In order to have a better understanding of the spiritual sciences, we have to belief in the holy books because the contents of the spiritual sciences are found only in these holy books.

This thing has been elaborated in the very opening verses of the holy Quran, “It is the book that has guidance without containing any doubt. This book guides them who are prudent and believe in the Unseen.”

When these words of the holy Quran are taken into deliberated consideration it becomes amply clear that if a person has dubiety in him, this book does not provide any guidance to him. This book guides only those who are righteous and truth-loving, such people have been termed as mutaqee. According to the holy Quran, mutaqees are those who believe in the unseen with certitude and the unseen includes everything, all the worlds, all the realms, and all the angelic creatures that cannot be sighted by means of our physical eyes.

As a matter of law, for acquainting with the world of unseen, believing the unseen world with certitude is of basic importance. And, unless a thing is not seen, having certitude is not possible. This thing is not only for seeing the unseen but it is also valid for daily routines of our life. This law is governing every segment of human life.

The spiritual exposition of these verses is that there is no room for any type of doubt or uncertainty in the teachings of the holy books and these books provide guidance to those who do not doubt the unseen world and the affairs of God because they can witness the unseen. In short, Quran guides those who are familiar with the unseen as the same is in their observation.

Thousands of Exegetes have offered all types of expositions of the holy books and every one of them is different from the other, whereas, there cannot be any difference in reality. Reality means such a thing, which is invariant. We do not intend any offense against the learned exegetes; they did their best in sincerity and their reward is with God but according to the laws of the Preserve Scripturum, if the unseen cannot be observed then the true meanings and the real sense of the teachings of the holy books cannot be grasped.

Once His Divine Grace, Qalander Baba Auliya said, “ Only those understand the holy Quran whom the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has taught or God has explained Quran to them. It is such a thing, which is in accordance with the laws of the Preserved Scripturum because there is much evidence to this fact that people did see the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and learned knowledge from him after he had passed away.

God has stated, “This is the book free from any doubt and provides guidance to them who are prudent, have faith in the Unseen. (Without observing faith is not possible). And they are people who enjoy their rapport with God and they send from the sustenance provided to them from God. And, they believe in all that is sent to you and the people before you and the Last Day, that is, they know them as they have witnessed them. They are the people who are successful because their Lord has guided them. The word salaat purports to have affinity and rapport with God. Thus, ‘they establish salaat’, would mean that a person is attentive to God with so much concentration that his connection with his Lord is established.

Structure of the Human Mind

Everybody is mindful of the fact that life is based upon belief or certitude, which in suifism is called ‘Ego’. This ego or the human self is a halo of light, which is tied, at two ends. At once it is tied with its origin and with its species. The origin of ego is the Attributes of God. These very Attributes of God are keeping all the individuals of the universe associated with one another. In my book ‘Theory of Chromalucis’ the Attributes of God have been exemplified with a pond of water in which if a pebble is dropped, so many circles of ripples are formed because of that pebble. These circles emerge, enlarge, and spread p to all the banks of the pond. These countless circles after striking the banks sink back into the water of the pond. These circles are the similitude of the universe and its individuals.

You must have noticed that the circles emerge upon the surface of the water and move away from the point of their origin and completing their journey again defuse back into the water. The universe and the individuals are moving upon the surface of the ocean of the Attributes of God and then again sink back into the Elohistic Attributes.

This very law has been stated in the verse of the Holy Quran,

“We come from God and return back to Him.”

The same is stated as, “Everything is from God and returns back to Him, or to wit, the whole universe is a manifestation of the Attributes of God. The universe and its individuals after completion of their appointed movement merge back into the Attributes of God. We have just considered the example of the ripples in a pond. Every ripple of this pond is a species. The features of the waves, on one hand, represent the entire species and on the other, they belong to an individual of that species. Every individual perception is bi-folded in its nature, which begins its journey from the bottom of the ocean and reaches the surface.

It is worth noticing that the waves and ripples started moving when the stone was thrown in there. This means that all the waves already exited in the water and upon casting of a stone they demonstrated themselves. The emergence of a wave upon the surface of the water is the Conscious of an individual and as long as the wave is hidden in the water it is the Unconscious.

When we agreed that the waves emerging upon the surface of the pond resemble the individuals of the universe then this also is established that all the individuals have a hidden relationship with one another. This hidden relation cannot be anything else but the water of the pond, which is the very basis of every individual. When a movement takes place in the water, all the individuals emerging out on the surface experience familiarity with others and at the same time, they have the realization of their individuality.

When a person looks towards the sky and sees the stars, he looks at them with a sense of familiarity and at the back of his mind, this realization also exists that the sky and the stars are also members of this universe. Apparently, there does not exist any relationship with them but a sense of closeness is unmistakable. It is the same correlation, which is enjoyed by every individual of every species existing in the waters of the pond.

