The waves or the strings of light that are flowing in the lengths and widths of the universe are weaving the fabric of creation of this universe. All the movements of life are based upon these very strings of light. Particular characteristics are represented by the particular wavelengths of these waves and every characteristic is associated with one or the other form or feature, that is, every species, every individual, every characteristic, every shape and form of this universe is associated with a particular mode of movement. The combination of these very specific movements results in the form of individuals of the universe.

One aspect of the picture, which is made of lights upon the screen representing the warp and weft, is the picture by itself and the other one is the strings of light that are making the picture.

The universe and its individuals, in their existence in the realm of souls, do not have any classification of perception or sensation. All the ingredients and components of the universe exist in a state as if they are imaginations only. They do not know, what they are, where they are, why they are and, for what purpose they are?

In order to put an end to this silence and the static position, God granted hearing to the individuals with His Voice. The moment the hearing transferred to the creatures, the first stage of Dimensions came into being, or to say, the first impression of the hearing was incorporated in the individuals. And, besides having hearing they also had this realization that someone is calling upon them. The second dimension; the sight, came into being when they paid attention to the heard Voice of God. With the sight, the sense of identification was also produced. And, when the dimension of understating was produced, it was expressed by means of the speech. And, with having the ability to speak the faculty of accepting or rejecting something was also produced in the individuals.

When two aspects become adjacent and many other aspects support these two, then, this collective form of various aspects is known as the Existence of a Being. In spite of becoming adjacent the different aspects are can be specified individually and this very specification is the time and space. Or, to say, the demarcation between the various aspects of the existence of an object is the time and space. Time and space do not exist in the Realm of the Souls. An object exists there in the form of an Edict (ammr).

One side of the motion is always dominating upon the other. The dominant side is called Persona Major and the side that is dominated is known as the Persona Minor.

The grant of knowledge of the Names to Adam, as mentioned in the holy Quran, actually means that Adam was granted the knowledge of the properties and characteristics of all the existents of this universe. This knowledge of properties and characteristics defines that what Appellations of God, after becoming potentials, are functioning in an object. The Knowledge of the Names means that God taught the knowledge of the structural formations, characteristics, qualities and traits to Adam and only because of this knowledge man enjoys the supremacy over all the other creatures of the universe. Man’s status of the Persona Major is also due to the very same knowledge that enables him to act as a vicegerent of God. Man is superior to all the individuals of the universe whether these are the angels of higher ranks or of the lower cadre, jinns, animals, vegetables or inanimate objects. If a person does not have this knowledge then, he cannot have any superiority over the other creatures.

Elohistic Appellations

A close study of holy Books and Scriptures confirms this fact that God tells the same one thing in different ways and in different styles. When the narrations of the holy Quran are taken into consideration, it is observed that the one thing has been repeated time and again, sometimes even in the same words. Apparently the repetition of contents is not very appealing but actually the purpose of reiterating something is to enable the conscious to grasp the stated thing easily. In view of the ability of the human conscious one thing is narrated in different angles so that it could be learnt and memorized. This helps in having a developed consciousness. God wants us to ponder upon the creative factors from different angles, in different styles and with the help of various examples into consideration.

When God wants us to take notice of His Lordship and Creativeness, He gives the examples of the existents scattered upon the surface of the planet earth, sometimes the Heavens, High Throne and His Seat of Authority are referred, and sometimes, we are made to delve in the example of raining from the clouds. He invites the human conscious towards His Creativeness by giving the example of winds. Mentioning about His bounties and bestowals in Surah Rehman, it is stated 31 times, “And, of which favors of your Lord, will ye deny.”

This is the style of God for narrating things, and it is such a way that does not alter or cease to take effect. All the prophets of God did say that they were not saying anything new. The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) also said the same. When the teachings of the prophets of God are deliberated upon, it is observed that all the prophets proclaimed the same one thing. But, every prophet explained it by giving different examples in a manner befitting the approach, level of understanding and the intellectual needs of his people.

In order to describe the creative process of God, Christ told, God said, Light! And there it was.’ Mohammad (PBUH) states the same thing in these words, ‘God is the Light of the Earth and the Heavens.’

For denouncing the greed, hoarding and materialistic approach, Quran says, ‘ Inform them of a severe penalty who accumulate gold and silver.’ The Bible states the same thing in these words; ‘Tell your fellows, if they are told that a camel could pass through the needle hole, this might be true but if someone says that a wealthy person is admitted in the Paradise, this cannot happen. Here the same one thing is described in different ways. Obviously, a person facing ‘severe penalty’ will not be ‘admitted into Paradise’.

Likewise, when the teachings of all the Holy Books are delved into deeply, it is observed that the main thing they all are preaching is the same one thing but the ways of stating things are different.

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