Sword of Date Tree Branch

Akkasha Bin Mehaz was fighting bravely in the battle of Baddar when his sword broke. He came to Holy Prophet (PBUH). Holy Prophet (PBUH) was holding a wooden stick in his hand. He gave that stick to Akkasha and told him to continue fighting.

When Akkasha held that stick in his hand it turned into a strong, shining and sharp sword. Akkasha battled with that sword in the battle of Baddar till its victory. This sword was named Al-Aoon.

In the battle of Baddar another companion Muslima Bin Aslam also lost his sword. Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave him a fresh branch of Date tree that transformed into a sharp sword.

During another battle with the infidels the sword’ of Abdullah Bin Hajash broke down and Holy Prophet (PBUH) giving him a branch of a date tree bade him to attack the enemies. That also turned into a sword and was later on was named as Aurjoon.

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