God Almighty told His Beloved Prophet (PBUH) ‘These people ask you about the soul. Tell them Soul is by command of my Lord and the knowledge that is communicated to you, in this regard, is a little.” It means that the knowledge concerning the soul communicated to man is a little as compared to that of the knowledge possessed by ‘God. Here an interesting point is to be noted. God, the most sublime is Absolute, Eternal and Boundless. His knowledge being the Omniscient is also boundless, invariant, fathomless and infinite. Since part of infinite is also an infinite therefore the little of infinite would also be limitless and infinite.

In the verse cited above it has not been said that the knowledge concerning the soul has not been given to man. This knowledge has been duly passed down to the ‘Auliya’ friends of God) with prophetic legacy and vicegerents of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is difficult to determine that who had how much knowledge but one thing is sure that even the smallest part of the infinite knowledge is also infinite.

In order to explain the phenomenon of life and death in terms of spiritual science it could be said that the astral body; the body of lights, produced by the soul disconnects itself from the corporeal body and after wearing a dress made of resplendent lights pervading the atmosphere some 200 miles above this material world, starts residing in that realm which is known as Aaraf. This is the same realm where people from Adam to the last man of this planet earth till the Doomsday have been and will be transferred to reside till the Day of ‘Resurrection’.

Just as the astral body is kept in perpetual motion by the soul, the body of lights; the aura, is also kept continuously and perpetually moving in Aaraf. The Realm next to Aaraf is the Realm of Resurrection. The atmosphere of this realm is altogether different from the atmosphere of Aaraf and the material world. The halo in that Realm becomes much stronger than it is in Aaraf (Purgatory). In the Realm of Resurrection the velocity of mind is so swift and is so accelerated that the record of whole life of the astral body is displayed before the person concerned. After the Realm of Resurrection there exists the Realm of Judgment. In this realm cover of more subtle lights ‘Noor’ is formed over the bodies of lights. This Noor is the same light which enables us to behold the Beatific Vision of our Lord Creator.

It has been mentioned in the Holy Quran that no eye can perceive God unless God Himself becomes the perception. When someone starts witnessing with the help of perception of God the realm of Day of Judgment is sighted by him and he witnesses the affairs of that Realm. After the realm of the Day of Judgment are the Realms of Paradise and Hell and both having many regions or zones for different classes of people.

Existence of Paradise and Hell are evident upon the fact that man will suffer and feel discomfort in Hell and will enjoy the life of comfort and luxury in Paradise. If it is admitted that this delight, comfort and luxury will be enjoyed by the soul then we also have to admit that the torments of Hell will also be suffered by the soul and this under any circumstances cannot be true because the soul is an integral part of God, the All-pervading. It is an entity indivisible, boundless and beyond any perceivable exaltation. It is not confined in the limiting features. Soul knows about the will of God. It demonstrates itself in ever new ‘robes’ according to the holy will of the Creator of the universe and feeds information’s to each ‘robe’ about existence and self of the ‘robe’. These are the same information’s which are given meanings according to the authority and power possessed by each robe; the body produced by the soul. Rewards and penalties, favors and punishment both are information’s which descend upon the body created by the soul which itself is free from any pain or ease. 

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