Three Layers

Every human being is composed of three bodies or souls. Each body is then comprised of two subtle substances (latifa, plural latayef). Al-nufs al-amara: a.k.a. Animal Soul, lower Self, ruh hevani =Soul(nafs)+ Heart(qalb).  Al-nufs al-lawwama: a.k.a. Human Soul, Ego, ruh insani=soul(ruh) + Consciousness (shaur). Al-nafs al- mutma’inna a.k.a. Contented Soul, Higher Self, ruh azam – Mystery (khafi)+Arcanum(akhfa). These six subtle substancesContinue reading “Three Layers”

Generators (Lataif)

Three generators work inside the human body. These generators produce three different types of electrical currents. The combination of these three current is in fact a man. Example The light of the candle is composed of three parts. One: Color of fire. Two: Light of fire. Three: Heat that is produced because of that burning. WhenContinue reading “Generators (Lataif)”