from the World?

God has fashioned the human brain in such a way that it does not stay on one point. It emerges from the Non-chromatic state and envisions the Ultra-non chromatic. This is the cognition of God. Qalander Conscious tells us that man can willfully adopt a state in which he can remain free from worldly thoughts. Liberation from worldly thoughts does not mean that one should quit eating and drinking, refrain from wearing clothes, marriage, and living in a house. Liberty from worldly thoughts means that he shouldn’t be engrossed in and obsessed with worldly affairs. The worldly matters must be attended to like routine matters only. For example, drinking water is a necessity, when one feels, thirsty one drinks water and that’s all, one does not allow the thirst to ride on one’s nerves the whole day long. The same is the case of sleeping or awakening.

When someone is engrossed in various thoughts in such a way that his mind is distracted from the routine, he sways away from the Non-chromatic and is engaged in the world of colors and when someone performs all the activities of the worldly exigencies just like a routine, but still living in the world of colors he travels towards the colorless world.

Once a pupil of Hazrat Junaid Bughdady asked him, “What is the seclusion from the world?”

“Living in the world and not viewing it!”, was his reply. “How is it possible?”, the perplexed pupil asked.

He replied smilingly, “When I was of your age, I had asked the same question from my teacher, and in reply he had taken me to the main marketplace of Baghdad, saying, “let us take a walk through the bazaar”. As soon as we entered the main gate of the bazaar, I found myself standing in an abandoned and deserted, place where no one was in sight except my teacher and the whirlwinds over the sand-dunes. I said in utter bewilderment, “I don’t see any market here, sir”.

He placed his hand on my head affectionately and said, “Junaid, this is the seclusion from the world that the world shouldn’t be seen. Wearing the woolen dress, eating the barley bread, and living in the jungles, turning away from the splendid lodges is not the Seclusion from the world.

Seclusion from the world is that even the most delicious foods should taste like barley bread to you, the feelings of rough woolen rug-like dress should be there even if the best silken and velvet apparels are dressed in, an abandoned and deserted place should remain in sight even if you are walking through busy marketplaces and lofty palaces, but Junaid ! all these things cannot be learned and understood by learning from others or through reading and study unless you experience them yourself, come, let’s go back. As and when we started for home from that horrible desert, we were once again standing on the main gate of the same busy bazaar”.

Time and Space

Qalander Conscious tells us that certain exercises by which the mind could be trained to turn aside from worldly affairs are a prerequisite for the purpose. When the mind attains concentration by these exercises, that is, the importance of the world is diminished from the mind or to say, the worldly affairs and matters are attended to as mere routines then the spiritual abilities of man begin to awaken in him. When the mind is kept very much engrossed in these aroused abilities the shell of the yellow color prevailing over the conscious begins to crack and consequently the restrictions of Time and Space abolish in such a way that man begins to perform those activities during wakefulness which are normally conducted by him only in the state of dreaming. During Meditation (the Transcendental Meditation), while he is sitting with eyes closed, despite the complete realization of his physical existence and his physical seating on earth he walks, flies and sees the far away things and objects negating the Time and Space distances.

Dreaming and Transcendental Meditation

The difference between dreaming and Meditation (Meditation) is that during the former state, the mind or the conscious ignores the body limbs whereas in the latter state the conscious does not ignore the body. A Meditator, whose inner eyes (the eyes of the human soul) are functioning, remains aware of his physical states even when he is emancipated from the grips of Time and Space. Meditation is the first stage of dreaming i.e. it is such a state of dreaming in which one is not sleeping but remains completely awake.

Types of Meditations

The process of viewing the invisible world, in the primary stages, is based upon four ways. The animal soul is composed of two points; one is the Self and the other is the Heart. As long as the human conscious observes or sees the world in the Self, it is the observation of wakefulness and is restricted by Time and Space.

After progressing from this stage when one looks in the Heart rising above the Animal Soul, the grip of Time and Space begins to break and he can observe both the material and Unseen worlds. When after crossing these two steps one enters the third stage, he looks into the subtlety of the spirit. This is the act of viewing in Meditation (Meditation).

Meditation is of many types. One of them is to sit with eyes closed when a state of trance-fixation is achieved i.e., his thoughts are focused on one point, something appears before his eyes, but he cannot ascribe any meaning to that seen thing. Secondly, when something appears before his eyes, his consciousness and senses are suspended and when he comes out of this stage, he bears this impression on his mind that he did see something, what it was, how did he envision it, it is not retained by his memory.

This state, in terms of spiritualism, is known as ‘Dreaming in wakefulness’ and is denominated as ‘Drowse’ (Ghanood). The next stage is that something is seen during Meditation with an awareness of the senses. He receives a sort of shock and it occurs to him that I can exist. With the sense of the existence of his own being, the seen thing partially remains afresh in his memory and partially goes into oblivion. This state, in terms of spiritualism, is denominated as ‘Reminiscences (Warood)’. If something is seen with the senses of wakefulness so that it stays afresh in the memory with fall comprehension of its meanings, the sense of the existence of the physical being is also preserved and the grip of Time and Space remains also unstriped, this is the state which is called Meditation (the Transcendental Meditation or simply the Meditation).

Life is an Information

According to general observations there are two styles or ways of living life. One is that man fulfills all the needs and demands of life with conscious senses and in doing so he struggles and strives physically to meet each and every demand. The demand is not satisfied unless the parts of the body and limbs; the hands, arms, feet, ears, eyes, nose, etc. do not perform their functions properly. We cannot deny the fact that every movement of the parts of the body is controlled by the brain. No movement of the parts of the body is possible unless the brain is not motivated. And the motivation of the brain is regulated by thoughts. The brain does not issue an order or suggest anything to the parts unless motivated by some thought. What is thought?

