The Lord Creator; God is the best of all creators. The word ‘creators’ is indicating that besides God, Almighty there are others who can also create. But the difference between the creations of God and those of the others is that God does not depend upon means and resources when He creates whereas the creatures are indigent for resources and means for their creations. One of its examples in this modern age is the electricity. Basically the current of electricity is the creation of God, the Lord Creator. When man using this creation devised implements so many things came into being and man claimed them to be his creations. In other words, man created many things in which electricity is used as the driving force. It all became possible when man contemplated in electricity. Man’s contemplation in this regard enabled him to invent various things which can very rightly be called the creations of man e.g. Radio, TV, AC. and so many other things. All that made it possible is man’s influence which he induced and exercised in order to explore the various uses of electricity. This power to influence the creations of God is the eventual result of that knowledge of Names which was taught to Adam by God, the most Wise.

Knowledge concerning the Names or Appellations purport to that knowledge in which the creative formulae have been described. When someone learns this knowledge, new things come into being. Formation of huge machines, planes, ships, rails, guns, and ammunition by molding iron into various component is also a form of man’s influencing the iron. In terms of Sufism, this is called ‘transformation’. There are two ways to induce transformation. One is to do so remaining in the limits of material means; like extraction of gold by heating particular particles of soil in a crucible or manufacturing of iron after processing the soil in a special manner. Other is to directly influence the lights operative and functioning in an object. One who enjoys the power of influencing the lights can make gold by separating those lights that are responsible for the creation of gold. One method for transforming something into another is to do so by combining various resources together remaining within the constraints of means and resources and the other one is to induce transformation by activating the light through casting the one’s influence upon them.

The practical experiences after the study of Spiritual Science establish firmly that the basis and the main constituting part of every thing existing in the universe is light, the light which keeps on altering in specific quantities, the specific quantities of light keep on increasing or decreasing. Study of life cycle of man testifies that a child does not maintain himself as a child throughout his life. The specific quantities responsible for the birth of a child keep on undergoing a gradual, systematic and regular change. With the change of the quantities the child also keeps on changing but despite all the changes, since infancy to old age, he remains a man; the descendant of Adam Despite all the changes, in his size, weight, and feature his form and shape remain that of a man.

The universe created by God is composed of various species. It is one of the characteristics of the specific quantities of each species that despite the changes their total magnitude remains the same, that is, man remains a man in every state and stage of his life. A monkey in any case would remain a monkey. The needs and urges of life change with the growth of age. This also is a change that features of a new born baby change altogether in youth and the features of youthfulness transform into altogether different features when old age approaches. The difference in the features of youth and those of old age is so striking that the pictures of youth and old age of the same one person appear to be pictures of two different persons.

This is one of the properties of the self-determining specific quantities that whether the man is day old infant or an old man of hundred years the urges of thirst and hunger are found in them equally. It is quite a strange thing that a child of two years also takes food and a man in his hundredth years of age also eats the food but still the child cannot be like an old man or can an old man be a child.

The spiritual sciences define that despite that the urges of childhood and old age are similar, why do the form and figure, shape and features change and which principles are operative in transformation of form, shape, figure and features from one state into the other. For having an intimate acquaintance of these principles it is necessary that we should acquire knowledge about those lights that have been called the Attributes of God by God, the Omniscient.

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