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God, the most high has mentioned His vicegerency and deputization as a trust reposed in man, that is, the knowledge that enables man to fulfill the obligations and duties as a vicegerent of God and the authority to command the control over the universe is a conferred trust. One can use the entrusted thing with the permission of the owner bearing this fact in mind that this thing actually does not belong to me and I am only a trustee. Trustworthiness means that one will not claim the ownership rights of the thing entrusted and use it with care, conceding that conferment is not the achievement because of any quality in him.

God, the most Gracious announces that We entrusted Adam with a Trust and empowered him to exercise authority so that he could make use of Our Trust according to Our Wish and Will. There are few things that require profound understanding about the Acquired Knowledge and the Presented Knowledge. The trust conferred upon man can only be executed when he excels in Presented Knowledge. The Acquired Knowledge cannot help us in this regard because it only deals with worldly intellect and material senses. This knowledge is acquired through consciousness and intellect which by the mankind as a whole is termed understanding and common sense. But, it appears quite perplexing that when the Consciousness and intellect are analyzed with prudence and sagacity the intellect is found to be not more than imbecility, dearth of understanding and lack of vision. When, for instance, we take the case of statistics into consideration, the first step, the first letter which is taught is ‘one’. Unless it is not admittedly learnt two doesn’t come under discussion and unless the ‘two’ is not acknowledged ‘four’ is not mentioned. The prudence and reasoning demands that we should consider what there is before one. These types of questions are not supposed to be asked because the intellect has no answer to them.

We are told that a child is born and he has been named Tom, Dick or Harry. The same child with the passage of time transforms into that shape and form in which features of that child cannot be traced out any longer. Apparently the child vanishes behind the features of a youth. The youthfulness gradually and slowly, with the passage of every day, every hour and every minute of the hour transforms into such form and figure in which no image of the youthfulness reflects. Now how strange it is that the child born today is given the name of Tom and the same name is carried to his eightieth year. How greatly is the intellect at fault, deficient and indiscreet that it has only one name for the ever changing phenomenon Tom, in his eightieth year is totally a changed person than that infant who was born eighty years ago. It is worth noticing that when a thing is changed altogether then how it is that its name remains unaltered and unchanged. Reason and intellect, obviously, has no answer to this question as well.

A child is sent to school so that he could learn to use intellect and reasoning. But what a child is taught there is all that nonsense and foul logic which has been denominated as logic and reasoning. Now if that innocent child who is not familiar with the so called standards of intellect asks what comes before ‘A’ or, why this ‘A’ is not called ‘B’ and ‘B’ is not called ‘A’. The intellect and reasoning again have no answer.

The fact is that few postulates and suppositions have been amassed to erect the building of learning’s and it is insisted that these postulates should be accepted and treated as reality. But what type of reality is this which has no logical explanation and we have to accept these suppositions blindly to express our own irrational approach. The more one believes and accepts this hypothesis, postulates and suppositions the more learned he is considered. For example, one intends to do Ph.D. in statistics. Leaving out this fact that the whole body of Mathematics is established upon postulates and suppositions, one has to excel in accumulating postulates. Prudence and contemplation tells that this man has allowed the suppositions to ride him more than any other person, that is, in the world of suppositions he has scored that position which is not available for others.

Such a man is called a Ph.D. scholar. No rule of logic or any philosophy allows us to accept that what is based upon suppositions could be accepted as a reality. For learning fiction and suppositions, existence of intellect is of vital importance. And, for cognizing reality we have to get rid of fictional life and its suppositional senses. One cannot enter the world of reality if he is not liberated from the fictional senses.

The difference between the spiritual sciences and the worldly sciences is that intellect claims to accept and acknowledge only after observation, experimentation and comprehension. But when it comes to faith and belief if one starts comparing them with intellect he would find himself nowhere, for the simple reason that God, the Gracious cannot be sighted with these material eyes, God, His Attributes and His Knowledge all lie beyond the range of the fictional senses. All the prophets of God, and the divine scriptures including the Holy Quran tells us that it is very much possible that man could behold, could touch God, the most High and can present his submissions in His Holy presence. This witnessing, touching and feeling the Exalted Presence is only possible when one could step out of the circle of fictional senses and the acquired knowledge.

There are two spheres of intellect in one, a person despite possessing intellect does not make use of it and as long as he does not use it he learns nothing. In the other one, a person without referring to his intellect unwittingly enters the intellectual territory and then intellect itself start guiding him and, in this guidance by intellect, he explores a variety of information’s, discovers various laws of science and manages to invent various inventions. This clearly suggests that for having intellect the use of intellect is required and for having knowledge negation of the knowledge already possessed becomes necessary and the more one succeeds in negating oneself the more knowledge he assimilates whether it is knowledge relating to fiction or reality.

Law: – For learning any knowledge a person has to negate himself and the knowledge which he already possesses. As soon as he forgets about the knowledge already assimilated by him, new horizons of knowledge open unto him. This law is equally valid for the Acquired Knowledge and the Presented Knowledge. When one becomes a Muslim, first of all he denies that which he intends to accept, that is, first he repudiates God and then acknowledges Him. If denial and repudiation at the first step is not there one cannot be a Muslim. For becoming a Muslim the first condition is the recitation of the Fist Creed (Kalimah tayibah). In which he says ‘La illaha’; There is no god, and then says ‘IlLallah’; except God. It means that before acknowledging God he repudiated anyone worthy of worship. Or to say, the first condition is a Muslim is to know the law of negation and affirmation. When the Islamic creed (La illaha illallah, Muhammad dur rasso Allah) is recited, in fact, one is made to say that I repudiate that worshipping Deity and God which according to may hypothetical knowledge is God and confirm that Deity is God (Allah) about which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has testified. Prophets and messengers of God always remaining beyond the limiting hypothetical senses live in the sphere of real senses. By saying, “mere is no god save that God which is defined and testified by the prophet of God; Muhammad (PBUH)’ a person proclaims that after cutting himself off from the hypothetical and intellectual senses he is entering those senses which according to the seer and godly teacher; the Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be Upon him) are the real senses. 

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