The most striking difference between the mothers of man and cat is that the Human mothers have expectations from her children whereas the animal mothers do not expect anything from their children, although they also cater for the needs of their offspring’s to rear them up and this renders the animals mothers superior to human mothers. Adam does not enjoy the distinction over the other creature because he procreates and animals do not, he feels hunger and thirst and animals do not, or that he has the sense to safeguard himself against rough weathers and animals cannot. No, it is not so. All these urges are catered in animals too, rather there are certain things, which are found in animals more than mankind. Dogs, for instance, have premonitions of approaching dangers more than human beings. Birds gets alarmed of approaching storm much before it actually strikes and they settle themselves in shelters. Man claims to be the most eminent of all created beings but he cannot physically fly as a pigeon does.

As far as the urges and needs of species are concerned, man and other creatures are almost equipollent in this regard. Now the question is that a sparrow has all the urges and needs relating to life and enjoys the necessary knowledge and awareness to accomplish them but it cannot manufacture an airplane, a TV, Radio or atomic bomb and man can make all these things.

But even this knowledge is not that knowledge which was bestowed upon Adam specially granting him distinction over all the other creatures, because this knowledge to create something, concerns intellect only. This knowledge too has its limitations. Just as a sparrow cannot make a TV but can fly in the air. Similarly man is also handicapped, as he cannot fly in the air though he can make a TV. Then this also is a fact that all human beings are not equally wise and capable. Excess or dearth of intellect is the basis of inventions in mankind but there exists such knowledge, which is beyond the range or limitations of intellect. This knowledge can enable man to fly in the air like birds. This is the knowledge, which can enable us to see the objects of far off distance without any obligation of material means like telescope etc. Many events of Auliya Allah (those who possess this special knowledge because of their affinity with God) are evident that they could hear the voices uttered in the remote past and expressed their comprehension and understanding of those voices.

When it comes to intellect, we observe that even this faculty is not the sole property of man. If man possesses intellect than a monkey also demonstrates intellect. If a monkey is taught according to its intellectual capacity, it also learns. But the case of the spiritual science is altogether different. For learning the spiritual science man has to have cognition of his own self. If one is oblivious of self-cognition then he is not better than a cat or dog. Man enjoys the specially granted knowledge. If he does not bother to learn this special knowledge he is doing injustice to himself. After the prophets of God this knowledge can be learnt from those spiritual masters who have been declared, by God, the most Kind, friends of Allah (Auliya) and they enjoy a close affinity with God, the Omnipotent. 

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Spiritual Teachings of Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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