This thing has become amply clear that the movements conducted and the activities performed in the dreams are related to with the life just as the activities and movements performed during the state of wakefulness are directly associated with the human life. One may argue that all the activities performed during the state of sleep are not real and all the actions and deeds enacted in dreams also do not leave any impression.

The answer to this sort of observation is that the act and deeds performed during the state of wakefulness leave their impression only when one is attentive for them and all the acts and deeds are performed during alert consciousness, that is, impression of an act or deed establishes only when it is accepted mentally. When the acts and deeds of wakefulness and dreams are compared, it is observed that if, during wakefulness we are attentive for something then it has some significance otherwise it has no importance at all and is nothing more than a passing thought.

It is in the routines of our life that we go to the office for the sake of earning livelihood. After leaving our home, we take a bus; purchase a ticket by handing over some money to the bus conductor, few words are also exchanged with him. Then, passing through different places and stops we reach our office. After reaching the office, if someone should ask us about the bus conductor’s appearance or features or that what did we see on our way to the office, then, we are left with the only option of replying that we didn’t notice much. Despite the fact that the eyes of the person remained open on his way to office and he saw all the passing by people, shops, signboards and crossings etc. but he couldn’t remember anything because all his mental inclinations remained concentrated upon the office. But, if a person sitting in a bus pays full attention on the passing things with awareness of his surroundings then, such a person can certainly tell that what did he see on his way to the office.

The purpose of narrating all this is that whether it is sleep or awakening, if one is attentive and stays aware of his surroundings, the memory retains the details of the seen things, otherwise, all the things are deleted from the memory. For the very reason, at times the dreams become very significant and at times all the acts and deeds performed in the state of alert consciousness also do not have any significance.

According to the holy books and spiritual point of view, the human life is established upon two dimensions of dreaming and awakening. Half of the human life is spent in the state of dreaming (sleep) and rest of the half is spent in wakefulness. After having a brief comparison of the two states of dreaming and wakefulness, it becomes necessary to analyse the acts, deeds and movements of the wakefulness.

The journey undertaken in the state of dreaming does not involve Time and Space. For travelling from one place to another does not require any means of transportation nor any time is required to be spent. Whereas, opposite to this, in wakefulness, one or the other means of transportation is required for travelling from one place to another and time is also spent in undertaking any journey.

Upon taking this thing into considered deliberation, it transpires that the activities performed in the state of dreaming are carried out in the similar manner as the ones that are performed during awakening, that is to say, that before doing anything, first of all a thought is perceived in that regard, then upon attaining depth that thought becomes an idea, which finally takes the form of a manifestation. For instance, when a person intending to write an essay sits down to write, the ingredients and details of the essay are not there in his mind but when he sets to work and starts writing, thoughts start translating into words automatically and the whole gist of the essay is transcribed on a paper.

This suggests three eventualities. One, the essay exists somewhere. Second, the form in which the essay existed took the shape of words. And, third, the words appeared upon the paper as a manifestation. The place where the essay existed in the form of an idea, in terms of Parapsychology, is called the Ultra-unconscious, and where the idea took the shape of words is called Unconscious and the place where the words took the form of an inscription upon the paper, is known as the Conscious. In spiritual terminology, the Ultra-unconscious is known as Sabita, the Unconscious as the Aayan and the Conscious as Jowiyah.

The example of an essay writer proves that the essay, before it is written on a paper, exited somewhere in such a form with which we were not familiar, but, when we took the trouble of focusing our attention towards the main idea of the essay, it become clear, that is, the main idea surfaced in our memory and, using the pen in our hand, we transferred the impressions existing in our memory upon the surface of the paper.

From this, this fact is established that the essay and its contents were already in the knowledge of the human mind. This knowledge about the essay and its contents sufficiently enough establish that man is familiar with everything that exists in the universe. It is only that he knows about only few things whether this knowing is because of visual or auditory faculties. And, there are certain things, which are not know to him consciously but all these things are existing, somewhere, all the same.

Human mind is aware that making use of sight or the hearing, it can come to know of some of those things which are not known to it and  it has quest for having knowledge about the things that are not known to it. It is the unique power of curiosity that is responsible for revelation of the material and spiritual faculties upon our mind. The more familiar we become with the use of this power of curiosity, the more potential are activated in us and, accordingly, we learn to discover and invent new things. When these potentials, in the spiritual area expand, the whole universe is seen like a mirror. And, it comes into our knowledge what was there in the universe, what exists now and what will ever exist; hence, curiosity is the movement that enables us to excel in knowledge and harness the forces of natures.

Oneiric Potentialities

It has been made clear in the previous lecture that the human life, whether it is the life lived within the confines of time and space or is free from the bondage of time and space constraints, is founded on the basis of thoughts and the every thought is a form of knowledge. This thing can be elaborated using the example of a film projector.

Although the waves emitted from a projector are felt and seen, they do not stir any sense in our mind, or to say, the waves flowing from a projector despite their power to make us aware of their presence, fail to convey any meaning or purpose. In a movie theater, we are aware that a beam of light after flowing from the overhead projector is falling upon the screen where the waves, containing in the beam, are scattering in the form of different shapes, forms and colors. These waves can be taken as a similitude of thoughts and the process of their falling upon the screen could be taken as the knowledge. The forms, shapes and colors perceived after their display upon the screen could be termed as the meanings and purpose. This example also suggests that if a thought is not displayed upon a screen, it does not signify any knowledge or meaningfulness.

