‘BE!‘ What is to ‘be’? The program present in the mind of the One who uttered ‘Be’ should come into being, spiritually. When the program took the shape and form of incorporeal manifestations, The One who commanded ‘Be’, appeared before the spiritually displayed world so that the ignorance could change into knowledge and awareness. WeContinue reading “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”


The observing sight which can explore unseen realm reveals this fact that all that we see, hear, feel, understand and touch remaining in the sphere of intellect cannot be justifiably pronounced as real. And when any activity performed in the limits of intellect and conscious is analyzed with prudence and intuition we find ourselves gropingContinue reading “SIGHTING DIRECTLY”


One of the definitions of knowledge is the activation of the process of knowing or learning about something. if we do not have knowledge about something it remains nonexistent for us. Knowledge can be classified into three categories. First one is that we are supplied with information about something and that information is accepted byContinue reading “CEASELESS INFORMATION”