The universe, the creations existing in the universe, all the species of universe, all the individuals of the species, birth cycle, to perish after expiry, the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies system, Paradise, Hell, urges and senses required for the life of Paradise or Hell, alteration of senses, undulation of senses, increase or decrease in the speed of mind, segregation of senses into sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, upsetting of physical system, emotional crises, softness or harshness of disposition, etc are all reflections of the knowledge existing in the Mind of God. Every thing that existing in the universe whether it is giant star, some big planet, an atom, some virus or some other tiny particle, it all existed in the thought of God before it came into being. When God, the most gracious intended to manifest this beautiful world He ordered it to be, saying Kun (Be!) and all the existing things came into being. It is such an endless chain of creation constituting that vast cosmic family about which God has stated that if all the trees become pens and the oceans turns into ink even then the things done by God cannot be penned down, that is, the ink equal to the quantity of waters of all the oceans will not suffice to note down the detailed account of all that is created by God.

Why was this universe created? Why were all these things created? What is the purpose of this whole cosmic program? Why were two separate groups of people belonging to Paradise and Hell made? How are the wonderful creations of the seen world made from the wonders of the unseen realms? We might have never been able the reply to all these questions but God, the Gracious has Himself resolved this for our guidance, stating; “I was a hidden treasure. I wanted that I be recognized so I created the universe with cherishing love.” Contemplation of these holy words of our Lord God reveals that the purpose of creation of the universe, as is desired by Creator, is the cognition of the Lord of the Worlds.

For enjoying the recognition in its true sense it was necessary that from the whole lot of the creatures one should be selectively chosen and ordained with more knowledge than the other creatures. Besides knowledge they should also be granted the ability of finding purposefulness and the true meanings of the knowledge bestowed upon them. In this cosmic family there are two creatures who have been granted the ability of having quest for the knowledge and to identify the meaningfulness. One of them is man and the other is jinn’s. Since we are not dealing with the creation of jinns at the moment therefore we shall focus our discussion upon the sciences of human beings.

This universe is that knowledge of God which existed in the Mind of God, or to say, it was the knowledge of God that what the creative features of the cosmos are. And creative features existing according to the knowledge of God were commanded by God to appear in forms and shape exactly in the manner as it was intended by God, that is, the personal and special knowledge of God, the Omniscient was displayed in the form of shapes and figures.

God, the Omniscient, bestowed the knowledge of His Attributes and Appellations upon Adam. Appellations are indicative of cosmic features. It is that divine knowledge about which even the angels know nothing. When this knowledge was learnt by Adam, the angels had to prostrate before Adam. God informed Adam that this whole universe is a part of my personal innate knowledge and there are countless formulae that are the essential part of this knowledge and from which this whole universe has been created. After teaching the creative formulae to Adam he was sent to Paradise to dwell therein. In Paradise Adam’s position is that of the scientist who enjoys the knowledge of the creative formulae used in the creation of the universe. The basic catch of these formulae is that the whole universe is merely a form of knowledge in which man can induce alterations even up to the extent of influencing the meanings and purposefulness of the knowledge.

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