Broadly, the spiritual sciences are classified into three chapters. The first chapter consists of acts and deeds, set up, and the creative formulae pertaining to the individual life. The second chapter comprises of creative formulae for the species and the third chapter deals with the Will of the Creator. Man or any species or an individual of a species is bound to live his life in two states of wakefulness and sleep (dreaming). The two states have been mentioned as the Day and Night, in the sacred books. We this thing is taken into consideration, it is found that ultimately the senses are the one and same but they just keep on alternating. When these senses enter into the Night, they become the dreams and when these are operating in the Day, they form wakefulness.

God says, “And, We make the Day to enter into the Night. The Night is drawn out from the Day.” And, this also is the statement of the Lord Creator, “We peel off the Night from the Day and the Day is peeled off from the Night.” Actually, the man, who is nothing else than senses, keeps on wearing the diurnal and nocturnal senses alternatively. When he enters into the diurnal senses, the senses become limited and confined and, when he takes on the nocturnal senses, he becomes liberated and free from the Spatio-temporal constraints.

When we refer to the spiritual sciences, the knowledge of the Unseen Realm or the Invisible World, we refer to the Nocturnal Senses.  Whence the grant of Old Testament is mentioned in the Holy Quran, God says, “ We promised Moses for thirty nights and completed in forty.”

It is worth noticing that Moses stayed there on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights. It did not happen that Moses stayed there only at night and during the daytime, he got down from the Mount. But, God refers to this event by mentioning the word ‘nights’. It means that the Nocturnal Senses prevailed upon Moses for forty days and nights and, it finally ended up in the form of grant of Holy Scripture.

The reference to the Night is also mentioned in the event of the Ascension of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH). “Glory upon Him, who took His servant in a Night, from holy Kaaba to the sacred mosque of Doom of the Rocks.” This, too, means the same that the Unseen realm was opened up for the Prophet and God granted him His Company when he was in the Nocturnal Senses.

After this brief description of the senses now we shall discuss muraqbaMuraqba, in fact, is the name of such an activity in which the mental concentration touches that level whence the diurnal senses transform into the nocturnal ones.

Every type of knowledge, whether it is acquired or gifted, is based upon profound deliberation. Ever-new philosophies keep on emerging with the expansion of research and explorations. This thing holds good for the advancement of the present scientific era. Every thinker reaches a conclusion because of his deliberations in a particular direction and the people who follow his doctrines get involved in disseminating that knowledge. Which he had discovered.

The more our conscious gets familiar with the expositions or takes lead from the hints and signs contained therein, the deeper it plunges into understanding and comprehension. God has invited human beings to learn knowledge by giving various examples and parables in the Scriptures of all religions. For instance, “God is the Light of the earth and the heavens”, is a statement that defines God in an allegorical manner and invites our very considerate attention so that we may ponder on it and explore the knowledge contained, in this statement.

The Presented knowledge is like three leaves of a book. Each leaf has two sides or pages. Thus making them six pages in all. The first page contains the reflection of the Beatific Vision of God and the second page is inscribed with the expediencies and the secrets of creation. The third page contains explanations of those secrets and the fourth one is inscribed with the features of cosmic. The fifth page is the record of the commands for the creatures and the sixth page contains the details of the activities collectively.

The whole universe, the Beatific Vision, Preserved Scripturum, High Throne and the seat of Authority, the Realm of the Souls, Heavens, Erebus, the material world, Purgatory, Dooms Day, the Day of Judgement, Hell and Paradise, Eternity and the Final Abode are all preserved in these three leaves of the Divine Book of the knowledge. When a spiritual associate learns to peruse these pages, he becomes acquainted with the secrets of the universe.

Muraqba is the basic lesson for arousing the ability to study these pages. The lifestream or the electrical charge flowing through the mind makes the mind becomes stronger and powerful enough to enable a person to explore the Unseen Realms.

Summary of all these details is that the whole knowledge, which God bestowed upon Adam so that he could perform his duties as a vicegerent and a deputy of the Creator and the knowledge that has also been declared a Sacred Trust, is stocked in three leaves, vis-à-vis, The Great Soul, Human Soul and the Animal Soul or sabitaaayan and jowiyah.


If a spiritual associate, who possesses the knowledge of the Elohistic Appellations or the Attributes of God, wants to see the whole program that has been chalked out for the existents and the universe for all times of the past, present, and future, he can witness it on the screen of the Preserved Scripturum. And, if he intends to see the program pertaining to different species only from the whole collective cosmic program, then it can be witnessed on the Second Scripturum i.e. the Ethereal Realm. The Collective cosmic program is inscribed upon the Preserved Scripturum and every individual has been provided with a link to the Preserved Scripturum thus making the Preserved Scripturum accessible for every individual from within.