When a person feels thirsty, he drinks water to quench the thirst. Similarly, everything in this world, be it the earth, a plant, a bird, or a beast, all quench their thirst by taking water. Likewise, all the emotions and feelings are commonly operational in the individuals of every species. So much so, that the reproduction process is also common in all the species of the universe.

Fall and Rise

The universe is founded upon a base. Everything is displayed upon this base spiritually. When something descends from that base, it takes on a specific form and features, which cannot be separated from the soul. As long as a thing is associated with its soul, it exists and when the soul dissociates itself from that thing, it perishes. Just as the physical being is related to the soul, in the same way, the soul or the entire universe is related to the Mind of God.

A very subtle hint is found there in the command ‘Be!’ It is, God’s directive for that, which is already there. In compliance with God’s command, all the forms came into being.

This was the first descent that God directed its particular knowledge to become manifested and thus, the whole universe was made to exist. But, at this stage, the members of the cosmic family were devoid of the senses like hearing, sight, and speech. Then, God addressed the existents and inquiringly informed them that He is their Lord.

God said, “Am I not your Lord God?”

The entire universe acknowledged in submission and said, “Yes, indeed, Thou art our Lord.”

This dialogue also indicates that first of all the faculty of the hearing was transmitted to the existents. When the creatures, after hearing the voice, became attentive to it, the sight was produced in them. The cosmos acknowledged the Lordship of God only after hearing and seeing Him, it is, the universe emerged out of its state of deafness and dumbness and the senses were transferred to it. Before that, the universe was devoid of senses to perceive, hear, see, feel or speak. When the command ‘Be’ was pronounced the creatures were not separate individuals but they were created collectively. Since all the existents were created simultaneously, at one time senses of all the existents are correlated with one another.

That is to say, the Attributes of God are like an ocean and all the pictures of the universe emerge upon the surface of this ocean and every picture, after performing the functions of its species, sinks back into the same waters of attributes. When the activities that are taking place in the billions and trillions of earths of the universe are taken into consideration, it is found that every movement, every action, and every sense is coming from somewhere and is going somewhere to vanish.

The universe is in continuous motion. One type of its movement is called the descending movement and the other type of movement is known as the ascending movement. Both these movements are correlated because of a hidden affinity, which is also responsible for the feelings or perceptions of a species or of an individual.

The movement of the physical body is dependent upon the form and features of the body limbs and this movement cannot be termed a voluntary movement by any chance. One or the other movement governs every movement.

1.        The movements performed by the physical body are the conscious movements and are known as the manifested or the external life.

2.    That latent feeling which causes the physical body to move is known as the inner life.

3.    The entire universe is associated with one single entity and the very same entity is the collective conscious of the universe.

By giving the example of a pond, it was explained that when a stone is thrown in the water, circles are formed upon the surface of the water. Initially, one circle comes into being, and countless circles that cover the whole surface to reach the bank. Every circle after reaching the bank submerges into the water or absorbs into the water.

Now, let us take that: –

1.           The pond is the base upon which the entire universe is established.

2.      The casting of stone into the water is that action which is the cause of the movement.

3.      The circles formed upon the surface of the water are the species and the individuals of the universe.

4.      Submerging of the circles into water is the returning of the existents to their origin.

5.   Formation of circles upon the surface of the water is the descending movement and the submerging of the circles is the ascending movement.

“Indeed everything is coming from God and is returning back to Him.”

When a spiritual associate gets familiar with the knowledge of the circles forming in the pond, he comes to know that all the existents of this universe whether it is a planet, a galaxy or a species, are the subordinates of one single entity. The earth, sun, moon, stars, jinn, angel, animal, vegetables, and inanimate are all hidden circles of the pond.

It is established from this discussion, comprehensively, that man is versed with the various Attributes of God intrinsically and, he can manage to know these attributes as much as he struggles for them.

God says, “We created all things in pairs.” The pair means two aspects that form a thing together. Thirst, for instance, is one aspect and water is its other aspect. Thirst is the soul and the water is its body, that is, when thirst is mentioned, two things come to our mind simultaneously, the body and the soul.

Law: –

If thirst is eliminated from the world the water will automatically vanish. The water exists because its soul exists. Existence of the soul is evident upon the body but the existence of the body does not prove the existence of the soul. It is our routine observation that a person who expires, is still there but there is no movement in his body. As long as the soul is with the body it does not perish or neither decay nor annihilates.

If an epidemic erupts, according to the laws of God, it is certain that its remedy already exists.

When we are feeling hot, inwardly the coldness supports the feeling of heat and as long as the inward feeling of coldness persists, heat is felt externally. If any one aspect of the heat or coldness is annihilated, we won’t be able to mention the heat or coldness. Any feeling is a combination of two aspects. Movement cannot take place if both aspects are not there. One aspect is the knowledge of the object and the other aspect is the object. Knowledge of an object means the inner self or the soul, without which the physical body cannot exist and survive. The role of the soul is inevitable in the manifestation of a physical body. When, because of the mentor’s affection, the knowledge of the object is obtained, one can bring anything into being by exercising the influence.

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