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Once in Makka Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to his companions. “Whosoever wishes to see jinns may come to me tonight.” Nobody except lbn-e-Masood came on that night. Holy Prophet (PBUH) took him along to a hill of Makka. There he drew a circle on the ground and told him to remain in that circle and started reciting from the holy Quran. Not before long a group of jinns surrounded Holy Prophet (PBUH). One of those jinns asked Holy Prophet (PBUH) that who would testify his prophethood. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “What if even that tree over there would hear witness to this effect.” And, then turning towards the tree he asked, “Who am I? The tree solemnly pledged that He was the Last Prophet of God sent to serve His cause. Witnessing this thing all the jinns present there believed Holy Prophet (PBUH) and embraced Islam.

There exists another body over every physical body, which, according to the spiritual scholars, is called Hiola. This is a sort of astral body having all the features and limbs similar to that of the physical body and can be sighted using the spiritual vision or inner eyes. The spiritual sight not only envisions the features of that body but also feels the hardness of the lights in it.

The knowledge about the laws of creation informs us that a body of lights is formed before the creation of the physical body. And, both the bodies have a specific hardness in them. Single and Compound waves have been explained previously. The Single wave is a combination of those movements that are flowing from one direction into the other. If other Single waves coming from, another direction join the first ones, these become the Compound waves. Figures and features formed upon these waves are known as man and the world of man. And, if the single waves adjoin in such a manner that these are neither infused in one another nor the distance in between them is abolished, then figures and features formed upon this network of the waves is the jinns and the world of jinns.

In short, the forms and features like parts and limbs of a body formed upon the Single waves gives rise to the world jinns and the forms and figures like limbs and other parts of body are for formed upon the network of Compound waves is the world of material existence.

Just as in the world of material existents many other creatures beside human beings also exist, in the same way, the world of jinns all those creations like the sky, the earth, the sun, the moon, and all other creatures that we see in our world, are found. The only difference between them is that man and his world are composed of Compound waves and the jinns are the creation of Single waves. Creatures of the Single waves are also provided with five senses just as the creatures of Compound waves have five senses operative in their creation. Jinns also talk and hear just as we do. They also have agriculture system and even they are versed with scientific inventions.

The world of jinns is located within the limits of the sphere of this globe. Limits of the world of jinns begin in the space at about one million and fifty six thousand feet above the surface of the earth. It is not different than an inhabitation on the rooftop of a building. The people living on the floor are not observable for the people living on the roof and the people living on the roof are also invisible for the people living on the ground floor. The reason for our inability to witness the world of the jinns is simply that the matter with which we are familiar and the matter dominated by lights, with which the world of jinns is created, are two different things.

Time units of both the world of man and jinns are also different from one another. If, in the world of man a baby stays in the womb of a mother for nine months, in the world of jinns the time extends to nine years as per our count of time. The same factor is applicable in the ratio of the ages of a man and jinn.

Jinn and man both are the creatures given the options of choosing right or wrong. Both can learn the spiritual sciences. All that exists in this universe, all the colors and all the shapes have a specific wavelength appointed for them and no increase or decrease can be made in that specific quantity. The holy Quran tells us about these two creatures that have been granted the powers of exercising their options in these words:

“O ye assembly of men and Jinns, if it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass  ye! Not without authority shall ye he able to pass.”     (S: 55, V: 33)

The word ‘Sultan’ translated here as ‘Authority’ purports to the spiritual abilities bestowed upon these two creatures. If a man or a jinn can arouse these spiritual potentials and could make use of them then he can observe the Unseen World after getting beyond the limits of the zones of earth and heavens.

Gist of teachings of all the prophets of God that have been sent to this world is that man should be able to cognize the Lord Creator remaining in this physical body and the world of matter.

And, for cognition of the Lord Creator, getting into the World Unseen is mandatory, which can be made possible only by activating that ability that have been termed as Sultan (Authority). This is very much possible because the souls have witnessed, and heard their Lord Creator in the Eternity. They have not only witnessed Him but also have acknowledged His Lordship after witnessing Him in their sane senses. After descending down into their respective worlds a veil fails upon the senses of man and jinns rendering them unable to see the world existing in the lights and Noor. If this veil is lifted man cognizes his soul. And, since the souls have witnessed their Lord in the Eternity, have heard His Voice and have acknowledged His Lordship, they can do again remaining within the confines of this material limited body.

When Holy Prophet (PBUH) went on to the hill near Makka and recited the verses of the holy Quran, the Nooric Single waves contained in those verses became activated and creature relating to that Realm came to Holy Prophet (PBUH). Charging effects of the recitation of the verses of the holy Quran by Holy Prophet (PBUH) also charged Ibn-e-Masood. He being in the company of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had the ability of seeing the Unseen activated in him and was able to see the world of jinns.

Testimony of the tree is a proof that the jinns and the existents of the world of jinns acknowledged the prophethood of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the jinns embraced Islam.

Even today, according to the spiritual scholars, there are billions of jinns who are Muslims in their faith. And, their males and females also practice the rites and rituals of Islam just as Muslim men or women practice the articles of Islam like Salaat, Fasting, Hajj and Zakat.

If somebody still questions that how is that we cannot see jinns, then we would dare to ask this question that how is that a person cannot see a virus or a bacteria. The obvious reply to our query would be that using certain devices the viruses and bacteria could be seen. Similarly, it can be said that if a person could learn about the Single waves, then he can also see jinns and the world of jinns.

It is the most sublime and exalted position of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that he is fully versed with the Compound. Single Nooric and Ultra-nooric Waves.

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