Three terms of taddallaabdaa and khalq have been coined to describe the whole domain of the spiritual sciences and the Knowledge of the Appellations, which God granted to His vicegerent, man. Taddalla (Inclination) is the attribute of the Implied Names. Abdaa (Germination) is related to the Substantial Names and Khalq (Creation) is the property of the Controlling Names. When the properties of the Controlling Names are exhibited in the form of features of a manifestation or, to say, when the attributes of the Controlling Names are manifested then the ability of distinguishing between them is known as tadbeer (Contrivance).

1. Taddalla (Inclination)  Isma-e-Itlaqia (The Implied Names)

2. Abdaa (Germination)   Isma-e-Ainiya (The Substantial Names)

3. Khalq (Creation) Isma-e-koniya (The Controlling Names) and

4. Tadbeer (Contrivance)Variety of features in manifestations.

Every Appellation of God, before taking the form of a manifestation, covers three descents. When we mention Raheem (The Merciful) as an Appellation or Name of God, all these three stages are referred to. All these three stages are always actively operating in every creature of the universe but only man and jinns have been given knowledge about them. Man has been granted this knowledge because he has been appointed as the vicegerent of God and being the vicegerent he has to exercise certain powers on behalf of God which is only possible when the knowledge about the powers and the manner in which these are required to be exercised is not only known but also observed carefully. A person who knows the knowledge of the Implied, Substantial, and Controlling Names becomes the vicegerent of God on earth and participates in the administrative system of the Lord’s kingdom.

The Attributes operative in the Appellation Raheem is related to the creative working that includes both the departments of life and death or life here and hereafter. When a person dies, in actual fact, leaving one zone he enters into another zone. A person, for instance, who expires here in this material world, is borne in the Purgatory. The cycle of coming into being in one zone and after expiry over there one borne again in another zone keeps on going from one’s Beginning in Eternity (azal) and continues until one reaches the Ending in Infinity (ab’ad).

Where the miracles of Christ have been mentioned in the holy Quran, a reference to all these three attributes of Raheem (The Merciful) is made and the manifestation of the third descent has been named as, breathing soul has been named. Sabita or the Great Soul enjoys the property of possessing the Implied Names, that is, when a person manages to know the Inclining Power or taddalla of the Appellation Raheem, he is bestowed upon with the powers of the vicegerent of God and he can bring back even a dead body to life or can create anything at his own. If a spiritual associate wants to make use of the Attribute of the Appellation Raheem, he has to incorporate this thing in all the three levels of the soul, the Great Soul, the Great Soul, Human Soul, and Animal Soul, by means of muraqaba that he is directly associated with his Lord because of this Attribute of Mercy. When a spiritual associate performs muraqaba of the Attributes of Raheem, the Attribute becoming the Beatific Vision enters his soul and step-by-step descends down to the level of the Animal Soul. When, from there, it is inducted into a dead body, that body is brought back to life.

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