The thinking approach of a person constructs the character of that person. If there is complexity in the thinking the character will also be a complex and intricate one. If the thinking is simple and straight forward the life of such person is simple. If the thinking is superficial, the life will be shallow and if there is depth in the approach then the person will be a man of profound deliberation who can contemplate in depth for exploring the reality. God has indicated this approach of thinking in the story of Ibrahim, as stated in the Holy Quran. Thinking of one single person is different than a multitude of hundreds of thousand people and there is depth and realism in it.

It has been indicated in the story of Hazrat Ibrahim that one can have a different approach in spite of one’s living with the people of typical thinking. Now this gives rise to an interesting question that from where was this realistic approach of thinking transferred to Ibrahim, when it was found nowhere in the surroundings. The answer is not very difficult. The realistic approach of thinking is an innate trait of everyone but everyone does not use it.

Idolaters asked Ibrahim, ‘Who demolished the gods?’

Ibrahim responded, ‘Ask your gods’.

People knew that the idols cannot exercise their will and they can be smashed up but still the realism did not stir in them. The manner in which changes are induced and incorporated in the thinking approach of a person, who is journeying on the paths of spiritual associability, by the mentor, is that in his conversations he gradually points out those things which are either not existing in the surroundings or the people are unaware of their existence. The mentor instills in his students that which is hypothetical, cannot be reality. He also establishes that though man considers himself worthy of controlling things but he has no control of any type in his life. He cannot exercise any choice regarding his birth. After birth he keeps on growing involuntarily. After youth, despite having no wish, he grows old. No single person of the world wants to die but anyone who comes into this world must expire. Man can control the diet but he cannot live without taking food. One cannot live his whole life without drinking water. One cannot remain awake for months or for weeks. All these are those things which are adhering with everyone, ‘for all times. Moments change into seconds, seconds into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days and nights, days into months and months into years and this change is that variation which no sane person can deny. After pointing out all these changes the mentor explains that there is someone who is controlling the strings of these changes. When the spiritual associate is made to observe all these things day in and day out which are covered by a veil for the people of materialistic approach, his mind automatically turns towards that one who is controlling the strings of changes and variations.

This seed of the thinking approach is sown by the mentor in the mind of the student which is then nurtured and looked after by him. He introduces his student with those sages whose approach of thinking is exemplary with respect to realism. He, for instance, with his spiritual influence causes his student to witness that realm, in his dreams, where Auliya and prophets are residing. Repetition of this experience tones his thinking approach and he gets closer to the thinking approach of Auliyas and prophets.

The mentor installs a pair of spectacles over the inner eye of his student. The spectacles show only that which is in conformity with the thinking approach of the mentor. When the student starts seeing through these spectacles he sees the world from the view-point of his mentor. Through spectacles one sees only that color which is the color of the glasses. If the glasses are pink every thing witnessed through them would appear pink and if they are blue everything would become blue. If they are opaque or translucent, objects will not be sighted clearly. And, if the glasses are blind one won’t be able to see through them despite straining and having his eyes open.

The color of the glasses, in fact, is like the thinking approach of a person. If the glasses are clear one can see the objects of far off distance whereas if the glasses are blind, one will not be able to see even that which one can see without using the glasses. Whichever type of glasses of thinking pattern are used the same thinking pattern will become operative in man.

The ability to find out the actual structural formation and value of things, by observing and contemplating is present in everyone, but we do not know how to make use of these abilities. Since the spiritual teacher knows the art of using these abilities and he has built his own life by contemplation therefore when the characteristics and abilities of the mentor are transferred to the spiritual associate the seed of thinking pattern and contemplation sown in his mind by the mentor gradually grows into a tall tree. The only thing which hinders the growth of seed into a tree is man’s own personal will and his intellect. When a person allows his self to guide him and considers the intellect everything then his success becomes impossible because the conscious and intellect operative in him are related to that thinking approach in which there is neither any depth nor any realism. 

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