Things that we know and the feelings and emotions, with which we are familiar, are known as the Conscious and the things and thoughts, which are not known to us are termed as the Unconscious. This knowing and not knowing are coexisting in us. The ways that we have not comprehended so far are known as La. We have to negate the approach of Illa in order to know the ways of La. We can find our way to the knowledge of La only after negating the life of the material world, the life of Spatio-temporal constraints, which we have imposed upon ourselves in such a way that now we have got it established in our beliefs that there is no way out from the confines of this material limitations. Having the knowledge of La is intuition.

Intuition is of four types, which are called descents. The first descent is that the universe was displayed as it was there in the mind of God. This display is known as the Knowledge of the Pen. In the second descent, the secrets and the mysteries of God appear in the form of Beatific Visions, which fully cover the Will of God. In the third descent, the secrets and mysteries of creation take the shape of inscriptions of the Preserved Scripturum. These very impressions of the Preserved Scripturum are known as the Ultimate Fate. After the third descent, when the creation is adored with spatiality and takes on the physical body to live in this material world, it is called the fourth descent.

It seems necessary to clear this point that all the inventions, innovations, and discoveries taking place in every era; from the very Beginning till the last Ending of the universe, are all predestined and are not beyond the limits of the Era of Eternity. Manifestation of every possible happening ad infinitum, are all confined within the limits of Eternity. Therefore, whatsoever is taking place or will ever happen to result the descent of the secrets of the Knowledge of the Pen is a display of the Knowledge of the Pen.

God has stated in the Holy Quran that He is the Master of the Preserved Scripturum, whichever command He likes, He retains and, whichever He likes, He revokes.

“ Every promise is inscribed, God doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth and with Him is the Real Book.”


There is a projector, which is being operated by an operator. The projector has a film in it. The images of the film, after passing through various lenses and the empty space, are carried onto the screen by means of light waves. A person sitting in a cinema hall is watching the pictures moving upon the screen before him. Although he is not witnessing the operator, projector, film, lenses, or the light waves that are carrying the images through the empty space onto the screen, yet the spectator sees the pictures.

Keeping this example in view, as long as the creatures were in the Mind of God, they were faceless, without any features but after passing through the Lens of the Incumbent when they entered the realm of the Preserved Scripturum, features were produced in them and the pictures were completed in the Illustrative Realm but thy were still devoid of the physical body. Unless the pictures wear the physical body they cannot feel or perceive anything sensually.

  1.  In the first stage of Intuition, the existents existed in the Knowledge of God and they were without any features.
  2. In the second stage, the pictures of the Edicts got the features when these were inscribed upon the Preserved Scripturum.
  3.  When these Edicts reached the Erebus after passing through the phase of the Preserved Scripturum, the body of lights is produced for the pictures.
  4. When the pictures wear the physical body of matter, they have the realization of time and space and they find themselves confined in the Spatio-temporal limits. This is the fourth stage of Intuition.

Rapt Associate, the Associate Enrapt

As described earlier knowledge is of two types, Acquired and the Presented. The knowledge that is acquired remaining within the conscious limits of time and space, it is known as the Acquired knowledge. All the worldly sciences and bookish knowledge fall in this category. Whereas the Presented knowledge is free from the Spatio-temporal constraints. The students of the Presented knowledge can be broadly classified into two categories of Rapt Associates and the Associate Enrapt.

A spiritual Associate or simply the Associate (salik) is a person who gets to his inner by means of supererogatory worshipping rites and austere exercises. If a person despite practicing the rites and performing exercises is not acquainted with the inner self then, in spite of wearing any typical robe or dress, he cannot be called an associate. Salik is a person who follows the teachings of his religion without involving in hypocrisy and the worshipping rites help him to have first the cognition of his own self and then of God.

‘One who recognizes his self, cognizes the Lord, God.’

It is necessary for an associate that all his acts and deeds must be in consonance with the attributes of God and his subtleties are toned with the love of God. Some people call him an associate who is studying spiritualism or learning spirituality but this is not the right thing because an associate is a person whose subtleties have been toned up, that is, he has taken himself away from the worldly thinking approach, which is founded upon fictional and hypothetical senses.

Some people call that person a shaikh or sahib-e-wilayat, who is journeying on the paths of spiritualism. This is also not correct because only a person whose subtleties have been toned up can undertake a spiritual journey. And, shaikh or sahib-e-wilayat is a person who enters into the Attributive Unity after progressing from the stage of Functional Unity.

According to my findings, a large number of Shaikhs are such people, who even do not know about the scientific values of dreams and what to say about the other spiritual abilities. Some even do not know the ABC of spiritual sciences. And, this is the reason that spiritual sciences have been mystified and are used only to attract people, mostly for fun sake. Obviously, a person, who does not know anything, cannot teach others.

Once Qalander Baba Auliya had said to me that 25% of people in the era of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were spiritual persons but nowadays only one out of 1.15 million people turn out to be a spiritual person for the obvious reason that those who are claiming to the Spiritual Associates and sheikhs are actually working against the norms of spiritual sciences.

Another thing, which is commonly misunderstood, regarding the definition of Associate Enrapt, is that the people who are insane and mentally ill are called majzoob (Rapt). How can a person, who is the heir of spiritual knowledge, be mad or insane? People debate that majzoob is superior to salik but then how would be decided that who is the salik and who is the salik majzoob (Associate Enrapt)? Majzoob, in actual fact, is the person whom God has attracted towards Himself.

We have mentioned the obligatory and supererogatory worshipping rites, which include all the religious and social laws prevalent in society and which are binding upon every individual of the society. When the subtleties of a person are toned up because of his efforts and observance of the supererogatory rite, he is called salik or Spiritual Associate. But in order to get to the level of the Unity of the Being, one has to have that thinking approach activated in him, which is the thinking pattern of God and a majzoob enjoys the thinking pattern in which he is in close affinity with the will of God. It has been stated in the Holy Quran that those who are firm in their knowledge, know that knowledge which is the personal knowledge of God and they say that they believe that everything is from God.

It must be remembered that certitude is directly related to the observation. One cannot believe anything unless it is in one’s personal observation. A person with a natural tendency of having the firmness of knowledge gets into the observations of the underlying invisible and unseen world. He fully comprehends the fact that there is a Reality that is functioning in the background of every unseen phenomenon, and this unseen world is established because of that Reality. The movements that are taking place in that unseen world are causing the universe to be. Where this thing has been mentioned in the holy Quran that God picks them towards them, actually, the reference is made to a Rapt, or to say, a majzoob is hinted there who is pulled towards God.

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