Before a thought is manifested, it has to pass through three circles, which have been denominated by the spiritualists as SabitaAiyan and Jowiya. These are also known as the Great Soul, Human Soul and the Animal Soul, respectively. Nothing can take the form of knowledge unless it is not passed through these three circles. When a spiritual associate enters into these circles, the spiritual potentials arouse in him. The more is the awakening of these potentials, the more expand is the vision.

All that is witnessed by the inner sight of a spiritual associate, Qalander Baba Auliya has classified it into six stages. First one, termed as knowing the Ethereal Realm (Kashf-ul-Joo), is such an ability that gives the spiritual associate a conscious awareness of his relationship with the God Almighty. And, having the correlation with God is the correlation with Unity.

Having correlation purports to have a particular style and approach of thinking. For instance, a person knows it well that he is the creation and God is his Creator. There are many types of correlations. The spiritual masters have mentioned some eighteen types of correlations. Correlation of Love, Quiescence, Raptness, Owaisian etc. are few amongst them. At the moment, we would be discussing the Correlation of Unity.

When this thing enters into the certitude of a person that he is associated with the Ultimate Being of God and no other entity can be the creator, then the true picture of the whole universe start emerging before him. Or, in other words, the Lord Creator of the cosmos and the creative system established under His Supreme Control start reflecting upon his mind. And, when the collective system transpires upon the mind, deliberation guides him towards the fact that there exists a base upon which all the creatures and the existents of the universe and the whole program of creation, is inscribed. After this, he knows it with irrefutable realization that God is the Creator, the whole universe is a handiwork of His Creatorship, and the existents of the universe are members of a family created by one single entity. This is the certitude that enables the man to recognize the extraterrestrial bodies of sun, moon and stars, the creatures existing upon the earth and the atmosphere enveloping the earth appear to be familiar to him.

When we look at the sky, we see many stars. Not only that we see the stars but the shine of lights coming from them, the coolness of their light and the atmosphere in which these are twinkling is also felt by our senses. Seeing the stars makes us realize unconsciously that these stars are established somewhere and these stars are revolving on an orbital base under a specific system. This means that the human sight is capable of seeing things that exist beyond the limits of our atmosphere and besides seeing them; their effects are also felt by the senses operative in us.

When, for instance, we look at the moon, the coolness of the moonlight is felt by our mind and when we see the sun, the warmth and heat of the sunlight is perceived by our senses. Sighting the moonlight and the sunlight is the act of seeing by our sight and the feeling the coolness or the warmth is the act of identifying through other senses.

What are the sun and the moon? We only know this that this is the moon and this is the sun. We cannot say anything with certainty that from where do these bodies get their light. In simple words, the sight that witnesses all the celestial bodies also witnesses the various creatures existing on the earth. The sight, responsible for sighting things, of this world, witnesses the whole universe.

Sighting the universe is of two types. One is to merely look at things and the other, besides looking at them, is to know the structural formation of things and to explore the formulae operative in the creation of that of the universe. Witnessing the manifestations of the universe is the conscious activity and sighting the inner dimension of the universe i.e. to explore the formulae upon which the universe is established is the working of the Unconscious.

Man’s unconscious knows it well that what is the shape and form, inner stimuli and the movement style of every particle of the universe. This knowledge is beyond the reach of human conscious because the man is not familiar with the method of studying his unconscious. If we could develop the ability to study our unconscious then to study the innate formation, movements, activities of every particle would become very easy. Name of the first ability to study the intrinsic senses of the universe, according to the spiritualists, is to know the Ethereal Realm (Kashf-ul-joo).

In the given example of the essay writer it was elaborated; when the writer sits down for writing an essay, the substance of the essay existing in the Unconscious transfers into the mind and when the Conscious gets attentive towards the substance of the essay, the essay taking the form of words and phrases transfers upon the surface of a paper. According to the spiritual point of view, existence of the essay is not confined in Time and Space. The essay already existed in the Unconscious whether it was written thousands of years ago or it would be produced thousands of years hence.

When the holy command Be (Kun) was pronounced by God, whatsoever that was required to exist, from the very Beginning to the End, came into existence in its sequential order. That is, the whole program about the creation of the universe along with all the creative formulae, its components, and their existence in the past, present and future, came into being when God commanded it to be. Anything that is manifested, whether it is existing presently, manifested in the past or will ever exist in the future, is only a manifestation of the program that had come into being after God had proclaimed it to be. It means that nothing can exist in the universe that does not exist already.

A thinking approach has been mentioned in context of the Correlation of Unity. One who enjoys this type of thinking pattern believes firmly that we are the creatures and God is our fashioner; God is He, who is the only one of its kind and is unrivaled in His Attributes. When this thinking approach is established one starts believing with certitude that whatsoever has happened in the past, exists presently or will ever happen, is only a display of the program after it was commanded to be. The holy prophet of Islam; Mohammad (P.B.U.H) has said, “ The Pen dried after writing”

When the Correlation of Unity deepens further, the other thing that transpires is that for the proper understanding of anything and for reaching its core, one has to be impartial and neutral. If a mind is not neutral and impartial, preferences and favorites tend to corrupt the judgment and the reality can never be explored.

Everybody enjoys two types of thinking approach or to be more exact, everybody has two angles of thinking approach. Firstly, when one thinks rising above one’s own self and in other, one thinks with the reference of one’s own self only. A person who considers a problem in view of his own self, no matter how deeply it is taken into consideration, the realty never transpire upon such a person. And, the one who goes for solution of a problem after rising above one’s self gets to the reality.

Curiosity and the quest for reality has been bestowed upon every individual so that every one of the individuals, groups, class or a nation should be able to understand the affairs properly for reaching accurate decisions.

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