Cure for Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex is such an emotion in which one constantly remains in misery and grief and in which one takes little things to heart and becomes upset and disheartened. This condition is produced when one’s willpower becomes weak. Due to weak willpower, even issues that have already been resolved become disturbed. The constant occurrence ofContinue reading “Cure for Inferiority Complex”


If the Elohistic Knowledge dominates the thinking approach and the human conscious functions under the prophetic knowledge then a supernatural thing can be made to happen in this state of the consciousness then it is known as wonder-working or karamat. And, if the prophets of God initiate the supernatural activity, then it is called Miracle butContinue reading “WONDER WORKING”


If knowledge of a thing does not exist, that thing cannot be manifested. By now, we know that the universe is the name of the personal innate knowledge and Attributes of God. When God wanted to create the universe, all the forms and figures, features and designs, styles of motion and rest, and the supplyContinue reading “EXERCISING INFLUENCE AND THE KNOWLEDGE”


A special bond or an affinity exists between man and God. God created this universe so that He could be cognized. Creator created the creatures with love and provided the universe with resources to be alive and kinetic because of this love. This chain of providing resources is established in such a continuous and incessant manner,Continue reading “FATE AND DESTINY”


Correlation of any type establishes between two human beings only because of the mental attachment and harmony of thoughts. Aayan of the Companions were toned because of the radiant effect of the prophetic approach, which they assimilated because of their love for the holy Prophet (PBUH). The more did they love the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the moreContinue reading “PERSONA MAJOR”


Normally the Sufism and spiritualism come under criticism that the Companions of the Holy Prophet (God be pleased with them) did not take the trouble of compiling the spiritual sciences in the era of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). And, since the Companions (R.A) did not properly document the spiritual sciences and no authority as such isContinue reading “CORRELATION OF KNOWLEDGE”

Role of respiration in our life

Strong nerves and a powerful mind are required for learning the metaphysical sciences. Breathing exercises are extremely useful and beneficial for having elastic nerves, an active mind, and enhancing the working potential. When a student of the Qalander Conscious gets control over his breathing, the run functional abilities of the brain tissues and cells increase.Continue reading “Role of respiration in our life”