Role of respiration in our life

Strong nerves and a powerful mind are required for learning the metaphysical sciences. Breathing exercises are extremely useful and beneficial for having elastic nerves, an active mind, and enhancing the working potential. When a student of the Qalander Conscious gets control over his breathing, the run functional abilities of the brain tissues and cells increase.Continue reading “Role of respiration in our life”

Science and the Supernatural

It has been proved by scientific researches that by practicing certain exercises and personal efforts, man can arouse supernatural abilities. Keeping in view the advancement in the fields of telepathy and hypnotism by the European countries and particularly by the former USSR; if the worshipping rituals and ascetic exercises are considered to be the onlyContinue reading “Science and the Supernatural”

The Spiritual Primer

For learning any subject knowledge of its ABC is necessary. No one can learn to read or write unless the ABC Primer is not learned. For learning Spiritualism the study of a primer is a prerequisite just like the otherworldly sciences. The difference between the two is that for worldly sciences and knowledge the alphabetContinue reading “The Spiritual Primer”

The vicegerency and the deputization

 According to the teachings of Qalander Conscious, the supremacy and distinction of man over the other creatures of the universe, prostration of angels for him, grant of authority by God to him, and the subjugation of the universe for man are evident upon the fact that God has bestowed that knowledge of His Attributes uponContinue reading “The vicegerency and the deputization”

The Preserved Scripturum

All the holy books, whether it is the scriptures of Abraham, Old and New Testaments of Bible, Bhagavad Gita or the Last Book; the Holy Quran, each and every inspired writing and the book enables us to know that all the exigencies of life, all its activities, functions and movements, every living style, all theContinue reading “The Preserved Scripturum”

Creation of Adam and Eve

Study of sacred books and deliberation upon the teachings thereon reveal that Adam was created from one single soul. The basis of this creation is the Self, Spirit, or the Single Point When, under normal circumstances, creation is discussed it is considered that there is an Adam for every species or every species has originatedContinue reading “Creation of Adam and Eve”


Whenever knowledge is discussed, two things seem to be encountering invariably, positive and negative aspects of the knowledge. When we deny something, in actual effect, we are negating its existence, that is to say, there does exist that thing which is being denied or negated because if something does not exist, its denial is notContinue reading “NESCIENCE IS ALSO KNOWLEDGE”