Thought, in fact, is information to fulfill a demand. For instance, the brain tells us to go to sleep as remaining awake anymore would not be appropriate for the body. Then it informs to get up, as the oversleeping would be harmful to the physical efficiency.

Then it tells us to have something as food because the stocks of calories require replenishment. And so on. The brain issues orders for the fulfillment of all the respective demands of life and the same are carried out obediently by the body. The orders issued by the brain are strictly in accordance with the information received but the brain has no knowledge about the source and origin of the information. It is only aware that the information is being received. It ascribes meanings to the information received in the light of the requirements of the body and passes it on to the in-built ‘machine’ of the body. And this machine is duty-bound to act upon the directives of the brain. The fact is that the demands of life are based upon this information.

Ascribing meanings to the information is also of two types, one; when the senses are under the influence of Times and Space, the other, when the senses are free from the Time and Space restrictions.

Just as there is a physical brain in the body to control the parts of the physical body, to receive information, and to ascribe meanings to them, similarly, there is a spiritual brain which is composed of those components and ingredients that are free from Time and Space restrictions.

The physical brain informs us that for maintaining the energy level of the body, food is required. To fulfill the need, we have to bridge many limitations one after another with a certain regularity and continuation. For instance, for making bread, wheat is to be cultivated, it is nourished and protected, harvested and thrashed, ground into flour, flour is mixed with water only then the bread is baked and served. This is the process of ascribing meanings to the information of the physical brain. Whereas, when the spiritual brain informs us to eat something we are not required to undergo all these stages for arranging the food.

As soon as the information to eat something is received in the spiritual brain the information is classified by the Spiritual brain that the bread should be eaten and it is accomplished instantly deleting the whole system of cultivation, harvesting, threshing, grinding, etc. The spiritual brain ordinarily works during the state of dreaming and after practicing certain exercises becomes active even in Meditation (the state of meditation).

Just as someone eats the bread without any indigence of means and resources on receipt of information from the spiritual mind similarly, one who is versed with the process of the Meditation, or to say, the spiritual mind becomes active in him, he is released from the grips of Time and Space.

Just as for eating something during wakefulness we have to pass through many phases, for traveling too, we have to undergo many stages. For instance, if we have to go to London from Karachi. We shall come out of our residence, shall go to the airport in a cab or rickshaw, board the plane, and shall reach London flying in the air. But if the same journey is traveled in the state of Meditation, we shall not be required to come out of our residence, won’t need the taxi-cab, nor would board the plane. One travels, during meditation, at the speed of thoughts. When one, sitting in Karachi intends to visit Delhi, he reaches there in a fraction of a second. Almost everyone experiences this state in their dreams. A person sleeping in Karachi dreams that he is sitting in the tomb of Qutab-ud­deen Kaaki (a saint) well aware and conscious of the ambiance of Delhi. One of his family members wakes him up by moving his arm arid once again he is in Karachi.

Four Classes of Meditation

We have mentioned four types of Meditation. These four types of Meditation are actually the four primary classes or four steps of Transcendental Meditation. After passing these four classes or climbing these four steps when the traveler of the Qalander Conscious gets into the fifth stage, he finds himself in a state of inspiration or the intuitive state. Now it is no longer necessary for him to adopt the special posture of Meditation and sit with his eyes closed. He can and exercises his will to move his astral body from city to city or to cause it to enter the heavens. The intuitive state could prevail upon him anytime, anywhere, in any posture, whether sitting, lying, walking, or even during conversations. In this state, if the first mind that has been called the mind of wakefulness and the conscious, is associated with the Qalander Conscious then even in the state of wakefulness man not only observes the other world but also partakes in the affairs of the other world. And the life becomes active for him in the other world as well just like the life of the wakefulness. It is such a state in which the Conscious and the Unconscious both start functioning together simultaneously. But no state of the intuitive state is a constant one, the duration as well as the interval increases and decreases, sometimes this state does not happen for months and sometimes it happens twenty-four times a day. This, anyhow, is a process of ascribing those meanings to the information which are prevalent in the Conscious and the Unconscious simultaneously.

Life Before Birth

Now, this requires considered and careful deliberation before coming to this world where the soul existed. Because the use of the word ‘coming’ is indicative of the fact that something is present somewhere. After settling upon this that something is present and exists somewhere the question regarding its shape and form arises. Determination of its relative place also becomes mandatory when the shape and form are mentioned. Time and Space automatically come under discussion when the determination of place is attempted.

The simple reply to the question, where we were before our birth, is that all the men and animals existed in the Realm of Souls, and from there they came to this Phenomenal World, (the Material World). But when we talk of Realm of Souls it requires an explanation of what this Realm of Souls is? The knowledge of the Realm of Souls is fathomless knowledge but those who have been granted this knowledge by God know it well and they transfer this knowledge to their pupils.

The Hidden Treasure

When we deliberate upon the creation of the universe in the light of the teachings of the holy books it comes to our knowledge that we are creatures and God is our Creator. When the Creator Willed He fashioned the universe by commanding it to ‘Be’.

The question is that why the Creator willed so and that what He willed did already exist or not. If the Will of the Creator existed where did it exist and why did He create the universe? The Creator Himself tells us about it, “I was a Hidden Treasure; I created the creatures with Love so that I will be Recognized”.

The Creator also tells us about as and how of the existence of the creatures. “I created the creatures upon my Attributes”. This is a well-known fact that a ‘being’ cannot be separated from the attributes. The attributes remain present in the being and the being is recognized and known by its attributes; qualities and characteristics.

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