The cosmic program, upon its descent, divides into three parts.

1.The Great Soul.

2.The Human Soul, and,

3.The Animal Soul.

The basis of every science is the Knowledge of Appellations. Where granting of vicegerency of Adam has been mentioned in the Holy Quran, it has been elaborately stated that Adam was granted the Knowledge of the Names, which has not been given to any other creature in the universe. And, on the basis of this very knowledge, the angels prostrated before Adam. The Knowledge that God bestowed upon Adam is also called Taddalla (The Inclination).

Man’s supremacy is because of the fact that he has been appointed vicegerent of God and he enjoys the powers that God has bestowed upon him. When a person enters the administrative set up of God’s Kingdom, he is informed that he enjoys the powers to deputize his Lord and, for exercising these powers, he is given this knowledge that every Appellation of God in actual effect, is an Attribute of God that was given to him at the beginning of the creation in Eternity. Here man is to include all the individuals of mankind. This means that the grant of Knowledge pertaining to the Names (Appellations) for acquainting Adam with the Creative Attributes of God is not for one person, named Adam, rather it is a heritage of the whole mankind so that every human being could be an instrument in the Divine Scheme of implementing the Will of God.

In order to get this knowledge and to use it practically, regular performance of muraqba is suggested. Muraqba is not only an exercise to be practiced for the sake of knowledge but there are different types of muraqba, which are performed for different types of knowledge. As far as I (Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi) know there are seventeen types of muraqbas, which are performed for the development of faculties of equal numbers.

If a person wants to explore the powers delegated to him because of the vicegerency conferred upon Adam in Eternity, he has to develop this certitude in him that God is the Most Merciful of all and God has created this universe by the activation of this Attribute of Mercy. And, that God transferred the Attribute of Appellation related to it, too, to Adam. When a spiritual associate performs muraqaba of Ism-e-Raheem, (the Appellation of Merciful), that is, he concentrates wholeheartedly on one thing only that he is an integral part of the God’s Attribute of Mercy, When this thinking establishes firmly the knowledge concerning the creation and the creative process gradually transpires upon him.

This very faculty has been mentioned in the Holy Quran in the context of the miracles of Christ. Christ uses to make a bird made of clay to fly after he had blown his breath into it or he could cure a lepers or give sight to a born-blind, in actual effect, Christ exercised the Attribute of Mercy in accordance with the powers given to him. A creative formula has been disclosed by mentioning the miracles of Christ.

This creative formula basically relates to the fact that the Soul of God is operative in man and if this soul is not there in a person, he cannot be mentioned as an existent being. When God breathed His soul into Adam, the senses started functioning in him. God has stated, “O, Prophet! They ask you about the soul, tell them that the soul is the Edict of the Lord and the knowledge given to you in this regard is limited and insignificant”.

It is evident that the knowledge concerning the soul is the knowledge of God and the knowledge of God cannot be labeled as limited, small, or insignificant. A part of the unlimited is also unlimited, therefore, it will not be wrong to construe that the knowledge granted about the soul is limited as compared to the Knowledge of God in this regards but this would not be right to conclude that the knowledge about the soul has not been bestowed or that man cannot have it.

The soul is the Edict of God and the God’s Edict is that when it wills something to happen, He tells it to be! And it simply happens. God says, “Man was not worthy to be mentioned the, We breathed our soul into him”. The very same thing is told about Christ that he would make a bird from the clay and then, according to leave and the granted knowledge to him, he would blow his breath into that clay and it would become alive. It purports to the fact that when Christ would blow upon a clay bird according to the creative formula, or say, the Attribute of the Appellation of Merciful, the bird would start flying, and when a leper or a born-blind was blown upon he would be cured.

When God, uttering the word kun (“Be!”), created the universe, the powers contained in the Appellation Merciful became functional and shaped all the individuals, components, and particles of the universe, into their respective forms. His Divine Grace, Qalander Baba Auliya, has termed this very stage as Ism-e-Itlaqiya (the Implied Name). The word itlaq is a derivative of the word ‘mutliq’ meaning, ‘absolute’. After descending, this Appellation entered into the stage of aniya (substantiality) and under the influence of the Attribute of Mercy the Knowledge came into action.

In the stage following the utterance of Kun, the creatures were oblivious of their identity or whereabouts, i.e. they did not know who they were, what they were, from where did they have come and where were they heading. They were just in a state of bewilderment, which is called aniya. And, when God intended to put an end to this state of bewilderment He addressing the existents of the universe inquired, “Am I not thy Lord?” The existents replied, “Yes,” When the souls of the creatures acknowledged the Lordship of God, the Attribute of Mercy by descending another step become the ism-e-koniya (the controlling Appellation) from the previous state of ainiya.

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