Man, Jinn’s and Angels

The creatures that are invisible; like angels and jinn’s, we have reportedly been informed about such things. All the divine books have mentioned one or the other thing about such creatures. Concept of evil spirits is also found in every religion but due to lack of logical and scientific explanation, people with rational approach hesitateContinue reading “Man, Jinn’s and Angels”

Universe is a Point

Universe is a point; a point, which keeps on reduplicating itself. Ensuing this repetition one single point is divided into two and, then each one of the two is again divided into two. It is happening since eternity. Incalculable points are producing because of repetition of the conscious. This multiplication or the geometrical progression of theContinue reading “Universe is a Point”

The Great Spiritual Scientist

The great spiritual scientist; His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, in defining the thinking approaches, has stated that there are three types of thinking approaches. The first type of thinking approach is that when a person, as a human being, makes use of the individual urges properly. When an individual human uses the urges rightly, hisContinue reading “The Great Spiritual Scientist”

What is Time?

When the human conscious is directed towards Fantasy, Thought and Imagination, it is directed towards the Simple light and when it enters the boundaries of Feelings, after emerging out from the limits of Fantasy, Thought and Imagination, it is encountered with the compound light. Now it could be said that the awareness of variations takingContinue reading “What is Time?”

Time; its three states

We e have dealt at length, in the context of Conscious and Unconscious, that man is composed of Light and Nasma, that is, man is constituted from Light (Noor) and Nasma, which are the measures of conscious and unconscious mind. Acquaintance with the Unseen, remaining in the conscious world, is not possible. When a person manages to enter the unconsciousContinue reading “Time; its three states”

What is Time and Space?.

          The basic laws and formulae or the senses operative in the universe have been explained by citing various examples. Man or mankind and all the others species including jinn’s, angels, celestial bodies and the galaxial systems are initiated from within the Conscious. When this commencement reaches its peak due to changes and alterations that takeContinue reading “What is Time and Space?.”